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Tuesday 17/06/08

1 message
Does anyone have a Jim Ice?
Will trade for Timber or something else.
4 messages
English Random trash - subject is closed
I'm trying to sell Gibson Rowdy Keanew veenyle and Jeeves post your offers and make sure there reasonable
12 messages
English TSH_Abyss - last answer from Shadow_na, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 01:02.
The price is 8400 clintz the deck all of them fully leveled, if you want to take a look it is on the public presets,
it is called upper destruction, i will also include beetanka in this little deal too.
(if you are to lazy to go look here is what i have)
-Mickey T
-Frankie Hi
1 message
Offer 30 000 anybody ???
Monday 16/06/08

2 messages
English elchew_OC - last answer from elchew_OC, Monday 16/06/2008, 22:42.
Anyone willing to sell me Z3r0 D34d for 2800 clintz, please messge me!
3 messages
English ab210_LR - last answer from Noboru-san, Monday 16/06/2008, 22:25.
Like it says selling both of them. Just pm a request and ill think about it. For leviton i will accept Crs but for Vermin Purely clints. (Leviton maxxed, Vermin N Level 3)
4 messages
English LawLessChaoz - last answer from ZexionVI, Monday 16/06/2008, 21:01.
I'm buying and trading Roots. Post your offers.
2 messages
English CaptainCrunk - last answer from kdgns, Monday 16/06/2008, 20:52.
I am new to this game (lv12) and was wondering if anyone out there would like to put up decent trades or sales for any of my cards. I took the liberty of posting the average market price beside their names so you dont have to keep opening new links and stuff. Beside it are the lowest rates for each trade that i'm willing to haggle. Enjoy the noobishness! Here's a list:

Endo 6/3, 3 stars(Max), 250 Clintz (haggle up to 230)
Myke 4/4, 3 stars (Max), 220 Clintz (haggle up to 200)
Timber 4/4, 4/5 stars, 800 Clintz (haggle up to 780)
Vansaar, 3/2, 3/5 stars, 800 Clintz (haggle up to 780)
Aldo, 4/4, 3 stars (Max), 180 Clintz (haggle up to 150)
Candy Jack, 3/7, 4 stars (Max), 250 Clintz (haggle up to 230)
Erzebet, 6/3, 3 stars (Max), 200 Clintz (haggle up to 180)
Thomson, 6/3, 3 stars (Max), 220 Clintz (haggle up to 200)
4 messages
English manga_dude - last answer from omerkey, Monday 16/06/2008, 20:21.
I'll trade any1 his got a lv1 Ninja Nyne for lvl1 Tania
5 messages
English Develviper - last answer from killer-A, Monday 16/06/2008, 19:23.
Who wants to buy Candy Jack level 4 for 200clintz
1 message
Anyone willing to trade their Graff and Don for my Edd and Hel + small clintz?
6 messages
English Develviper - subject is closed
Does any body want to trade for Katsuhkay I have a few Bangers to offer?
3 messages
English GoC DeMoN - subject is closed
I have 10k and im wanting a jackie or Swidz Cr can somone help me
1 message
Just talk to me if you have some cards i want
6 messages
English On3- AzamDiDi - last answer from Johnny P, Monday 16/06/2008, 14:08.
I want to buy anything in all star group. Please make the price reasonable.
2 messages
Română 3M Allex - last answer from 3M Allex, Monday 16/06/2008, 14:03.
Hy , i whanna buy 3 marco at any lvl with 25k
let me see your offerts
1 message
Buy n trade for Hawkins,leave msg or pm me pls
1 message
Buying Katan for 8.4k

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