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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Tuesday 27/09/11

3 messages
Česky AoEM_Sakal - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 27/09/2011, 16:25.
DT rescue [budget]

What do you think about it? It's designed for new players to help them make some money in daily tournaments. You played in this tournament and ranked 56th/4588. (434 Clintz + 1 Credit.) I know 56th. place isn't the best, but still for deck under 3k clintz it's good place.
Monday 26/09/11

5 messages
English LoA Reaper - last answer from LoA Reaper, Monday 26/09/2011, 18:59.

plz comment on how to improve, + i know i can do better then Archibald, but don't have the Clintz
Friday 23/09/11

1 message
English Kracie - subject is closed
I'm a newbie to Urban Rivals and ELO games but well there's one huge problem I have right now, the Piranas. I can't deal with them!

I don't have a bunch of cards yet and I am mainly collecting Sentinels, which is a huge problem because of the SOB. I have enough cards to run mediocre Fang Pi Clang, La Junta, Pussycats, and Montana hybrids.

I can't handle the mind games against them. One mistake and I immediately know that the next rounds are going to suck! So many of them have +/- pills for winning AND losing! I also get poisoned a lot if I lose the fight. Then it reaches the point where they have so many more pills than me or that my life is so low that they can anyone from their side can kill me.
Thursday 22/09/11

9 messages
English timosai - last answer from JustGodlike, Thursday 22/09/2011, 13:55.

The golden preset:

Before I start explaining the rest, and to quell any doubts, check out this link that shows my 11 star Piranas hand beating a 19 star hand that has both Guru Cr AND Vickie Cr but more importantly earning 28pts from the fight (double what I would have won with equal star count) :

Playstyle tips will come if questioned.

You can optionally take Trey out, but sometimes I like to leave him in. He's good against dr's and for bluffing (everyone always thinks he will 5 pill)

This preset has won the T2 daily tournament and placed top 10 multiple times, and placed top 25 countless times.
It is all based on pill manipulation, and you should play it as such. Never start the fight intending to knock someone out. Getting a KO is just a bonus.
Sunday 18/09/11

6 messages
English LoA Reaper - last answer from 0 Pride, Sunday 18/09/2011, 04:58.
I am looking to build a Half-Half T1 Deck.

The first half of my deck is Sakrohm. the second half i don't know, that is what i need help with.

and the two card that much be in my deck are Uranus and GraksmxxT.

The other six card i need help with. I am looking for a deck that work great with Sakrohm.

What i mostly asking for is what deck work best with Sakrohm. and if you can give me the name of the other six card that would be great, but it is not needed, all i am after is what is the other Half that work great with Sakrohm.

Thank for your time
Saturday 17/09/11

2 messages
English UM_AaaBattery - last answer from NewHuy, Saturday 17/09/2011, 17:59.
I did really well in the last tornament with this deck: Really good tornament T2 deck..
6 messages
English givemenow24 - last answer from AmberRed1994, Saturday 17/09/2011, 08:02.
It's happened a few times now.

in Survivor Mode 2. most of the time I let my opponent win against 1 of my cards which has an ability of defeat -3 life

then I have 12 pills left to annihilate them with any of my other cards.

what happens is this....I still loose...even though most of the time I don't use fury...so all my attack goes into the power.

yet I still loose.....been happening yesterday and today. can some1 please clarify.....how can I win....cause clearly having more attack points and pills isn't helping
Thursday 15/09/11

5 messages
English RowXs - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 15/09/2011, 13:58.
Hey guys is it possible to have 2 Rubie or 2 Oxen in DT T1 match? or is it elo based?
Monday 12/09/11

9 messages
English Zero-Alucard - last answer from Zero-Alucard, Monday 12/09/2011, 17:54.
Just got Blaaster in a pack was wondering if its better to sell it and buy Rescue cards such as Marco and Hax or to continue to save up and buy the remaining Bangers? Basically which clan is better Already got most of Nightmare, Pirana, Sentinel, Sakhrom, Roots, Junkz, La Junta, Pussycats, and Montana, so just between Bangers and Rescue what clan should I go with
9 messages
English sebbe1982 - last answer from iGraff, Monday 12/09/2011, 04:26.
Hi, I have just started playing this game, and I love it alot.

Right now I am playing this deck:
(soon lvl 12).
However, I want to start building my DT deck right now, so it is playable when I reach proper level.

Is there a competable deck out there that uses any of those cards, or should I start fresh, building from scratch?
I´ve heard alot about those Hugo decks as DT - budget decks. Should I aim to build one of those instead?

Thanks in advance for answeres!
Sunday 11/09/11

6 messages
English UM_AaaBattery - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 11/09/2011, 11:41.
This deck got me 109th in the last tornament. (it isn't the best deck if your trying to get 1st but if you only want to be in the top 150 of the tournament (for a chance to get the Kolos figure lol) then its really good.

12:01 ..you crushed Yram1, Magic Urban (12-2) – your wins: 13 points and 5 Clintz
11:56 ..you beat klold, Dragões Imortais (8-2) – your wins: 16 points and 5 Clintz
11:53 ..you crushed 88baris88 (12-0) – your wins: 11 points and 9 Clintz
11:51 ..you almost won against ivan_93, Rekejo City (4-7) – your wins: 8 points and 2 Clintz
11:46 ..you crushed BlackRider94 (12-0) – your wins: 9 points and 9 Clintz
11:44 ..you crushed Piruzzo (12-0) – your wins: 15 points and 9 Clintz
11:42 ..you were annihilated by Don Didam (0-10) – your wins: 7 points and 2 Clintz
11:39 ..you crushed His Airness, No RuLeS United (12-0) – your wins: 17 points and 9 Clintz
11:36 ..you crushed twindemon (10-0) – your wins: 11 points and 9 Clintz
11:35 ..you lost against - 0 Orm -, La Clint Eastwood (0-4) – your wins: 4 points and 2 Clintz
11:30 ..you lost against DI-Chouss, DRAGONES IBEROS (0-7) – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
11:28 ..you were annihilated by -Sat- (1-11) – your wins: 7 points and 2 Clintz
11:23 ..you drew with -rayoxl-, Los MΣŦΣØЯIŦØS (6-6) – your wins: 13 points and 3 Clintz
11:20 ..you almost won against jacopo97XD, super gild (4-5) – your wins: 12 points and 2 Clintz
11:13 ..you beat alvarokonk, The UR Stars (6-0) – your wins: 10 points and 7 Clintz
11:10 ..you crushed raulberti, CG Generación Ganadora (11-1) – your wins: 21 points and 5 Clintz
11:06 ..you narrowly escaped from MolkSensei (5-3) – your wins: 13 points and 5 Clintz
11:01 ..you won by forfeit against WAILWWE (11-12) – your wins: 5 points and 5 Clintz
11:00 ..you narrowly escaped from CMO_Tchibo, Descent of Angels (3-1) – your wins: 15 points and 5 Clintz
Thursday 08/09/11

6 messages
English Skeith931 - last answer from Theqwertyosc, Thursday 08/09/2011, 21:21.
Wayne Stark
Do you guys think this is a good deck?
6 messages
English sunbunman - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 08/09/2011, 12:46.

wanted 2 try this after i got completely demolished trying 2 play monocats
Wednesday 07/09/11

4 messages
English villafan7 - last answer from NewHuy, Wednesday 07/09/2011, 03:37.
Hi folks,

I started playing a few days ago and am looking for advice on building a new deck for tournaments and/or ELO. I have finished in the top 100 of DT a few times and have played with GHEIST, NM, Montana and Sentinels, but never been completely happy. I have around 60k to spend and all suggestions and advice are most welcome.

13 messages
English realSwaggers - last answer from NewHuy, Wednesday 07/09/2011, 03:34.
By the time I won my first match, which I started as soon as the tourny was live, first place already had triple my points.

How am I supposed to compete?

I think it would be a nice change to make it your top X number of scores during the Tournament. If you can get more games in, then great it will help you score.

As it is, I could go 100% victories and I don't think I'd get a top 100 score.
Monday 05/09/11

2 messages
Română weirdgus - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Monday 05/09/2011, 16:57.

I only started playing UR a few days ago and for some reason decided to focus towards amassing a mono Rescue deck. Below is what my budget has allowed me to buy so far, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on what to improve/change in my deck. I'm planning on somehow adding Steve, Aurora, Hax or Kerry to the deck in the near future, however I have no idea who they could replace


Any help would be most welcomed!
Sunday 04/09/11

2 messages
English sunbunman - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 04/09/2011, 12:21.
New concept cats as main this time

2 messages
English sunbunman - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 04/09/2011, 12:19.
3 messages
English Ocelot_ - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 04/09/2011, 12:17.
Currently I am running:Hawk Coby Jackson Melvin Martha Tobbie Lehane and Rick.

I know I know You are supposed to run 22*-23* in a DT deck but I just can't find a way to minimize The deck down 2*-3* stars.
P.S I usually finish In the Top 100. My last two were 67th and 89th (Both in which I started 10min's late.
2 messages
English dylandare - last answer from NewHuy, Sunday 04/09/2011, 11:57.
How's my deck?


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