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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Monday 04/07/11

2 messages
English Myth_Spaurx - subject is closed
Hey everyone, um I was wondering if anyone could help me make a tourney for my guild. I would make it myself if I could, but I am not level 40 yet. So i need some help to create the event.

The tournament is basically to determine who is the strongest players in the guild and to decide who will become the admins.

If anyone would be willing to create the event for me, it would be much appreciated. I am still in the process of planning it and stuff so it won't be for a little while, but I am finding the person a bit early to save me the trouble later.

Thanks, Spaurx
Saturday 02/07/11

16 messages
English _Skrillex_ - last answer from Cypherax, Saturday 02/07/2011, 00:35.
I mainly main Recuse and Fang Pi Clang....I lose most of the time to friggin nightmares
Stupid SoB and Kolos.....no way for me to win. Please share tactics on how to beat these stupid Nightmare poop heads
Friday 01/07/11

9 messages
English fyuga - last answer from Duqtor, Friday 01/07/2011, 13:13.
Been using Freaks+Roots deck...
Damage reduction decks seems more effective than all-out attack deck..
Can't seem to surpass 200bp on dailies..

Was wondering should i switch to Piranha+Nightmare deck
1) they have 2 poison cards per clan
2) too many attack manipulators out there
Thursday 30/06/11

16 messages
English Jack Noir - last answer from sythalia, Thursday 30/06/2011, 14:07.
One of the few things i've noticed over my urban rival gaming is that you get alot farther in the ranks, when people don't make you wait awhile, inwhich your oppnents can easily do alot of games in. Personally If its in Tournaments the timer should be shorter.
Tuesday 28/06/11

11 messages
English Graboid - last answer from Cagliostro13, Tuesday 28/06/2011, 14:09.
Ive been playing UR for some time now~ i have an average cardpool. (only a Robb Cr ) and i never won any tournament yet. i do believe in my skills... , so i was wondering... can anyone provide me with DT T1 winning decks~ thx in advance~
Sunday 26/06/11

16 messages
English SaVtAsAvTa - last answer from SaVtAsAvTa, Sunday 26/06/2011, 08:41.
I need good deck for elo and T1 with Skeelz or ulu
12 messages
English fyuga - last answer from fyuga, Sunday 26/06/2011, 03:50.
Lemme get this straight for courage:

When played first in the round, Frida's Power is increased by 3.
If Frida is played second in the round, their Power is equal to the amount shown on the card.

Courage only works went you play Frida on MY first round right?
5% of the time, i'm seing Courage working on MY second round..( which is the 3rd or 4th round in the battle)

im sure its courage and not confidence..

Any clues peeps...
Saturday 25/06/11

2 messages
English 0 Braxter - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Saturday 25/06/2011, 12:22.
Friday 24/06/11

3 messages
English {UE} Farticus - last answer from microdot, Friday 24/06/2011, 17:13.
I'm currently participating in this event:

Four times mow the end date has come and the creator keeps changing the end date. It seems wrong to me, but is that allowable? It's just really frustrating and I'm not sure what to do about it.
Tuesday 21/06/11

2 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 21/06/2011, 11:33.
Never thought of using Ambre+ Jackie after the -2 points per elo ban came in, then used this deck and came first....mono Uppers with Ambre, how original.


Friday 17/06/11

7 messages
English Netii95 - last answer from Boo Boo 84, Friday 17/06/2011, 08:38.
Im Looking a Good Deck for Elo if anyone will help me plz im kinda a newb

Im Thinking About Nightmare And All Star Idk know really

Now i have Nightmare : Azgroth Eadh Estalt Ghumbo Glorg Hel Lelena Kenny Nistarok Oshitsune Vince - these are my Nightmare cards

All Star Cards : Dallas El Gringo Essie Hammer Harrow Ld Jessie Kang Loma Noju Marina Oyoh And Striker

I have Some good Vortex And Bangers to

If anyone would help me make an elo deck with these plz :S i dont have much clintz so plz dont tell me to buy Cr cuz i cant afford em
Wednesday 15/06/11

3 messages
English XxMagicianxX - last answer from jambola2, Wednesday 15/06/2011, 13:55.
When I used to level up, I would automatically go to full XP. Now when I level-up, I stay at the XP I was at before. Did anyone else notice this / was this announced somewhere that I missed? thx
6 messages
English greenhornet34 - last answer from jambola2, Wednesday 15/06/2011, 13:54.
In my deck are La Junta uluwatu a couple Rescue and some Fang Pi Clang meaning when it comes to a whole Rescue deck I get creamed I need help and dont say but more Rescue because I haven'[t gained clints like that
11 messages
English nnjabanditpig - last answer from Mr Intelijent, Wednesday 15/06/2011, 09:36.
I was just wondering how people get to 400 plus points. my max is 378 but that was with a little luck as well.
i've got an Uppers deck. it has jackie and all that in it so i'm not short of money. I was just wondering if there are any other decks that are easy to use to place high in dt's. I've tried tiny cuts before but don't seem to be too good with them so I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and reccomend a deck.

Tuesday 14/06/11

2 messages
English Medivh - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 14/06/2011, 11:41.
Freaks DT, now possible.

Results in the comments section, see for yourself.
Sunday 12/06/11

2 messages
English DragoRoyal - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 12/06/2011, 19:31.
400+ points Rate and Comment Booming Sports

Thanks Mod
13 messages
Deutsch Scder - last answer from SpongeBobber, Sunday 12/06/2011, 09:25.
I am still rather new to the game and would really like some comments on the deck I am currently using for T1 Tourneys and Deathmatch. Aim of the deck is to speed games up - even if that means slightly lower winning percentages. I got a budget of ca. 15.000 clintz which I could spend on improvements, in case anyone got a useful suggestion. Really expensive cards are our of reach, though.

Fang Pi:
Chan, Kinjo, Lost Hog and Sakazuki

Drummond, Gus, Lola, Melanie
Saturday 11/06/11

4 messages
English XCRollingStar - last answer from HoA-Predator, Saturday 11/06/2011, 17:29.
5 DT WON || RollingStar
1st XCRollingStar from guild E X C A L I B U R with 395 battle points won 3 212 Clintz + 1 Credit

I tried this deck with Oscar at first, I did like it but replacing Oscar with Milovan helps allot in playing tournement games faster (enables you to do more 2HKO) If you do not have a Vickie Cr I suggest you use a Avola.

Please rate and comment
5 messages
English Salim.Ali - last answer from {UE}Chuks96, Saturday 11/06/2011, 01:03.
How do you score more points in tournaments?
Thursday 09/06/11

8 messages
English Dark_Altair - last answer from Shook 0nes, Thursday 09/06/2011, 05:20.
Without Jackie Cr please

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