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Friday 18/04/08

3 messages
English DK_Hellz - last answer from OFH_DelBoy Cr, Friday 18/04/2008, 22:01.
Will any one trade me my 0xp cards for your maxed ones. heres of a list what cards i have:

Charlie, Ottavia, Edd, Zatman, Onik, Bodenpower, Fifty, Hattori, Yusuke, Xia Leming, Windy Mor, Kati,Kinjo,Linda,
Hammer, Alexei, Uxoh, Bryan, Buck, Eve, Wolfgang, William, Luis, Timber
1 message
Like i said i am trading my Nahi Cr for value equal or higher value for her
don't spam or give stupid offers
you can pm me if you want i might be more efficent but whichever works
4 messages
English Falvern - last answer from Myztyrio, Friday 18/04/2008, 19:19.
Selling Lamar Cr for 50k..
pm me if interested...
6 messages
English CharlieCat - last answer from Nintendan WMD, Friday 18/04/2008, 17:58.
Be fast the first five to enter tickets are free FIVE places ONLY the winner will recive any of these cards for 50 clintz

Noon Steevens
sorry if the cards are commen and 1 uncommon that is all i have
1 message
I will trade my Kolos for Yaoi and Charlie!
No joke!
The price of the two Pussycats are less than the price of Kolos!
So what do you guys say?
6 messages
English crazymonkey82 - last answer from CharlieCat, Friday 18/04/2008, 09:58.
Hey guys!

well, title says it all...

...pm me with an offer...

9 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from CharlieCat, Friday 18/04/2008, 09:57.
Ashigaru Max
Bridget lvl 3
Vansarr Max
All Star
Hammer max
2 messages
English NvM - last answer from NvM, Friday 18/04/2008, 07:31.
I will Buy Gary from anyone at 0xp
for 200
Send me in private sales Please.
1 message
Kerry 4000c-4500c
1 message
Pm me your offer
7 messages
English X-magnus - last answer from KG_Hibakusha, Friday 18/04/2008, 05:12.
I need
Miken Moose
and 700 clintz
9 messages
English 0- invoker - last answer from KG_Hibakusha, Friday 18/04/2008, 04:26.
Hi !

im selling these cards.

Molly- maxxed
Jeeves- maxxed

post ur offers here...
2 messages
English OC_Frosty - last answer from Capn Clintz, Friday 18/04/2008, 04:11.
Buy Clara for 1k-1.5k
4 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Capn Clintz, Friday 18/04/2008, 02:54.
Trading my Blaaster and B Ball or Selling it for the best offer pm me or post here.

9 messages
English PimpJohn - subject is closed
1 at 3*
1 at 4*
Offers are up to you
1 message
Im trading my maxxed Lulabee for a level 4 Lulabee..PM me if you want.
Thursday 17/04/08

1 message
Buy Clara for 1k-1.5k
PM me if u will sell
2 messages
English KG_Hibakusha - last answer from Milstrum_WP, Thursday 17/04/2008, 22:24.
I'm buying Bodenpower please i'm on budget so please offer lower prices than ones on the market.
2 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from _Mr-I_, Thursday 17/04/2008, 20:29.
Im looking for these cards

Prince Jr


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