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Sunday 08/04/07

1 message
English blanow - subject is closed
I have a Dragan Cr and a Reine Cr I want to trade them for vickie and Gaia or trade for vickie Gertrud
Armand and Copper .If anyone accept this deal,plz give me a message thx
Saturday 07/04/07

6 messages
English 0- Gelo24 PI - subject is closed
Buying Methane, if you have an offer, please just offer it straight up in private sale, thanks
5 messages
English SupernovaHD - subject is closed
Its mad i got a XU52 a miss twice card a few nightmares and a few sentinels ermm a few gheists and sum All Stars am reli lucky to get all them from 200 credits lol
1 message
English Deszus - subject is closed
Buying Sigmund Cr for 45000 clintz.

Someone selling ?
1 message
English Deszus - subject is closed
Buying Sigmung Cr for 45.000 clintz
21 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - subject is closed
2 messages
Português lord-kiuby - subject is closed
Sale for me kenny by 1921 clintz please?
3 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
I am selling a 2 star morphum make your own offers ^____^
Friday 06/04/07

1 message
English AOD Teh0n3 - subject is closed
Hey people i'm selling Hugo fully maxed for about 9 k
2 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Im buying vickie and Perle
5 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Selling 2 star kate for only 200 clints if you want to buy it message me
7 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
Hi, i have a Graff and i'm looking to trade it for a Vickie.
You can contact me if you'd like
2 messages
Česky Long Island - subject is closed
I have A award, Jim and Samantha and 2,5k, i want to chnage this all for XU52
16 messages
English blanow - subject is closed
There are some cards I need and also some I have double.
Please coming and see if you can help me and what I can do for you

LIST of what I need
Baby Q

LIST of what I have double now
SkrumxxT(maxed) and (min)
lost hog(min)
Juicy Lord
Wee Lee(maxed)and(min)

Perhaps I havn't enough equal cards to trade what I need but you can make your request and I will try to work it.
Zhe list update anytime
Thursday 05/04/07

3 messages
English Shurtugal - subject is closed
Selling Sandy lvl 2 (max). Min 500 Clintz, state offer.
8 messages
English Buddyboy - subject is closed
Titlesays it all
6 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Selling lono borsa if you want to buy it measage me
1 message
English nbktom - subject is closed
Plz plz plz i need cheap Montana things
5 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
(2) Morphun 1-max 1-level4
(1) Bridget max
please make REASONABLE offers here
also, i have a Ratanah max on the market if anyone wants her

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