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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 10/11/07

2 messages
English TnT_MeRm - last answer from XplizitGamer, Saturday 10/11/2007, 22:29.
I have a spare kerozinn that i want to trade for splata plus i will also add 7k

who's interested? just pm me..
4 messages
English UR-JMB - last answer from UR-JMB, Saturday 10/11/2007, 20:00.
Can you Pm me with how much you could sell each to me for
1 message
I want Bobby. i will trade Don for him and maybe even 300 clintz as well
3 messages
English 0 whitefang - last answer from 0 whitefang, Saturday 10/11/2007, 17:19.
Will anyone sell me Larry lvl 1 for 140 gold?
2 messages
English Seriea - last answer from philk, Saturday 10/11/2007, 16:57.
I really want this card and hopefully cheap.
2 messages
English nbktom - last answer from King Hades, Saturday 10/11/2007, 14:54.
Plz does anyone have vickie lvl 5 PM me
1 message
Im looking for
Dragan Cr

and im offering splata geuner and seldnor for it
2 messages
English {GN}DelBosque - last answer from PYROpunk, Saturday 10/11/2007, 05:01.
,, Hey Hey Hey evry one
i'm loking for same tessa !
i have:
-8kerozinn 0xp

send me a pm !! pleaz
Good game
2 messages
English Dagger - last answer from Dagger, Saturday 10/11/2007, 03:19.
B>GraksmxxT for 6000 clintz
1 message
Hello everybody !!!

I'm looking for the famous Lyse Teria )

I can give a Shawoman Cr 0XP and the rest in clintz or smaller Cr.

If somedody is interested, please contact me by private message

Thanks in advance. Have a nice week end !
Friday 09/11/07

3 messages
English trigger4 - last answer from Gus Lee, Friday 09/11/2007, 22:53.
Who wants any of these player

i will mostly like any good Rescue if u would like any pleasee tell me and sure 2 give a rare card 4 both of them
7 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from twrr, Friday 09/11/2007, 20:38.
Read properly....BUYING!! I have only 400+ clz..so anyone wanna trade?
5 messages
English netibuki - last answer from netibuki, Friday 09/11/2007, 17:32.
I just love tradiing. i will like to trade Murphy,Oyoh,Ielena,Tyler and Don for a good card. just tell me.
7 messages
English Jobester WMD - last answer from netibuki, Friday 09/11/2007, 10:03.
Hi, I want to trade for Willy, Graff, Bodenpower, or Wee Lee for cards of similar market worth. I shall pay extra Clintz if required for fair trade

Here are my extra cards:
All Stars: Bhudd (U), Frank (C), Mikki (C), Jenny (C)
Bangers: Kevin (C), Lihoi Chun (C)
Fang Pi Clang: Boris (R)
GHEIST: x2 Brutox (C), Erika (R), Igniss (U), x2 Meyen (C), Vladimir (U), Vryer (C), Z3r0 D34d (U)
Junkz: Flyer (C), Kawan (U), Nobrocybix (C)
La Junta: Winifred (C)
Montana: Angelina (C), Don (U), Gary (C), Mona (U), Pino (C)
Nightmare: Ielena (R), Kenny (R)
Pussycats: Ninja Nyne (C), Noon Steevens (C), Svelthlana (C), Wanda (U)
Roots: Matthew (U), Noodile (C), Tshern (U)
Sakrohm: Thomson (C), x3 Venus (C)
Sentinel: Carlos (C)
Ulu Watu: Coraille (C), Hikiyousan (U), Nanook (U), x3 Warren (C)
Uppers: Maeva (C), Mo DiFalco (C), Rubie (R)

Non evolved
Fang Pi Clang: *2 Xia Leming
Pussycats: Dolores Boss, x2 Gwen
Sentinel: *2 Carlos

Message or reply, thanks!
5 messages
English UrielElOsO - last answer from netibuki, Friday 09/11/2007, 09:58.
I'll trade any of my card for her. I'll name them if you want it.
Right now, I have 151 in Clintz. I'll do anything. Please...
1 message
He's level 2, which is worth about 500 more on the market right now, don't know why, I'll sell him for 1,700 clintz. Send me message or post. His market offers atm are:
lvl 1: 1,350
lvl 2: 2,500 (not counting my card which is there now)
lvl 3: 1,700
Thursday 08/11/07

5 messages
English Mikuljonac - last answer from Wk-daviuss, Thursday 08/11/2007, 23:57.
I need Marina,sell or trade....
1 message
Looking for beneficial investment? Try buying all Sigumund Cr cards on the market and selling them for over 500,000 clintz a piece!!! Talk about doubling profit!!! And people wonder how a guru like me got so much clintz so soon. That's the tip for the week. Peace out people!

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