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Wednesday 04/06/08

3 messages
English the jr mlg - subject is closed
Can some 1 trade me 1 code for 1000 clintz plz
33 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 16:12.
Im selling a few cards :

all are 0xp offer in cards/clintz no rubbish offers

fnx tiny
1 message
Hi! My name is Charles and always wanted a cr. Please can anyone trade me for one? Pm me if you will. Whoever gets me my first cr will get any good card i come across. im looking for kerrizon cr Miss Twice Cr genreal cr Splata Cr or any other good one. pm me please.
1 message
I wanna buy Splata Cr full xp less expensive than the market.

Please send me a message if you want sell me this card.

3 messages
English anishae - last answer from anishae, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 12:31.
Im seliing diyo
also accpeting trades

please no noob offers
4 messages
English 0-Mystogan - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 12:16.
4 messages
English McV - last answer from Shapur, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 11:56.
I have a Level 2 0xp Vansaar Pm the offers Its 0xp
3 messages
English palmer6strings - subject is closed
I was hopeing someone out there might be able to sell me a level 1 Wanda for about 1600c i know she is around 2k, but this is all i have right now. someone help please.
3 messages
English SD_thesecret - subject is closed
I Have: Hattori for 2500
Kate for 900
Yusuke For 450
Windy Mor For 750
Pm Me If Youre Interested....
5 messages
English TreeFrogger - last answer from Vanter, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 06:28.
Starting 17k
1 message
I want to buy Miss Ming 0xp lvl 1 for 200 clintz each need at least 10
6 messages
English fire_(evo) - subject is closed
For 3 days i will be giving a code to a lucky winner. it is only for the people who cannot sell yet.
the ticket is only for 1500 . just pm me if you are interested
2 messages
English LordChase - last answer from LordChase, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 04:08.
Selling Elly Mae in the market for 1199 clintz
14 messages
English TnT_MeRm - subject is closed
I am trading my Kolos (not my special Kolos) to whoever can give me reasonable trade of the combination of any of the cards that I need from particular clans ( All Stars, Bangers, Fang Pi Clang, Montana, Sentinel, Sakrohm)

All Stars:

Vermyn N

Fang Pi Clang:




Post your offers here... of better yet PM me...
2 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
Selling edd for 1800 clintz
4 messages
English SD_thesecret - last answer from SD_thesecret, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 03:18.
I Have
Hattori Kati Yusuke Endo and Pam

I Also Accept Trade From Nightmare Clan
1 message
Selling at the market price. pay the market price and get the card

so.. who is interested? or IM me we can negotiate as well...
34 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
I prefer trade but I also accepts clintz, i'm looking for cr's 0xp much better and other good cards in exchange for Kolos, i do accept multiple copies of cards

Just put your offers here or pm me

Crazy pm and offers wont be entertain
2 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
I'm trading my 2 Kolos any level u want ( 0xp or max ) for your kerozinn any level..

Just pm me if interested
Tuesday 03/06/08

13 messages
English TNT_KoRn - last answer from TNT_KoRn, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 23:20.
As of right now i see Kolos going for 16k (maxed) and the second cheapest is 16,500 (maxed) so i am asking if anyone will trade me their Splata Cr for 3 of my Kolos AND 1,000 in clintz = total of 49k, so if your interested send me a PM.

and i know that the market is always changing so if Kolos does drop i will pay you the difference, so i'm looking for a Splata Cr for about 49,000 which is 1,000 off of the market price so i will pay the difference in clintz depending on what kolos's price is currently at.

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