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Strategy and Tactics: Survivor Mode

Survivor Mode is stressful, you need a very versatile Deck (or a plan B) to survive, especially when you're low on Pillz...
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Wednesday 15/12/10

2 messages
English Stygian Sky - last answer from -Wicer-, Wednesday 15/12/2010, 04:38.

I need help on this deck. I keep getting stuck on survivor 6 with this, and I do not know how to revise this deck in order to achieve a higher streak.
Tuesday 14/12/10

2 messages
English Shakz_95 - last answer from ChaosTheoryUltr, Tuesday 14/12/2010, 06:32.
20:24 Survivor you narrowly escaped from cocoscarav, Live (3-2): Survivor 19
20:20 Survivor you beat Iron Sebo (8-0): Survivor 18
20:16 Survivor you crushed xLuapx (15-0): Survivor 17
20:14 Survivor you drew with shadwmagic, OS INDERROTÀVEIS (1-1): Survivor 16
20:10 Survivor you beat orzelekwdz, Nightmare Warriors (7-0): Survivor 16
20:06 Survivor you crushed Uma-Maxup99, Urban Madness Academy* (13-0): Survivor 15
20:04 Survivor you crushed amiralomega (11-0): Survivor 14
20:01 Survivor you beat (UL)guilherme, Urban Legion (7-0): Survivor 13
19:57 Survivor you won by forfeit against gwadaland (15-1): Survivor 12
19:53 Survivor you narrowly escaped from kaligan (3-0): Survivor 11
19:50 Survivor you crushed tabula-rasa (11-1): Survivor 10
19:44 Survivor you narrowly escaped from Vovchara, MADE IN UKRAINE (3-0): Survivor 9
19:40 Survivor you beat andromede18, dark urban legender (6-0): Survivor 8
19:36 Survivor you crushed rafiziomek, The Phönix-Shadow Clan (14-0): Survivor 7
19:31 Survivor you narrowly escaped from QBR_lollo, Quei Bravi Ragazzi (2-0): Survivor 6
19:28 Survivor you drew with appelsaus (3-3): Survivor 5
19:24 Survivor you crushed amonraES (11-0): Survivor 5
19:21 Survivor you narrowly escaped from Fowl in manor (2-1): Survivor 4
19:17 Survivor you crushed DuckCorp, Legend -R- (10-0): Survivor 3
19:13 Survivor you beat Pam-Titano, Potenza A Mille (5-0): Survivor 2
19:08 Survivor you crushed Shenron32, Ðispersion (12-0): Survivor 1


***uLU WaTu***
Monday 13/12/10

2 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from Shakz_95, Monday 13/12/2010, 23:12.
Saturday 11/12/10

4 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from HoA - Frozen, Saturday 11/12/2010, 13:38.
Ship Wreck!!!!!
Vote green and give suggestions!

Thx mods!
Friday 10/12/10

1 message

Rate up and comment.
Tuesday 07/12/10

2 messages
English MaDaZi - last answer from Lunien, Tuesday 07/12/2010, 01:50.
Does anyone have any good advice for a half-pirana deck?
Saturday 04/12/10

3 messages
English GhiestyNight - last answer from n3w4cc, Saturday 04/12/2010, 20:05.
Can any1 help me with a cheap survivor 2 deck?
Friday 03/12/10

1 message
Heres my new deck, inspired by its predecessor and some good friends Causing Some Waves! V.2
Thursday 02/12/10

4 messages
English xdwarrior - last answer from Population 0, Thursday 02/12/2010, 15:14.
Viewable presets would be great but i'll accept any help
Friday 26/11/10

1 message
I need help on how to use this deck to its full potential so far i got 8 wins on my first try

!!Rescue Hero's!!
6 messages
English TCG_n00b - last answer from _wise_, Friday 26/11/2010, 17:42.
Okay, i think survivor will be infested with Nightmare, im trying to get a Nightmare deck you think that will help fight against them.
half-decks allowed.
btw, does anyone know if t2 survivor is Ambre-infested.
Thursday 25/11/10

Wednesday 24/11/10

1 message
We Will Eat You For Dinner

I think this deck is what you need in survivor. Its packed with heavy hitters, high damage cards, and power manipulation. It doesn't make a sacrifice of efficiency for a damage reducer as Nistarok is the damage reducer and he is very effective as an attacker. It can fight Ambre decks without using Ambre herself. Substitutions can be made if you dont have Vickie Cr.

My record with it so far is 4-1-0

So what are your opinions of the deck?
2 messages
English Fanta Pants - last answer from Rajasimman, Wednesday 24/11/2010, 00:57.
I used this deleted
may have got lucky but i suck at survivour so tell me what u think
Tuesday 23/11/10

5 messages
English Felujera - last answer from suggsie baby, Tuesday 23/11/2010, 00:05.
Ok I made a Nightmare deck consisting of Sargh lelena Estalt Vince orlock nistarock Pan Mawpin C Beast and Ashigaru anything I can do to improve it
Saturday 20/11/10

6 messages
English AFK_CicoMico - last answer from XCRollingStar, Saturday 20/11/2010, 14:54.
With this deck i scored 9 wins most.


Still need to work it out.

And with this deck first time i played i got 10 and then i have made my personal best in survivor 14 .


What do i need to change??
Comment and Rate.
Hope i Helped
Monday 08/11/10

3 messages
English Furyouss - last answer from Ravnod, Monday 08/11/2010, 15:44.
Sunday 31/10/10

2 messages
English Irrelavant - last answer from M-Bison, Sunday 31/10/2010, 06:52.
Sunday 24/10/10

1 message
French Revolution
This got me 11 wins...any comments

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