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Monday 02/06/08

48 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome e 9th edition of RG. Each of u who post have a chance of winning one of these cards: Allison and Ironfield. There is only 1 rule: U'r post must contain an ideea of a good ELO deck.

Reminder: As of the 8th edition, only 1 person remains in the Token Number card giveaway. TOO BAD!!!
5 messages
English 0-Homer - last answer from 0-Homer, Monday 02/06/2008, 10:08.
10 messages
English strengthboy - last answer from strengthboy, Monday 02/06/2008, 09:55.
Na Boh for 500 clintz
Meg for 500 clintz
Mark for 400 clintz
Miken Moose for 400 clintz
Samantha for 350 clintz
Prince Jr for 350 clintz

If the prices are ok for you sell it to me and if not post/pm me for changes.
1 message
I need good price for Wanda.
1 message
Selling Ambre for 5400 clintz it's maxed
1 message
I need a credit code i will give muphy and Kinjo for one
4 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
Trading Kolos for all this Cards


Pm me.....if interested.
2 messages
English ennnath59 - subject is closed
Selling Kolos for 15500k
5 messages
English Seibeizehn - last answer from THE MAN-666, Monday 02/06/2008, 07:03.
Like in topic if anyone willing to trade plz tell me^
2 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
15 messages
English RamsesII - subject is closed
I want to sell some of my cards so I can buy some more that are missing. So the first few deals will be it. ANything in my collection will go for a REASONABLE PRICE.
9 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
I have an extra Marlysa Cr I don't want.

I would much prefer offers in clintz, but will consider offers of Cr cards and other expensive cards worth over 10k such as Tanaereva (U), Vickie (R), Kenny (R), Kolos (R), etc.

A mix of clintz and cards is also acceptable.

No outrageous offers please. Only make offers near market price please.
3 messages
English Jared9473 - last answer from ennnath59, Monday 02/06/2008, 02:33.
I am looking to get Kolos, i have all the allstars but Lamar Cr
almost all of the rescues except for Marco, alec and Lobo

and a variety of other cards, either message me of post here if you want to know more cards or have ano offer i might accept
1 message
I am willin to trade Nympheea maxed, Elliot maxed, or a level 2 Timber for one of these guys help me out
6 messages
English RamsesII - last answer from UC-stephenUR, Monday 02/06/2008, 01:04.
In my collection for a REASONABLE PRICE? Make Offer on any.
5 messages
English Mejeh - last answer from Mejeh, Monday 02/06/2008, 00:57.
5 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed
Nothing too expensive please lol
pm me and ill try and offer

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