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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 16/07/08

1 message
Selling Rubie and Glorg both 5 stars and 2.5k
1 message
I buy tanaereva for 12500 cl + Lulabee sena me a mp
15 messages
English Mangle - last answer from waldoj, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 16:11.
Pm me if your intrested
2 messages
English Lubaka_BG - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 15:56.
PM me if you want Aldo for 600 clintz and Myke for 1500 clinz!
4 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im trading Zatman and GraksmaxxT maxxed for an any level Kolos
3 messages
English star gazer32 - last answer from darkone178, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 14:50.
Im selling it privatley so tell me if u want it.
8 messages
English reaper13797 - subject is closed
Sellin all for 12k i will trade for them
13 messages
English UF0 - last answer from Blankhead, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 13:09.
1 message
Place or pm your offers
22 messages
English NewType_0 - subject is closed
Well I'm looking for trades but sales will do
just pm me
2 messages
English Dritan - subject is closed
> ; le jeu malade font ainsi nous jouent juste pour les cartes et la substance comme cela
> ; Je recherche des personnes pour lutter contre moi, vous juste je capable vendre des cartes sur le marché. > ; > ; Règles :
> ; Vous ou emploierez le type 1 ou 2 si vous voulez le jeu doivent être joués dans le
> de zone dangereuse ; Le nombre de combats est facultatif avec moi qu'il est d'abord à 3 ou à 5
> ; Winings :
> ; Il est facultatif > ;
FAQ > ; comment font I maintenant u giv je carte si je gagne
> ; je le vends à u privatly pour 50c et si je gagne la vente d'u il j'en privé pour le > de 50 clitz k ; Si vous avez aucune question demander ne fait hesitat

> ill play so do we just play for cards and stuff like that
> I am looking for people to fight against me, you just me able to sell cards on the market.
> Rules:
> You will either use type 1 or 2 if you want The game must be played in danger zone
> The number of fights is optional wiht me it is either first to 3 or 5
> Winings:
> It is optional
> how do i now u will giv me card if i win
> i sell it to u privatly for 50c and if i win u sell it me privately for 50 clitz k
1 message
As i said auction on Morphun startin bid at 11k
5 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from philk, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 08:45.
Just over lvl 2 (75XP)
so it will last you a good amount of time in elo
selling for 2k on the market

pm me if you would like to negotiate a better offer
7 messages
English jcm123 - last answer from AC DarkStar, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 07:49.
Hi guys im selling these cards and im up 4 trades 2
Bloodh (R)
B Ball (C)
Cyan (C)
Yookie (C)
Stanford (C)
Cell (C)
Tank (U)
1 message
I wanna sell or change for cr´s 1000 Lilly, 900 full xp and 100 0 xp

Please send me for mp
3 messages
English cikki121 - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 05:21.
I selling Baby Q 5 star in market 2100 clintz
1 message
Who is willing to sell me these cards for a cheap price Methane Z3r0 D34d Wolfgang Leviatonn and Toro
1 message
Does anyone have a Yookie (C), Noodile (C), Shakra (U), Ratanah (U) that i could get for cheaper prices?
10 messages
English killer-A - last answer from WindtheGreat, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 03:13.
10 messages
English death knightx - last answer from waldoj, Wednesday 16/07/2008, 00:34.
I am selling the whold clan but for trades only (p.s. i dont have the cr and i just sold jane ramba)

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