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Saturday 03/05/08

2 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from Capo-Raptors, Saturday 03/05/2008, 10:18.
Hi i wanna buy a splata 0xp for around 35k can any1 help?
4 messages
English AC_Swancino - last answer from AC_Swancino, Saturday 03/05/2008, 08:26.
I will buy Timber, Vansaar and Hugo for up 2 650 - 700
3 messages
English CharlieCat - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 03/05/2008, 08:19.
Selling Charlie at maxed level starting bid at 7,400
4 messages
English CharlieCat - last answer from CharlieCat, Saturday 03/05/2008, 08:03.
I am buying Pussycat cards
4 messages
English rapstarz - last answer from rapstarz, Saturday 03/05/2008, 07:41.
I would really like a Kolos any level or kenny any level
2 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from Thizzman, Saturday 03/05/2008, 04:51.
Looking for a 0 exp Fifty and Corrina

will trade my maxed Fifty and Corrina for them
Pm me if interested
3 messages
English beowulf53 - last answer from Blue Zero, Saturday 03/05/2008, 04:43.
Change my name to anything u like for a Denise
1 message
Looking for cards worth of 750 clintz........
Post your offers or Pm me pls.......
Or just directly sell it to me in private...........
If i Don`t like it I`ll refuse..........
3 messages
English McV - last answer from McV, Saturday 03/05/2008, 03:50.
Buying a Timber for 300-400 level 1 and a Zdrone for 400 llevel one as well Pm me please and thanks
6 messages
English ECL-Gearheart - subject is closed
The card i am lookin is lyse tersia cr in the Montana i am willin to trade about 16 cards for it includin a vickie
2 messages
English RHINO94 - last answer from jabboy, Saturday 03/05/2008, 01:55.
Selling or trading Glorg
1 message
Can It Be 5000Clintz OnLi...

Private Sales...
3 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
I have miss chole for sale i also except cards
Friday 02/05/08

2 messages
English RG LoA - subject is closed
I'm selling 2x Charlie 3* for 7200 each. I would be willing to take them to level 4 for the same price before selling. PM me before they sell on the market!
3 messages
English SHDW_CLN - subject is closed
I have 2 Xu52's for sale, I would like to trade both for either Taenerva (Ulu Watu) maxed, or a Nahi (Roots).
1 message
Heres the ones im selling:
Maxxed Ambre (R) for 4,500
Maxxed Bridget (R) for 1,150
Maxxed Eyrik (R) for 15,100

I have plenty of them in stock so buy as many as you want and ill get them to you once i get on
They should be under market price but depending on how the market goes they might not
I'll change prices every now and then to keep up with the ever changing market but knowing the Leader market it will only go up
1 message
Maxed Rosa for sale(1900 clintz)
or For trade for Sakrohm or Freaks

pm me with offers
2 messages
English stalion r2 - last answer from Myztyrio, Friday 02/05/2008, 20:03.
Ive 13k to spend i want to know whats the best deck i can get for my money
2 messages
English chasmflip - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Friday 02/05/2008, 19:39.
Not sure if my last post went through. hoping to trade my Splata Cr for a Lamar Cr
i can add some clintz/ doubles of cards i have
5 messages
English Capo-Raptors - last answer from Capo-Raptors, Friday 02/05/2008, 18:53.
I try… aldebran Cr or Flavio Cr or Lao Cr I offer to 120000 clintz + shadows Cr + Splata Cr + Lamar Cr + Geuner Cr + Cassio Cr

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