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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 24/05/08

1 message
16,000 clintz for Kenny message me
1 message
Buying Hugo level one Hugo for 750.
5 messages
English Nintendan WMD - last answer from Nintendan WMD, Saturday 24/05/2008, 13:18.
Well for my new Presents Forest of Demons Im going to need a few more then 1 Lvl 1 noodle

So I have 5,500 clints so If I can get some help from you guy that would be great.
1 message
I had a jackie for trade, of course, i will add some clintz.
or buy it for 19k
24 messages
English Locopizza - last answer from Shad03JXX, Saturday 24/05/2008, 13:13.
Ends may 26
start 50
reseve 15000
good luck
1 message
Pls. if someone want to offer for only 200 clintz

Igniss,Frankie Hi,Yaman for clintz

and pls. put here a card for 100 clintz

pm me :kynaleonardo
2 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from Capn Clintz, Saturday 24/05/2008, 10:05.
Trading Havok and William for Enzo and Filomena. I will only accept both cards at the same time.

I will not accept any nooby offer, I will not buy from someone who I have had a altercation with in the past. IF those two goes down, you will have to add clintz/card(s). As Stated before, I will only accept those two cards. Nothing else will be taken into account. I don't care if you go Ombre Cr for them, I will say no. If you post here not looking to trade then remember you made that choice, and I will have to deal with that when the time comes. I will how ever allow friends or people I respect to chat on here if they give helpful advice and not just saying ogkodlkgodgko.
2 messages
English American Punk - last answer from American Punk, Saturday 24/05/2008, 09:08.
If anyone has him would you offer to sell him half-priced like around 20,000 - 25,000 clintz if so please pm me or post here.
6 messages
English Damgark - last answer from Damgark, Saturday 24/05/2008, 09:05.
I have Charlie lvl 4 and 7k. I hope it could trade it with your Vickie.
3 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from jordan-griffo, Saturday 24/05/2008, 08:50.
Tessa Cr LVL 4 + 4-6k
for a Splata Cr MAX
12 messages
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
Starting bid 5k
until tomorrow..
6 messages
English Returner - subject is closed
Alright, i know most of u ppl uses Charlie at 4*, so now im offering to trade my 4* Charlie for ur maxed Charlie + 4k clints, it is quite reasonable

my 4*Charlie has low exp and i'll put it for sale in the market for 99999999 to prove it, so pm me, i'll reply in a few hours when i get home

3 messages
English scott1337l - subject is closed
Give me your offers then i will chose one
29 messages
English KG_callofduty - last answer from Jay-jay21x, Saturday 24/05/2008, 06:13.
I dont do charity make good offers or trade offers can also pm me
Dacha Macha
Luba x2
Erzsebet x2
Dolores Boss
Ogoun Kyu
Mo DiFalco x2
1 message
Level 5 Kiki for sale 3500+ highest bidder wins..
3 messages
English Locopizza - last answer from Ninja-zero, Saturday 24/05/2008, 03:12.
I will trade my tanvera for them
4 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from Teutonic, Saturday 24/05/2008, 02:52.
Im buying the Bangers i want every card exept from the cr i have lots of valueable cards and and many clintz

many fnx make your offers here tinygerrard12
12 messages
English rohanpatel1984 - last answer from slimfatguy, Saturday 24/05/2008, 02:15.
I have 6 K offer me a card and if i find it to be a good deal then ill take the card. PM me
Friday 23/05/08

3 messages
English Blade Demon - last answer from Blade Demon, Friday 23/05/2008, 22:33.
I'll buy Glorg your price as long as it is a fair price, I do not care the level but I would prefer it to be a lower level.

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