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Friday 29/02/08

4 messages
English Nives - last answer from Calwen V, Friday 29/02/2008, 21:14.
I need to know good reliable ways to get clintz fast if you have any suggestions, post em.
1 message
Anyone selling a CR for 10k?
4 messages
English JDF1 - last answer from _Mr-I_, Friday 29/02/2008, 20:15.
Like the title says I am selling Miss Chloe and Havok so make any offers or you can PM. I guess PM would be faster.
17 messages
English Lewster48 - subject is closed
Selling All Rescue Deck and all Freaks (includings cr's)
Post your offers, not set price as im selling cheap
3 messages
Português FJ Ramone - last answer from FJ Ramone, Friday 29/02/2008, 17:28.
Selling Hattori 17.5k!
10 messages
ελληνικά pl91 - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Friday 29/02/2008, 17:05.
I didn't know where to put this so i wrote it here.

1)who makes someone a moderator????

2)shouldn't there be a forum for such irrelevant things???(like this one!!!!!!!)

3)i don't know if i saw well(i was wearing my glasses) but yesterday around 23.00 local time Katsuhkay costed 5000 in the market.plz someone confirm this!!!!!!!!!

thnx for reading and replying
sorry for the bad english
feel free to send me a message for anything
4 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
I exchange : Ielena (max), Kenny (max), Nistarok (max), Gwen (0 xp, for ELO players) !

I search these cards max lvl : Corrina, GraksmxxT, Petra, Phonos, SkrumxxT, TrinmkkT and Uranus.

I let you give me your proposal (they must only contain one or more cards that I research and/or clintz, I can't search anything else).

Deals cans abstain.
3 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - subject is closed
Im selling a Kolos 0xp ( from a pack )
PM me with offers
74 messages
English Gandalfonso - last answer from Gandalfonso, Friday 29/02/2008, 11:26.

Post or PM me with bids
DONT ask me "How much for..." (I will ignore you)
1 message
I try to find the pretty indian!

i propose for this card a NDololo Cr + Ambrose Cr + 150000 clintz!

you can contact me by pm or in the forum (i really want this card, so if a player have her.... thanks to contact me

sorry if my english isn't perfect and thanks to the moderators!
1 message
1 message
I'm looking to trade a few of my rares, uncommons, or even commons for Miss Twice Cr. I've got more than enough extras to cover the cost. If anyone has an extra or is just looking for some cards for a deck. PM me for a quicker response.
1 message
The titled says it
please no ridiculous offers
im not looking for something specials
it has to be cr
if the price is higher i could offer some other cards
1 message
Will give copper Havok Kiki Timmy Don and any Leader i own all 7
7 messages
English Raynos - last answer from Raynos, Friday 29/02/2008, 02:56.
Looking to trade a 0xp Jim Cr, for all the new cards getting realised tommorow,

This trade will only be valid on friday (after the prizes drop it will be a bad deal for me )

Preferably max lvl new cards

PM tomorrow

5 messages
English Chocolatey - last answer from bennioso, Friday 29/02/2008, 02:39.
I have for sale right now

Lea, Lilly, Malmoth, Dean, Sai San, John, Miranda

They are possibly for trade also I am looking for Pussycats and maybe some Bashers leave me your offers!
2 messages
English Nintendan WMD - subject is closed
Topic title says it
1 message
Wanting to buy edd and Mona. Email me with offers, will accept the lowest.
5 messages
English Nintendan WMD - subject is closed
10k Which for the slow people 10,000 clints anyone
6 messages
English saintwerty123 - last answer from shadowman123, Friday 29/02/2008, 00:16.
I hav got really cheap prices for the patrol clan on sale NOW

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