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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 16/06/08

1 message
Anyone willing to trade their Graff and Don for my Edd and Hel + small clintz?
6 messages
English Develviper - subject is closed
Does any body want to trade for Katsuhkay I have a few Bangers to offer?
3 messages
English GoC DeMoN - subject is closed
I have 10k and im wanting a jackie or Swidz Cr can somone help me
1 message
Just talk to me if you have some cards i want
6 messages
English On3- AzamDiDi - last answer from Johnny P, Monday 16/06/2008, 14:08.
I want to buy anything in all star group. Please make the price reasonable.
2 messages
Română 3M Allex - last answer from 3M Allex, Monday 16/06/2008, 14:03.
Hy , i whanna buy 3 marco at any lvl with 25k
let me see your offerts
1 message
Buy n trade for Hawkins,leave msg or pm me pls
1 message
Buying Katan for 8.4k
3 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from 3M Allex, Monday 16/06/2008, 12:17.
I want card but in the card i accept just exemple vicki lateanera kenny and cr you understand
and sur e i accept clintz
2 messages
English L3yre - last answer from Baron Brixius, Monday 16/06/2008, 04:21.
I sale Sigmund Cr or change for marlysa and 50K

Thanks, the oferts, send me MP or in this post
1 message
900 for Murphy
1000 for Don
do no care the level.
just direct sell private to me.
2 messages
Português Darko EVO - last answer from Darko EVO, Monday 16/06/2008, 00:41.
I want to trade Kerozinn Cr plus Swidz Cr for your Reine Cr on any level

Values are negociable depending on the market price (but don't try to abuse) and i have some other Soleil cards to trade too.

Pm me if anybody wants

-And i won't sell you any of these cards for a low value or other cards that aren't Cr
1 message
If u have some pm and post them here( pm me is faster) also if ur willing to trade put what u collect too so it would be easyier
Sunday 15/06/08

6 messages
English beserker08 - last answer from beserker08, Sunday 15/06/2008, 23:57.
I am buying Jeeves for 650 clintz he can be lvl 3 or up
3 messages
English beserker08 - last answer from beserker08, Sunday 15/06/2008, 23:56.
I am buying Jeeves lvl 3 or more for 650 clintz
2 messages
English Frozen_4 - last answer from LawLessChaoz, Sunday 15/06/2008, 23:15.
I'm looking for Sheitane and Hel
4 messages
English 0 knac - subject is closed
I'd like to trade Kiki for some decent Uppers. Please make offer
1 message
101 clintz cheaper than the market lol
2 messages
English Seibeizehn - last answer from Romney, Sunday 15/06/2008, 22:17.
If anyone wanna them for elo say me, I can trade them for other card/cards or sell 1k clintz each, mayby cheaper if u take more

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