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Thursday 19/06/08

2 messages
English Falvern - last answer from Falvern, Thursday 19/06/2008, 10:04.
Buying Bulks of 1* Pino.....

PM me if interested
1 message
Ill trade my Miranda + 1800 clintz for maxed Havok
6 messages
English death knightx - last answer from lovebugger, Thursday 19/06/2008, 09:06.
I have all the La Junta so pm if u have a offer
3 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
Can any buy my Chiro for 5050
10 messages
English juran - last answer from McV, Thursday 19/06/2008, 04:14.
15 messages
English omerkey - last answer from ur_cute, Thursday 19/06/2008, 01:28.
I'm actually giving/ trading away my Kolos!!!
I'll trade hem for any reasonabol trades from Montana, giests, or Piranas!
PM me your offers.
exatra clintz on the side are exepted!!!
Wednesday 18/06/08

4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 23:57.
3 messages
English Boss Z - subject is closed
The Two groups I'm auctioning are...

BeserkGirl + Lolly
Lennox + Jenny

These are both up for bid... but the starting bid on the Junkz is 1150... and the starting on the Bangers is 950. I don't use these groups often... infact these are my only cards from them...

* If for some reason you want both groups the combined buy price is 2500 clintz.

* There is a buy now price of 1500 clintz on the Junkz... and one of 1250 on the Bangers.

* PLease note BeserkGirl is not her colletor version... otherwise she wouldn't be so cheap

* PLease note that all cards are already maxed out (in level)
1 message
Do you want that Striker that everyone talks about? Well I'm selling/trading him. I will not accept offers under 5500 and all cards are, depending on attack, acceptable
3 messages
English Zormer - last answer from Tankys, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 19:06.
Why can't i sell any card from my desk (i have bought 1 card from market allready....) ?
5 messages
English whitegold11 - last answer from whitegold11, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 18:27.
Im auctioning a 0 exp. Vickie starting @ 23,000

happy auctioning
4 messages
English 0LD_Dingo - last answer from Ninja-zero, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 17:51.
I'm selling a level 4 Charlie with only 4xp. This is a great opportuinity for people sick of having to buy and re buy charlies in a hurry. So make the most of this amazing card and post your offers here!
2 messages
English UM-Pinstripe - subject is closed
Selling Geuner Cr, Swidz Cr and Nahi Cr all for 43k

you profit by approx 1k
6 messages
English MAD DAWGz - subject is closed
You se is what u get i am willing to trade or sell best off gets IT sellin 1 by 1 orall 4 a price


BB Cool G
B Ball
MC Decay
Syd Noze
34 messages
English Team Albania - last answer from Damgark, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 15:40.
Flo (U),Loma Noju (R),Marina (R),Oyoh (R),Robb (R),Akendram (U),Boris (R).Maciej (R),Olga (R),Bristone (U),Leviatonn (R),Methane (R),Toro (U),XU52 (R),Z3r0 D34d (U),Bryan (R),Chiro (U),Tank (U),Vansaar (R),Kolos (R),Elvira (R),Kerry (R),Lea (U).Steve (R).Rico (U),Corrina (R),GraksmxxT (R),Na Boh (R),Petra (U),SkrumxxT (R),Uranus (U),Coby (U),Bree (U),Buck (R),Gaia (R).Hikiyousan (U),Nanoo,Jackie (R),Rubie jenna alec
21 messages
English 0-Mystogan - last answer from Roarkz, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 13:32.
Okay i am selling these cards
6 messages
English omerkey - last answer from chocobo 01, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 11:55.
chikko (c)
Lennox (u)
Dacha Macha (c)
Lolly (c)
Brandon (c)
Vryer (c)
Molly (u)
Gwen (c)
Lobo (u)
Niki (C)
Elliott (c)
Samantha (c)
Sydney (u)
zaltar (c)
Pulsar (c)

send me offers! quick!!!
1 message
I want to buy Alexei from U guyz for 660 clintz, Deal or no deal. first come first serve>

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