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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 19/03/08

2 messages
English brent24 - last answer from J for Jackie, Wednesday 19/03/2008, 10:09.
Buying Kolos 12k send me offer if u have one.
5 messages
English Nintendan WMD - last answer from Capn Clintz, Wednesday 19/03/2008, 04:45.
I am looking for a Buck I will give 5,500 I know this is dumb to ask because hes still new but hoping for some nice person to help me out.
3 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Yes will trade my Jackie for a any level Vickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Bid will close when i see i good offer!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bid starts at 10k
Tuesday 18/03/08

2 messages
English Fatecalling - last answer from Fatecalling, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 23:33.
Anyone have a reasonable price.a bit tired of getting ripped off and yea...could really use her for my deck.Thank you all.
11 messages
English PLAY-FAST PLZ - last answer from AZTK_MISA, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 21:45.
Im selling some cards to build me Nightmare deck

Hattori 6750
Kinjo 2000
Sakazuki 750

Put ur price near the asking price i want
9 messages
English NoGhostUse - last answer from Toxica, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 20:50.
Buying kenny and Kolos both for 35k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 messages
English GoodnightSWEE - last answer from Toxica, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 20:42.
Kerozinn For Kenny? P.M Me!
4 messages
English DTKC - last answer from DTKC, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 18:47.
Please post the card name that you are offering to sell to me also the price
3 messages
English Bahamut WMD - last answer from Capn Clintz, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 17:55.
I guess many of you have this card and since I'm new here I'll be happy to trade thi s and other cards from the following clans: Sakrohm Rescue uppeers
1 message
I trade my Marlysa Cr 0xp for other Marlysa full xp+complement.please,real offers in PM or here
21 messages
English -Falchion- - subject is closed
Only clintz please...thanks

Batch or separate...
3 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from Nintendan WMD, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 15:34.
Im buying jackie prefered at full xp so enyone ho wants sell / trade tell me
10 messages
Română Atryx_ - last answer from Baron Brixius, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 15:08.
I have 1000k to spend !
You will put the cars as a private sale to me and I will decide if I accept or refuse your offer !

I'm interested in :

>>>>>> ... .......................................................................................................... max price ( 1000k )

Flavio Cr NDololo Cr Shawoman Cr Sum Sam Cr Guru Cr General Cr
39 messages
English 0 CHLOE - subject is closed
I met the bid Lyse Teria Cr
Reserve price 7 000 000 clintz
But can exchange with a minimum of 3 000 000 clintz
You have until Monday, January 14th 19 hour
8 messages
English dj_hamster - last answer from dj_hamster, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 13:34.
The title says it all...if u want to trade...post wat card u want to trade for my Methane.....
and if u want to buy it......then leave ur offers!!!!!!!!
happy trading and buying!!!!!!!!!
13 messages
English Joe Dirt - subject is closed
Selling all of these Cr's all are fully maxed, Want ~ market value, will trade ifu want to, want a Tessa Cr.
Diyo Cr
Geuner Cr
Page Cr
Cassio Cr
3 messages
English CB SylentEcho - last answer from CB SylentEcho, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 09:09.
I am tradind my lamar + 2000 clintz....for

skinner + Miranda + copper + Swidz Cr + Miranda cr

check the market ...u r in gain
1 message
Looking for a marco, name price or trade offers.
10 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Slayernator, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 08:04.
B Ball
Erpeto x 4
Emeth x 3
Prince Jr
Na Boh
Colin x 2

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