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Saturday 21/06/08

3 messages
English Saturosso - last answer from Saturosso, Saturday 21/06/2008, 12:35.
I want to sell / trade my kenny for 17k or Katan (4000), Deadeye (5500), Hawkins (4800).. total 14300 plus 2000 clintz
pm me
6 messages
English Relentless007 - last answer from WEN CHANG, Saturday 21/06/2008, 10:20.
Lennon x8
Tyler x4
Tanner x3
Rico x3
Pam x3
Esmeralda x3
Chiro x3
Ghoub x3
orion x3
Kolos x2
Murphy x2
Buck x2
Vermyn N x2
Eve x2
Tank x2
Vladimir x2
Sai San x2
Spycee x2
Mona x2
Mojo x2
deiter x2

please pm me for cash or trade i would prefer to trade though
10 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 21/06/2008, 08:19.
I want to sell my Montana clan all the montanas card are here accept lesye tesa cr
most cards are maxed
i want to sell the clan as a whole not in bits so dont wast tour time by saying: vickie 26k?
or begging like: i really need vickie please for 5k? (i dont care really)
please make sensebal offer
fnx tinygerrard12
2 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
Looking to buy lamar for 50k clintz pm me if u have a double and want to sell it. or if just dont need the card anymore and looking to buy something else.
2 messages
English Slayernator - last answer from -Cypher-, Saturday 21/06/2008, 07:05.
Looking for:

Tyd - 1.4k
rhed - 1.5k
Katan - 3k
1 message
Gary level 1 or 2 = 250clintz
Phonos level 1 or 2 = 200clintz
Mort Bax level 1 or 2 = 150clintz
2 messages
English Toas - last answer from Toas, Saturday 21/06/2008, 00:28.
As said in the title: Buying Smokey + Hawkins for 5K

Trading is a possibility too.
Friday 20/06/08

4 messages
English Golden Flare - last answer from Golden Flare, Friday 20/06/2008, 20:23.
PM me with offers. =)
2 messages
English Relentless007 - last answer from Swoozie183, Friday 20/06/2008, 20:19.
I have dahlia who wants to trade for a vickie and a jackie or make me some other offers
4 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Friday 20/06/2008, 19:56.
TWO 4 star lulabees
a Veenyle 1*
Geuner Cr 1*
Tyler 2*

and 160K in clintz for

Marlysa Cr
4 messages
English whitegold11 - last answer from whitegold11, Friday 20/06/2008, 18:10.
I am trading Vickie,
These are the only things i want-
A Freaks/Bangers 8 Card Deck
An Ulu Watu/Sentinel 8 Card Deck
Or... A Tanereva
2 messages
English DarkShifter - last answer from Myztyrio, Friday 20/06/2008, 17:57.
Im trading my Bangers deck that includes high priced cards for a Montana deck including Enzo and Vickie. if u do not have Vickie the it can include edd and Rosa. so please pm me
3 messages
English 0UC_Supa_Fast - last answer from 0UC_Supa_Fast, Friday 20/06/2008, 15:13.
Please make reasonable Offers
2 messages
English Eric C - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Eklore for a bit less than market price. PM me with offers.
10 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Bristone Dr Saw Z3r0 D34d Rolph Vladimir Rosa Prince Jr
reasonable offer i'm still noob so please give me lot of clintz
i'll sell all of the cards for at least 11k or more
help this noob out
also willing to trade them all with kenny or Kolos
2 messages
English l0e0u0n0g - last answer from l0e0u0n0g, Friday 20/06/2008, 14:12.
Buying about 30 Wandas

5+ 720 each
1-4 700

pm me if you have other nice offers
4 messages
English Jesh man - last answer from pl91, Friday 20/06/2008, 12:22.
I need someone reeeeally rich and reeeeeeally generous for this deal and I absolutely need Kerozinn Cr!!! I will give anyone 14 000 clints for a Kerozinn Cr of any level. PLEASE!!! I need your help!
18 messages
English DEION SANDERS - subject is closed
5 messages
English SA_BlackHeart - subject is closed
PM me your offer lower than market price
3 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
7999 clintz pm me

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