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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 01/06/08

2 messages
English UnHolyLucian - subject is closed
Why do we start out with five credits... though we need like 20 to do anything with it? I mean is there a way we can spend these credits?
1 message
Can any1 sell me Z3r0 D34d for 3000ctz or less? preferably max level? just send me the trade offer. no need for pm.
4 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Sunday 01/06/2008, 06:43.
all max
4 messages
English Blade Demon - subject is closed
I will buy Ielena 3k clintz any level but I would prefer level 2, pm me if you want to sell
11 messages
English Technootjes - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Sunday 01/06/2008, 05:56.

I sell full Rescue, marco already sold
1 message
Jackie for 8k
4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Sunday 01/06/2008, 03:45.
I buy any card post them and send me a pm. (no cr or cards over 10k)
1 message
Does anybody have a Sakazuki they dont want or want to sell
26 messages
English Eric C - subject is closed
I have a number of Cr's for trade. You can refer to my current sales for what cards I have available. I will consider offers here or through private messages.
1 message

Jackie for 8k
Lulabee for 3k

1 message
Does anybody have Sakazuki they dont want or want to sell
1 message
Pls pm me if you have this cards
1 message
Im selling my lamar for 49k clintz

just pm me who's interested

15 messages
English AR_Shuiro - last answer from AR_Shuiro, Sunday 01/06/2008, 00:57.
I am currently trying to make an Ulu Watu deck, My deck currently is fairly decent. I wish to purchase a Lulabee , Nanook , Gaia , Gaia Noel , Hikiyousan (and possibly a Joao and/or Gabrielle). I'm hoping you will be willing to sell them fairly cheap but whatever

thank you in advance for anyone willing to sell
2 messages
English anishae - last answer from AR_Shuiro, Sunday 01/06/2008, 00:55.
Hey im looking for Ulu Watu cards
if u have pls pm me..
im not in to trading (not yet purchase any credits)
Saturday 31/05/08

1 message
As title.
please pm me if interested to sell.
1 message
I really dont have much rigth now... so i have post my need here... im looking for Elly Mae
for 600 clintz and hoping some one well sell me thank you
1 message
Im buying any Leader for 700 clintz please private trade me if you wish to sell or just let me know
26 messages
English spillzord - subject is closed
I really love the card Kolos(R) but idont want it anymore as my deck has been changed is there any chance ne one want to buy this card it is maxed out. Also Kolos is the only card that can stand alone and 1 hit kill. and i do have a couple of other cards if you want Venus(max) Beetenka(max)
1 message
Everyone is bitches. you herd me

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