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Monday 11/12/06

63 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
Lamar, Striker, Natrang, Methane, 2x Ambrose, Dwain, Globumm, Dragan, 2x Skullface, 2x Zdrone

buy them while they last!!! clintz or certain cards*
trades will be based off of power/damage rating, not market value, which is crazy
note if u can't sell don't block up the thread with trade attmepts, CHECK IT BEFORE YOU POST

*Dan, Lewis, Alexei, Eyrton, Thaumaturge, Ombre
3 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
Katsuhkay max 300
Mini Mosu max 200
Mort Bax max 600
Melluzine max 450
2 messages
Deutsch Mich425 - subject is closed
I'll trade Marlysa and burtox full max and 1000 clintz
for vickie
1 message
English popo_26 - subject is closed
Arkadaslar markete kart satmayi bilmiyorum, bana yardim edebilecek biri var mi? Simdiden cok tesekkurler
8 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
yo i need a lost hog i have 750clints and a Mort Bax to trade lol
1 message
Română KVBraker23 - subject is closed
I think the subject is pretty clear
17 messages
Română KV Celdin - subject is closed
Trading maxed GraksmxxT and Venus for vickie, any takers?
3 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Post prices here if u are selling one
5 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
Tanaereva lvl 4 almost lvl 5
Wee Lee lvl 2
i can sell or trade so make an offer thats decent
Sunday 10/12/06

6 messages
Deutsch Mich425 - subject is closed
Dieter 2 stars and
Cell 2 stars
You can buy them on the market or from mee
1 message
English 0- JP - subject is closed
Please tell me the MINIMUM prices that they go for in the market so i would know how to budget my expenses and enjoy the game more, thanks everyone!
am i right with my calculations?

Otakool ~ 3000
Keanew ~ 700
Flyer ~ 500
7 messages
English FW-CLASHER - subject is closed
Anyone got some spare GHEIST cards
1 message
English The Unkown - subject is closed
For 160 clintz or less.
11 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Oh well as time goes on i think cards go pricing up!
buying Phonos, reine, Timber, Bridget
just make offers here
if u can make cheap pls make cheap im really poor
3 messages
English cavaliere65 - subject is closed
Platoona 2° liv 800 clintz
Mini Mosu 2 liv 200 clintz
Xia Leming full 2700 clintz
Aurelia full 1000 clintz
Rebecca 300 clintz
Zatman full 4500 clintz
Contact me
8 messages
English Unknown Entity - subject is closed
I have 2 Methane, 3 Mitch, and 3 Zlatar, all are fully evolved and I am looking to trade for Montana's and Ulu Watu's, but if you have any other offer, well let me know...Thanks
Saturday 09/12/06

2 messages
English Henry9111 - subject is closed
Will someone please sell me Rebecca for cheap im saving up 4 lamar
2 messages
English Mukami - subject is closed
IM seling Macumba for 5750 she is on public market
Friday 08/12/06

16 messages
English Frank Sinatra - subject is closed
Im looking to sell some of my characters please feel free 2 make some offers
7 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I would like to buy all unevolved cards - Nina, Gheistling, Laetitia and Jenny.
i'll pay 20000, package price, meaning 20 000 clintz for all 4 cards together. any takers

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