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Tuesday 10/06/08

2 messages
English omerkey - last answer from IF KEVIN5132, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 21:41.
Plz look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please help me, would you people sell me some giests you do not need?
1 message
Selling Sigmund Cr 210 000 Klintz.

Want Klintz or Cr (but no suns)
If good offer, i can add some klints (up to 200k)

Answers in Pm.
1 message
Please make an offer and if its good i'll buy it

1 message
I'm trading my Dorian for one or several cards of one of those clans. Must be approximately the same value.
You can try to propose other clans though.
I prefer if you pm me but you can post also.
4 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from 0_Maverick, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:16.
Dorian 1x 4-stars and 1x 5-stars
8 messages
Español CabalEVO - last answer from CabalEVO, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:12.
Dont do stupid offers
3 messages
English Yellowcar - last answer from 0_Maverick, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:12.
Im selling my Katan for 17k or high bid. Or any collector. Pm me
1 message
Buying ghiests, im only level 11, so not for too much money! ill be happy to trade too!
20 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Yellowcar, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 18:40.
Accept money, cards, credits
82 messages
English DriftingFlare - subject is closed
I have loads of cards.
Here r some that r for sale. In order of clans.

Alec Lv 4
Elvira Lv 4
Hax Lv 5
Ghoub Lv 4
Kerry Lv 4
Tanner Lv 3
Steve Lv 2

Ula Wata
Bree Lv 2
3x Buck 2x Lv 1 1x Lv 4
Hikiyousan Lv 3
Joao Lv 3
Rass Lv 3

La Junta
Emeth Lv 5
Gertrud Lv 2
Python Lv 2
Tank Lv 3

Bristone Lv 3
Dr Saw Lv 4
Luba Lv 3
Nina Lv 4
Vladimir Lv 3

Giovanni Lv 1
Mona Lv 3
Prince Jr Lv 2
Simon Lv 3

B Ball Lv 2
Fifty Lv 5
Graff Lv 2
Leila Lv 3
Willy Lv 5

Fang Pi Clang
Hattori Lv 5
Kati Lv 4
Kinjo Lv 5
Lost Hog Lv 5
Macumba Lv 4
Windy Mor Lv 3

Akendram Lv 3
Crassus Lv 4
Erpeto Lv 5
Esmeralda Lv 2
Eve Lv 3
Olga Lv 3
Vassili Lv 3

Chloe Lv 5
Havok Lv 3
John Lv 3
Miranda Lv 4

Frankie Hi Lv 3
Janine Lv 2
Sydney Lv 2
Rubie Lv 3
Tyler Lv 2

Dolores Boss Lv 3
Elly Mae Lv 4
Emma Lv 3
Meg Lv 3
Wanda Lv 2
Yayoi Lv 4

Estalt Lv 5
Mojo Lv 3
Timmy Lv 3

All Stars
Alexei Lv 4
Mario Lv 2
Oyoh Lv 5

Lolly Lv 3
Perle Lv 3

Noodile Lv 2
Ratanah Lv 2
Tshern Lv 2
Yamam Lv 2

Ambre Lv 5
Ashigaru Lv 5
Bridget Lv 5
Hugo Lv 5
Timber Lv 5
Vansaar Lv 5

Corrina Lv3
Gastroboy Lv2
SkrumxxT Lv5
Venus Lv4
I am not bothered if they sell or not. They will not sell to noob offer. Serious offers only. Trades and clintz. I except both.
9 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from DarkShifter, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 16:19.
I have an extra Charlie I am auctioning here are the ticket prices.
15 tickets have to be sold then the lottery will be held
1 tickets=1000 clintz
5 tickets=4000 clintz

#1 rule=have FUN
4 messages
English 8H D-Sparky - last answer from 8H D-Sparky, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 15:54.
Will anyone sell me Zdrone for 500 clintz
3 messages
English Josiah10 - last answer from Josiah10, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 14:59.
I currently bought credits and got a Rubie would anybody mind trading my Rubie for Methane or Toro
9 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Force Majeure, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 12:38.
I have a 0exp Nahi Cr at level 2 for sale. There is no exp pts over level 2. This is a very rare card for all you collectors out there. Obviously wanting over lowest market price. PM or post your offers.
1203 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
As stated, I have a plethora of cards I do not want or need. I'm willing to sell most of the cards in my collection if I have extras.

I am also willing to make fair exchanges and trades.
If you want to trade, I will only trade for high priced cards. I will trade multiple cards for more expensive cards.

DO NOT ASK FOR CHARITY OR MAKE STUPID OFFERS I will not accept offers like this: " Please please please sell me Leviatonn for 347 clintz, it's all i have please help me" OR "I'll trade Warren and Razor for Havok"

Any reasonable offers are welcome
2 messages
English DaBountyHunter - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 11:31.
Plz can you guys make an offer of 350 to Prince Jr? i beg you all rich guys there who have Prince Jr,
2 messages
English SP0NG3 B0B - last answer from zhen jin, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 11:28.
Selling Lvl 4 Charlie 0 Xp or 450 Xp
write offers here
2 messages
English bad acid - last answer from Do0mageddon, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 11:03.
Does any one have an Elvira for sale or something?
4 messages
English ARMADA_3 - last answer from LoA Angel, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 09:43.
I have a lot of cards and cr's to offer.

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