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Friday 06/06/08

2 messages
English ennnath59 - last answer from mantisboyN, Friday 06/06/2008, 01:03.
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English Do0mageddon - subject is closed
Heyy i was collecting the juntas but i decide to swap them to Ulu Watu instead, so you can buy a card or trade me a card (must be from Ulu Watu if we are going to trade) here s the list.
All cards are fully lvled

Amiral Py min clintz (450)

Burger min clintz (1300)

Dean min clintz (1000)

Gertrud min clintz (6800)

Jane Ramba min clintz (4300)

Masamu min clintz (1500)

Python min clintz (1500)

Tank min clintz (700)

Uxoh min clintz (1400)

Wardog min clintz (4500)

NOTE: all cards have been rounded up to the nearest 100's prices negotiable

Please post your replys.

Thank you

3 messages
English LordChase - last answer from Shadow_na, Friday 06/06/2008, 00:28.
Selling Erpeto
pm me for offers
or post here.
11 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Friday 06/06/2008, 00:28.
I am buying cards from thses clan
All Stars
Thursday 05/06/08

1 message
Buying Vladimir for 600
2 messages
English Fast_LoA - last answer from KillerTeddyy, Thursday 05/06/2008, 20:17.
2 messages
English Deth Angl-BoB - last answer from KillerTeddyy, Thursday 05/06/2008, 20:15.
Im looking to buy Kenny for 17.5k or 18k if any1 sellin one den message me
1 message
Can sum1 trade me for NDololo Cr
15 messages
English Dritan - subject is closed
Well i need some between the level 10-16 to battle we have a pottential 5 fights who ever gets 3 wins first has to give the other a card, and the people fighting each other firs must agree which card they will win.

It must be no random
Type1 vs type 2 or 1 the choice of opponemnt
ELO battle is a choice
room is the choice of opponent

pm me of u wnt to battle me. the first cards that i would battle for would be lets say Bristone (U) (U)
1 message
I´ll buy it for the lowest price you post
8 messages
English TD_Skeelz - subject is closed
1 message
I am hoping to buy a Miss Twice Cr off someone for 22k

please reply though pm plz
2 messages
English McV - last answer from DarkShifter, Thursday 05/06/2008, 12:01.
Im trading my 0xp Splata Cr for a Cr that has almost equal value Pm the offers pr [pst them down
1 message
As subject says...i wanna buy Kerry from Rescue. i want her to have as little stars as possible. 1 star preferebly..
all who want's to make sales msg me on private and i will consider offer. we negotiate the price...or if it's afordable i will buy instatly...

i wouldn't buy her, but she's the only card i need to complete full Rescue ...
4 messages
English JUNKYZZ - last answer from TnT_Ch0p-Suey, Thursday 05/06/2008, 08:21.
Need nice junks but for a good price
5 messages
English Ruim - last answer from Ruim, Thursday 05/06/2008, 08:17.
I'm buying Lilith and Vladimir for prices cheaper than those sold in the market.

i'm also selling a GraksmxxT (maxed XP)
5 messages
English Rohe - last answer from Rohe, Thursday 05/06/2008, 08:02.
BUYING ALL Lennox !!!! 0exp - 900 ; full lvl 950
1 message
Selling this cards

4 messages
English RKSicaa - subject is closed
Card Level Price
Filomena 1 300
Flo 2 400
Yusuke 1 500
Mikki 1 150
Mario 2 300
Bristone 3 650
Myke 1 149
Angelina 1 180
Filomena 1 300
Venus 4 200
Na Boh 2 750
Caciope 3 900

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