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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 14/07/08

1 message
5200,.. Lvl 1 if possible,..
2 messages
English LawLessChaoz - last answer from lilbebo89, Monday 14/07/2008, 02:10.
Looking for 11-12k or hikyousan and weelee (ill pay the difference)
I also have a credit code.pm mr if intrested.
5 messages
English martin_010 - subject is closed
Striker Miranda Flo pm me offers
pm only
1 message
What will be the cheapest price?
Sunday 13/07/08

6 messages
English reaper13797 - last answer from lilbebo89, Sunday 13/07/2008, 23:48.
Just offer, no bad offers will even be considered, dont beg
5 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from BlazedMayhem, Sunday 13/07/2008, 22:10.
I have almost all the piratnas. i take trades from Recuses only so sell them to me
1 message
Offer...cards and clintz are accepted even together...
talk witrh me privately or just put your offer here...don't offer something that is less then other offer i mean don't offer Havok if someone already offered Miss Chloe (for example...)
no stupid offer please and the price just for clintz is 11.5k (a little more then the market price- 0xp!)
1 message
I will give you a maxed Jeena for a level one Ninja Nyne and Vansaar but if you throw in Denise too I'll give you 150 clints.
12 messages
English TDDP - last answer from 8H D-Sparky, Sunday 13/07/2008, 19:53.
Please offer for a Swidz Cr...
1 message
Hi all,
does anyone know if CRs are worth more when Exp 0 or max?
6 messages
English jezreelandre - last answer from booman2, Sunday 13/07/2008, 18:08.
2 messages
English agent zer0 - last answer from jcm123, Sunday 13/07/2008, 16:28.
2 messages
Unknown Sinow - last answer from Yondie Is Win, Sunday 13/07/2008, 15:49.
21 messages
English Pure-Unsanity - last answer from Yondie Is Win, Sunday 13/07/2008, 15:33.
Ok i have a nice selection

All Stars: Bhudd , Allison , Ashley and Mario
junta ; Wardog , Chiro and Burger
fang pi: Kinjo , Tatane and llihoi chun
Roots; Shakra and Tshern
Rescue; Bobby , Denise , Frida , Larry , Lea , Lobo , Steve
Sentinel; Havok , Klaus and Carlos

so i hope i get alot of offers...
(dont pm me)
highest offers will win and i'll announce when a sale is made see ya until then
7 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Yondie Is Win, Sunday 13/07/2008, 15:30.
I am buying all Endo


i have some pirtanas to trade
1 message
I have a level 3 Lennox and im willing to trade for a Willy of any level or Bodenpower for that matter if u have any other offers im willing to listen
thnx -avenger34
2 messages
English PL_WILSON - subject is closed
I have maxed nahi and i want to sell it for 21k or trade it for the following cards:

Katan ==i accept multiple
Loma Noju
or other cr with 0xp...

pm me if you are interested and so we can talk about the deal..
12 messages
Português MiggyMigz17 - subject is closed
Im selling

Jackie 8000
Tyd 850
Mo DiFalco 100
Bhudd 200
Kevin 200
Peeler 2000
Burger 1000

or all for 10k
4 messages
English ur_cute - last answer from ur_cute, Sunday 13/07/2008, 11:59.


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