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Saturday 19/07/08

9 messages
English jaykayjk1 - last answer from CityKid18, Saturday 19/07/2008, 17:25.
I am looking for Hax, Alec, and Kerry.

Pm me if interested.
2 messages
English Oilrunner - last answer from Oilrunner, Saturday 19/07/2008, 16:38.
Ill buy the following
PM me if u are
willing to sell
22 messages
English cammy-rules - last answer from cammy-rules, Saturday 19/07/2008, 16:29.
Selling ericka

AUCTION bidding start 500
2 messages
English jordan13702 - last answer from jordan13702, Saturday 19/07/2008, 15:40.
I am buying

Trust me i could afford them P.m me
2 messages
English Dubliner-Girl - last answer from KNIGHT RIDER, Saturday 19/07/2008, 14:37.
Looking for Lenox (MAX)
Please pm me if you have him for a resonable price.
18 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed


end date 19th 6pm english time
reserve 20k
no trades
3 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from Force Majeure, Saturday 19/07/2008, 12:21.
Iwant Dr.saw or copper for 900
2 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from MaccaJake, Saturday 19/07/2008, 11:49.
I want a Copper or Toro for 900 or 1000 Thnx
1 message
Looking for cheap Cr's to add to my collection.

Payment Mode: Clintz or High value rare cards
9 messages
English shadow power - subject is closed
Tell me the price next to the name
2 messages
English 0UC_JackBlack - last answer from 0UC_JackBlack, Saturday 19/07/2008, 06:38.
Buying Yayoi for 4800 clintz !
3 messages
English dem2alem - last answer from Unknown Sinow, Saturday 19/07/2008, 05:06.
I have many lvl 3 maxed out cards, i will trade them for lvl 1 (maxed lvl 4) cards
12 messages
English reaper13797 - subject is closed
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=99148 i am sellin all of those let me know if u want any pm me or post her i will check this often
5 messages
English excelsiorloy - subject is closed
Im buying Kolos and Lelena please message me or post here with how much you want for it and as a warning expect me to offer cards since im low on clntz
60 messages
English Chocolatey - last answer from ExXima, Saturday 19/07/2008, 03:22.
Well, I have a ton of doubles, and a few guys I still need. First the list of the ones I am looking for.
Yookie, Noodile, Razor, Emma, Nanook, Rass, Joao, Elly Mae, William, Peeler, Hax, Python, Burger, Bodenpower, Bruce, Tyler, Jane Ramba, Shakra, Armand, No Nam, Hikiyousan, Hugo, Oyoh, Loma Noju, Gabrielle, Wardog, Boris, Havok, Copper, Lost Hog, Ashigaru, Linda, Yayoi, Dieter, Dorian, Miss Chloe, Amber, Gertrud, Marina, Wee Lee, Kiki, Juicy Lord, Nistarok, and Chloe.

The doubles I have currently to trade that are of any consequence are:
GraksmxxT, Petra, Beetenka, Kolos, Glorg, Lilly, Clara, Meg, Erika, Na Boh, Timber, Vansaar, Kerry, Bridget, Gaia, Macumba, Marco, Ielena, XU52, Methane, Rosa, Baby Q, Blaaster, Yusuke, Striker, Bristone, Emeth, Mona, Kinjo, Estalt, Ottavia

I also have other commons etc that are not listed and there are some cheap guys I still need as well, for a list of those just ask and I will pm.

All my cards are lvl 0 and I would prefer the incoming cards to be the same. Please do not make any ridiculous offers or make offers strictly for clintz. I am avoiding doing this on the market because I dont want to do it that way, so any "I'll buy it below market" or "I'll sell it above market" will be ignored. Okay let's see if I get anything done this way!
1 message
200 EACH
16 messages
English 0 SpeeD - last answer from JokeKing, Saturday 19/07/2008, 02:46.
Dalhia (U), Charlie (U), Morphun (R), Kolos (R), Bloodh (R), Kenny (R), Tanaraeva, Thaumaturge Cr (Cr), Miss Twice Cr (Cr), Kerozinn Cr (Cr), Selsya Cr (Cr)..

MSG me if your interested..

Give discounts pls..

1 message
Plz someone sell me this card

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