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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 22/10/06

2 messages
English Morder4Life - subject is closed
Level Max, 1200.
Send me private sale if you want.
Saturday 21/10/06

9 messages
English CitizenHK - subject is closed
2 messages
English Lord Pminator - subject is closed
Just tell me which cards your looking for and i'll get back to you. Thanks.

Lord Pminator.
3 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
Trading maxed Natrang for unleveled William, pm for deal
54 messages
English LHF Dizastor - subject is closed
I need all these cards:
Dorian Tyler Juicy Lord Wanda Ninja Nyne Malmoth Zatman Lost Hog Dieter Platoona Estalt Rebecca Dolores Boss Nanook Don Uranus Windy Mor William Wee Lee No Nam noodile Mojo Vladimir Keanew Morphun Hugo Crystal Armand
if u have one of these card tell me and give me ur msn so we can deal over the price ok?
7 messages
Português EVoZero-9 - subject is closed
Will trade it for credits. just pm.
3 messages
English 0Quickie - subject is closed
The only way to get the code is by texting $5 call( whatever text messenge cost for your phone company). $5 could get you 125 credits, 12 more if you let a sponee friend get it for you. That's 137 credits there. It could easily be over 13700 clintz especially if you pull some rares out the packs with those credits. No same person would give them your code(who actually buy those anyway, 70 creds(by phone) verse 125 creds(Paypal)) by a couple thousand clintz card. Furthermore, no one would trust you to give them their 'real pack' and the promised card back. Do yourself a favor and stop asking.

Other methods to pay:
-Ask your parents, $5 is nothing, you can only buy two 12 packs soda with it
-Ask random stranger at bus stop, train station, diner, grocery store, church to borrow their cellphone because of emergercy. Text it yourself and give them $5 dollar cash back after you are done
-Find a job with min. wage and work min. hour, get yourself a cellphone or credit car
5 messages
Română kv NIVROTH - subject is closed
Look. i'm from romania. here isn't enabled the buying credits via SMS system. i have a friend in poland. if he sends an SMS and receives the code, and then he tells me the code and iI WILL USE HIS CODE to buy credits, WILL IT WORK? (i mean if the sms is sent from poland and the code used from romania). another problem is: will that UNLOCK me so that i'll can sell cards on the market? THANX A LOT. best wishes to you.
4 messages
English RDHD - subject is closed
I have a Jackie rare, Fifty uncommon and a Methane rare for sale or trade. if anyone interested in any of them let me know
Friday 20/10/06

4 messages
English 0Rovvy - subject is closed
Offer 2000-2500 clintz
1 message
English Slayer357 - subject is closed
Buying Wanda of Pussy Cats for a cheap price please.
Thursday 19/10/06

1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I'll buy Manon for 100000
4 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
Ill buy if its cheap ill trade if it isnt please
Wednesday 18/10/06

2 messages
English incubus_ - subject is closed
Why do people selling collector cards max them first? I'm in a position to start buying them to complete my collection, but I want to buy them at basic level so I can level them myself.
5 messages
English FW-CLASHER - subject is closed
Anyone want to trade or buy a Venus
2 messages
English Winston - subject is closed
I want to trade one Bridget (Level II - Leader). I'm waiting for your offers..
Tuesday 17/10/06

6 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
Two (2) Zdrones, maxed
two (2) Natrangs, maxed
one (1) Ielena (R), maxed
one (1) Striker (U), maxed

1 message
English Maxim_PZUR - subject is closed
Ill buy copper, send me a message if u have one.
8 messages
English 1 Viktor 1 - subject is closed
Hey dude the thing u asked for......
i can do it.....
i am not able to mail u.....
there is some problem....
so posted it here...
i hope u see this...
i dont have rare cards.... but i can give u many uncommons though..
pls help me thru thissss..
5 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Macumba i have 1600 clintz right now.
Anyone have her.

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