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Sunday 06/07/08

1 message
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
I'm trying to monopoly her so i'll trade Ux52 and 1000 clintz for 50 copys of her
12 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from MAD DAWGz, Sunday 06/07/2008, 19:12.
6 messages
English Warrior_S0S - last answer from Warrior_S0S, Sunday 06/07/2008, 18:18.
She is about halfway to level 2,
lookin for clintz but trades are fine too
3 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Myztyrio, Sunday 06/07/2008, 17:38.
Is anyone willing to sell the Piranas that came out this week or two weeks ago for under market price? Please post here or pm me offers.
1 message
I want to sell Elya Cr for 80k or trade her for 10 miss chloes (it is cheaper in 5k!)
please- if someone have this amount of miss chloes please contact me i am looking for a deal...
6 messages
English TDDP - last answer from TDDP, Sunday 06/07/2008, 17:25.
I want ot sell her for 80k at list (market price- even better in couple days...
i really don't want oto trade it unless you have a very good offer- VERY GOOD OFFER...
don't offer stupid things cause i won't look at this seriously...
remember she is 0xp...
i prefer private messages bt i will take a look here too...
2 messages
English not playing3 - last answer from Vithzerai, Sunday 06/07/2008, 17:08.
She is on the market NOW for 29k
12 messages
English BF_DaPwner123 - last answer from steel dragon10, Sunday 06/07/2008, 16:52.
Here are the cards im selling





Go ahead a make your prices oh and dont make bad deals or they will be ignored
10 messages
English TDDP - last answer from steel dragon10, Sunday 06/07/2008, 16:51.
I want to get there off me fast!
if you want to trade i am open for your offers.....
i would like tanaereva, Miss Chloe, Hawkins, Leviatonn...those are what i really really need so if you have some we can reach a deal...
i accept clintz too but try to offer more cards and not clintz
4 messages
Português pa0dequeijo - last answer from steel dragon10, Sunday 06/07/2008, 16:39.
I have Blaaster, Jane Ramba and Zatman
And I want No Nam and Wardog
I may accept trades betwen these cards
1 message
I need him, please sell.
10 messages
English TNT VAMP - last answer from TNT VAMP, Sunday 06/07/2008, 15:57.
Post your offers here
4 messages
English AssassinsDream - last answer from AssassinsDream, Sunday 06/07/2008, 15:36.
I know this will sound stupid but will someone sell me this card for 50 clintz and than i will pay you pack with interest once i get the clintz? I am not asking for a handout, you will get higher than market value for this card.
3 messages
English worldpad - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Sunday 06/07/2008, 10:40.
I have Ambrose Cr, Tessa Cr, and Kerozinn Cr, and I want to trade them for Dragan Cr. I have about 20K if someone wants to bump it up for a Vholt.
1 message
Buying Bryan for 1500 clintz! Plz pm here is you have one
13 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from UM-Pinstripe, Sunday 06/07/2008, 07:24.
PM your offers
2 messages
English katiecodor - last answer from katiecodor, Sunday 06/07/2008, 06:23.
I'm willing to trade methan for Bryan
1 message
To anybody who wants to sell their leaders Timber Hugo Bridget for 750 just pm me

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