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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 17/10/07

10 messages
English eire - last answer from eire, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 22:17.
Send me your offers by pm
trade or clintz or both
2 messages
English ff9pro - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 17/10/2007, 07:15.
I know, I'm lame for not knowing how.
But, I started not too long ago, and this is really confusing me.
There isn't any way to do it as far as I can see.
Help please!
Tuesday 16/10/07

3 messages
English Thephenom6 - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 23:18.
I am new to the game and have decided to sell the cards Ive used in the hope of buying some better cards:

Dan Level 3
1 message
Pls sell me cheap cards that are powerful
3 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 07:58.
At the market now! Go check it out! You'll be helping fund my new deck if you decide to purchase my Ambre!
1 message
3 messages
English sicariusdracus - last answer from sicariusdracus, Tuesday 16/10/2007, 05:08.
Looking to get an excellent Ula Watu team, or Pussycats.

I have a fully Evolved Tessa for trade.
1 message
I am buying Ombre Cr for 26500 clintz i will buy more then one for my guild i think i have just enough for 5 ty
Monday 15/10/07

3 messages
English Skimsa - last answer from Skimsa, Monday 15/10/2007, 23:46.
Would like to trade my fully evolved melisa for any level sigmund.
4 messages
English netibuki - last answer from netibuki, Monday 15/10/2007, 18:36.
I collect fang pi clan cards. so anybody willing to sell me any card.
4 messages
English DropDead Ryan - last answer from DropDead Ryan, Monday 15/10/2007, 14:26.
Trading Hugo not maxed dont want it taking just over 1k
3 messages
English Blackbolt - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 15/10/2007, 03:49.
Best offer only
6 messages
English Frankee8 - last answer from leeoliam, Monday 15/10/2007, 02:25.
I need these cards please let me know of a trade we can do for these cards ... Sakazuki, Havok, Lulabee, lelena, cassio, seldnor, swidz, lamar, Wolfgang, jackie, Peeler, GraksmxxT, cloe, kerozin, tessa, Linda and last but not least splata. if you have all of these cards i have a few CR cards i will trade the one of most value for all of these cards or we can make others deals please send me a message and starts the deals and hopefully with your help i can complete my set ...
7 messages
English lil man01 - last answer from spazville, Monday 15/10/2007, 00:44.
Offer plz i really dont need it plz just have a reasonable offer
Sunday 14/10/07

1 message
Willing to pay 2000 for fully evolved
2 messages
Español alexander brz - last answer from alexander brz, Sunday 14/10/2007, 18:16.
I'm searching Kiki Cr or DJ Korr Cr

3 messages
English Diametric - last answer from Diametric, Sunday 14/10/2007, 17:34.
I currently have Dan, at level 2, and Venus, at level 3.
Both of which I would like to either sell or trade.
Hit me up with an offer!
5 messages
English soliuz - last answer from LilKing, Sunday 14/10/2007, 17:16.
Im selling note all theese guys are max out

SkrumxxT: 3900 clintz
TrinmkkT: 600
Phonos: 500

also selling: Bodenpower: 900 clintz Vermyn N: 600 Laetita: 800 Bridget: 3800

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