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Thursday 09/04/09

139 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Recent months have been challenging for the Fang Pi Clang proving it difficult to keep up against its rivals. Now, however, with Sung Tsu and Chan's appearances, the clan is regaining strength and once more ready to go into attack.
Meanwhile, mindful of the increasing competition, the Piranas send two new recruits into the battle: Greesh and Sliman.
Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Action, and Danger packs.
Saturday 04/04/09

40 messages
English Vanter - subject is closed
I’m proud to announce our latest and greatest moderator to join the UR community, Cel Mostarda. Cel hails from Brazil and is fluently in both English and Portuguese. So please feel free to bug him with all your UR-related questions.

Join me in welcoming our new Mod!

And Don’t forget:
1. Asking us won't do you any good, you don't come to us and ask to be a Mod. We will come to you.
2. No - you will not become a Mod by saying you are nice and full of spice.
3. There is no set criterion.
4. There are no benefits in being a Mod: you will work for free, and you won't get inside info regarding anything.
69 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
Well everyone, it's been a fun year and a half serving as the American Admin. But I always knew this isn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I've gotten an opportunity to pursue my writing career and it's simply going to leave me too busy to help handle things around here.

I can't say what I'll be doing as I'm under an NDA, but when my project is done, I'll be a published writer. Which has always been my dream. It might not be in the exact way I wanted it, but I can write novels later.

I will be staying on as a moderator, but I won't be as active as I'll be devoting my time to other projects.

I have really enjoyed my time here working and playing UR with you all. Time permitting I'll pop back in for a DT or a few games of ELO here and there. I leave as of March 31st.

I wish you all the best of luck, I will miss you. I of course cannot pass on the mantle of perfection, because well, no one is perfect like me. I am also keeping my owl. It's my owl. It's still watching you. And it's not creepy like some certain money stacks in a commercial.

*hugs everyone tight* (which will probably take me the entire last week)

Tuesday 31/03/09

58 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Join Hawkins in his first real adventure searching for hidden treasure in the heart of Clint City. Click here to enjoy the comic’s first episode.
Saturday 28/03/09

78 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
The Bangers are getting organized. While Bennie bolsters the clan’s coffers with his home-made T-shirts, Shann is broadening their horizons as she takes things up a notch or two. Meanwhile La Junta can rely on some quality reinforcements to launch their latest offensive. With Dacote and Naginata on their side, these soldiers really mean business!
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Thursday 26/03/09

15 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
The Rescue mission designed by Team B is not going according to plan. Havok and Chloe fall into Zlatar's hands as the GHEIST is on the verge of showing up. Will our heroes be capable of reversing the course of things and bring Copper back home? Find out by reading this new episode of the Sentinel Stories.
Monday 23/03/09

21 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hi everyone,

To get the week end started nicely, we just added a new "ELO Hall of Fame". The HoF list the very best scores achieved by ELO players, with theirs names and the date of the performance.

Unfortunatly, we couldn't retrieve the previous scores so we only have one week of datas as of now.

Sorry about that...

The page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rankings/elo/hof.php

Btw, we also merged the "ELO tournaments" and "ELO rankings" of the top menu into a single entry "ELO", there are now links on each section to go to the others ELO sections.

Saturday 21/03/09

55 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to let you know about some recents fixs:

- if an event manager forfeit a player, it should works flawlessly from now on.
- in "game" and "closed" mode, the event manager can hide the tools panel (for lisibility)
- in event, long description are now display with a scrollable zone (for lisibility).
- when a friend create an event or a preset, you now also get the short description in your friends feed.
- you now have the option to allow kate to send you messages, even if you refuse privates messages in general. (ON by default)

Also, some of you may be aware that Urban Rivals is coming to iPhone and iPod Touch!
It's gonna be a free download on the AppStore, and of course, you'll be able to use your existing account on the web AND the iphone/ipod.

Exclusively, for the curious, here is a sneak peak:

And if you already got one of thoses and are interrested in testing the beta version of the game, please let us know (thru customers support, mail support-en@urban-rivals.com). I cannot promess access to everyone, but I'll allow at least 5-10 players to go into our beta program.

More to come about that and others stuffs


Thursday 19/03/09

123 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all !

Two old hands have just announced they’re leaving the city’s streets to take a well-earned retirement. They are Chikko from the Bangers and the fearsome Vickie from the Montana.
From November 3rd 2008, these characters will no longer be available in the Shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal.

Be careful, sales for these characters have been locked on the Market until next Wednesday. So you'll be able to sell or buy them on Wednesday 10/29/2008.
Wednesday 18/03/09

32 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Good news! The game has just gone even more international. Urban Rivals is now also available in Portuguese. Just click on the Portuguese flag on the home page.
Bom jogo a todos!
269 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
A mysterious meteorite has crash landed right in the middle of the Zoo causing the animals' DNA to change and sending the delicate balance of the city's clans into disarray. United under the flag of the Jungo clan, the old Zoo inmates are determined to keep hold of their new found freedom and won't hesitate to get nasty should the need arise. Elea, Odile, Kreen, Scopica, Jalil and Chill are the first Jungos to set foot on the city’s streets and they certainly won’t be the last.
Find these characters in the shop’s New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.
Friday 13/03/09

50 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
A security wave is sweeping through the city: everywhere new Sentinel, Dayton and Coby go, criminals flee or take cover, and those who try to resist are on a fast track to the hospital. But the Montana aren’t that bothered, quite the opposite in fact. With the arrival of Enzo and Filomena, the clan seems stronger than ever.
Get these characters in the shop’s Action, Danger and New Blood packs.
50 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all !

A new moderator we have.
Lets welcome Yoda_LoA
Our little green friend is now ready to answer to all your questions but don't torture him right now with "how to become a mod". I remind you that the best way to never be a moderator is to ask to be one

May the Force be with you Yoda
Welcome aboard !
Thursday 12/03/09

20 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
For the final attack the B team are headed for Zlatar’s secret base. What surprises will the scheming Uppers have in store for them?
Find out in the latest episode of the Sentinel Stories.
Tuesday 10/03/09

74 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
The Montana are never as dangerous as when you take your mind off them. While everyone was focused on the Jungo, the Montana were hard at it behind the scenes and now they’re back and stronger than ever thanks to the arrival of new recruits, Spiaghi and Fabio. Meanwhile the Roots, staying cool, calm and collected, welcome two new arrivals to their ranks: Amanie and Jerry.
Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Cool Attitude and Danger packs.
14 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Hello all,

We have a technical problem due to an anomaly on one of our servers.
We are working on it to fix this problem as soon as possible.
Don't hesitate to contact the support here : support-en@urban-rivals.com
Friday 27/02/09

49 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
First pirates and now animals… Seeing that the situation in town is starting to get out of hand, the Uppers return to center stage and get ready to make themselves heard. In order to do that, they can now rely on the help of new recruits, Wendel and Oxen. Rather more discreet but just as effective, the Pussycats welcome two new arrivals to their ranks - Effie and Jeyn.
Get these characters in the Action, Danger Packs and New Blood packs.
Friday 20/02/09

89 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Who’s behind the Ninja robots kidnapping the best fighters in town? To find out, Havok and Linda join forces with Blaaster, Uranus, Shakra, Svelthlana and Maciej. Team B is complete and the time for revenge is upon us.
Click here to catch up now on the latest episode in the Sentinel Stories.
Tuesday 17/02/09

75 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Merry Christmas
The Urban Rivals team wishes you a very merry Christmas. If you registered before midnight on December 24th, click here to receive your free character.
This character is also now available in the New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.
Happy holidays to you all and see you next year
Friday 13/02/09

107 messages
English Euzebe - subject is closed
Now that the Jungo are comfortably settled in the city and making the most of their new found freedom, the other clans are gradually sorting themselves out. The first to react are the Rescue clan with the arrival of the very glutinous Glosh and the ultra effective Joana, closely followed by the Ulu Watu who can now count on explosive Lucia and the very eccentric Taigo.
Get these characters in the New Blood, Action, Action and Cool Attitude packs.

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