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Thursday 19/06/08

5 messages
English -Cypher- - last answer from -Cypher-, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:28.
I'm looking to buy Lamar Cr. PM me with serious offers.
5 messages
English gizmo_ult - last answer from husky1, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:12.
I have a Nympheea card 2/6 and i have max with her ability of Courage: power +3 and I'll start it at 330 clintz and to the highest bidder will get it just pm or post here for how much you will pay for her.
3 messages
English Hawkeyes82 - last answer from WindtheGreat, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:10.
Selling for at least 500 clintz.
2 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Starting at 2100 full lv highest bidder wins until i get back Rolph on market
no rip off people like Luba for Rolph seriously
7 messages
English p1n0y - last answer from omerkey, Thursday 19/06/2008, 12:20.
14 messages
Português Zk_Imloz - last answer from Zk_Imloz, Thursday 19/06/2008, 11:44.
2 messages
English Falvern - last answer from Falvern, Thursday 19/06/2008, 10:04.
Buying Bulks of 1* Pino.....

PM me if interested
1 message
Ill trade my Miranda + 1800 clintz for maxed Havok
6 messages
English death knightx - last answer from lovebugger, Thursday 19/06/2008, 09:06.
I have all the La Junta so pm if u have a offer
3 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
Can any buy my Chiro for 5050
10 messages
English juran - last answer from McV, Thursday 19/06/2008, 04:14.
15 messages
English omerkey - last answer from ur_cute, Thursday 19/06/2008, 01:28.
I'm actually giving/ trading away my Kolos!!!
I'll trade hem for any reasonabol trades from Montana, giests, or Piranas!
PM me your offers.
exatra clintz on the side are exepted!!!
Wednesday 18/06/08

4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 23:57.
3 messages
English Boss Z - subject is closed
The Two groups I'm auctioning are...

BeserkGirl + Lolly
Lennox + Jenny

These are both up for bid... but the starting bid on the Junkz is 1150... and the starting on the Bangers is 950. I don't use these groups often... infact these are my only cards from them...

* If for some reason you want both groups the combined buy price is 2500 clintz.

* There is a buy now price of 1500 clintz on the Junkz... and one of 1250 on the Bangers.

* PLease note BeserkGirl is not her colletor version... otherwise she wouldn't be so cheap

* PLease note that all cards are already maxed out (in level)
1 message
Do you want that Striker that everyone talks about? Well I'm selling/trading him. I will not accept offers under 5500 and all cards are, depending on attack, acceptable
3 messages
English Zormer - last answer from Tankys, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 19:06.
Why can't i sell any card from my desk (i have bought 1 card from market allready....) ?
5 messages
English whitegold11 - last answer from whitegold11, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 18:27.
Im auctioning a 0 exp. Vickie starting @ 23,000

happy auctioning
4 messages
English 0LD_Dingo - last answer from Ninja-zero, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 17:51.
I'm selling a level 4 Charlie with only 4xp. This is a great opportuinity for people sick of having to buy and re buy charlies in a hurry. So make the most of this amazing card and post your offers here!

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