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Thursday 05/06/08

5 messages
English Rohe - last answer from Rohe, Thursday 05/06/2008, 08:02.
BUYING ALL Lennox !!!! 0exp - 900 ; full lvl 950
1 message
Selling this cards

4 messages
English RKSicaa - subject is closed
Card Level Price
Filomena 1 300
Flo 2 400
Yusuke 1 500
Mikki 1 150
Mario 2 300
Bristone 3 650
Myke 1 149
Angelina 1 180
Filomena 1 300
Venus 4 200
Na Boh 2 750
Caciope 3 900
4 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - last answer from Returner, Thursday 05/06/2008, 05:22.
Im selling
3 Willy so private message me if you want to buy
9 messages
English SD_thesecret - last answer from RKSicaa, Thursday 05/06/2008, 05:04.
Buying All Lubas
4 messages
English Willy_HD - last answer from shishimoru, Thursday 05/06/2008, 01:27.
How do i get credits????
4 messages
English belziedoodle - last answer from belziedoodle, Thursday 05/06/2008, 00:32.
Can any one there sponsor?please??i heard my cuzin' has one.can any one help.
Wednesday 04/06/08

1 message
Plzz help me, i need robb really badly, post your offers in this forum or just pm me...^______^
1 message
Need Mona paying 3K
1 message
Could anyone offer me a price for your kenny!!
1 message
Selling a 0xp Gwen. Make your offers. Any offers below 1.7k will be refused. A 0xp Gwen at the market cost 2095
1 message
Selling Hugo at lvl 4 reasnibale offers onli pm or post an offer here thnx
7 messages
English Storm Force - last answer from M3RCY HAVE IT, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 20:37.
I am selling or trading a Juicy Lord 0exp!!

No studpid offers plz!
1 message
Lokinf for a Wanda with 0 xp
1 message
Im selling Lea for 1k 0xp

if you choose to exchange i would prefer AllStar or Uppers cards
7 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 17:31.
8 messages
English melym - subject is closed
Salut, aujourd'hui je vends Flavio !
Je ne recherche que du cash ou des Cr moyens !
Voila a vous de jouer !
mp possibles !
3 messages
English the jr mlg - subject is closed
Can some 1 trade me 1 code for 1000 clintz plz
33 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Wednesday 04/06/2008, 16:12.
Im selling a few cards :

all are 0xp offer in cards/clintz no rubbish offers

fnx tiny
1 message
Hi! My name is Charles and always wanted a cr. Please can anyone trade me for one? Pm me if you will. Whoever gets me my first cr will get any good card i come across. im looking for kerrizon cr Miss Twice Cr genreal cr Splata Cr or any other good one. pm me please.

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