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Sunday 09/09/07

22 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Allopass payment is available in several new countries.
Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Lithuania can all buy credits via Allopass at the shop.

Have fun
Saturday 01/09/07

123 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

As you know, we make modifications regularly in order to make the game better for everyone.
So, as of Monday, the daily tournaments will change:

New formats:

2 (perhaps 3) new formats will appear with the following rules: no doubles, not more than X stars, and not less than X stars.
It is much less restrictive than ELO mode, but still ensures certain balances exist between players Decks.

Addition of special rooms:

New special tournament rooms will be created for each of the new formats (not required for players of very low and high level). These rooms will be available at all times but matches will count towards tournaments only when a tournament is in progress (like the current system).

Withdrawal of the other rooms from the tournaments:

The matches in the other rooms will not count towards tournaments (even when a tournament is in progress). This is so that everyone plays under identical conditions during the tournaments.

- Lowering of level up bonus during the tournaments:

These changes are being made so that tournaments are played in a “combative” spirit and the rules of Urban are not twisted, giving an advantage too strong on certain types of “way of playing”. The bonus for leveling up a character during the tournaments will be reduced from 5 points per level at 2 points. This isn't meant as a punishment for people who played with certain styles.

Have fun!
Wednesday 29/08/07

10 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everybody,

Starting now, you don't have to say "I want to play ELO" anymore.
As long as your Deck is valid for ELO, you will be shown as an ELO player in the ELO room.
And if you go to a "normal" room (let's say Fight Type 1), you'll be shown as a normal player, even if you are using your ELO deck (wich is also compatible with Type 1 format).

Monday 27/08/07

37 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Nightmare return to haunt Clint City with Nistarok the dangerous 3 headed dog and Hel, guardian of dead. There's always action at All Stars who bring in two new recruits: Oyoh triple judo champion of the world and Ashley the mysterious the pom pom girl. La Junta prepares for war with the two brothers Uxoh the bomber and Burger the bomb disposal expert. All these characters are available now in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs at the Shop.
Wednesday 22/08/07

11 messages
English StormWhisper - subject is closed
There is someone running about posing as me asking for passwords. DO NOT Under any circumstances give him your password. I nor any other real member of the UR staff would ask for your password.

If you receive a message from anyone posing as a moderator, and they ask for your password, notify me or another Moderator/Admin immediately and we well take care of the individual. Please don't delete the message from your inbox as we can use that as evidence.

While the person posing as me has been stopped for the time being, if you receive a message from Storm Wind Evo that is NOT me. As I said before, I would not ask you for your password and do NOT give this person your password.

Friday 17/08/07

26 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

In order to prevent any problems of ELO matchs a the very end of the tournament period. From now on, any ELO matchs that ends between 0h-4h am on monday will not be accounted for ELO.

Enjoy your week end!
Monday 06/08/07

16 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Based on your comments, a few modifications have been made to the rooms:

- Dark Corners East max level has been reduced so more players will be in the Dark Corners West
- Danger Zone Pro has been removed, Danger Zone has no more max level. (there is really not enough players interrested in playing without random).
- 2 rooms are totally and exclusively dedicated for ELO: ELO Battles & ELO Battles (non random). No max level. Only for ELO players.

Hope you like the changes.
Sunday 05/08/07

24 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Clint City ignites with the arrivals of Mona the incredible art thief and Murphy the new bouncer of Borgia' s Palace who makes a remarkable rise within Montana. In their corner Roots are back in the fight thanks to Tshern the radioactive peasant and Miken Moose armed with his camera. The Freaks circus also has two new recruits: Soushee the panda and the great magician Ironfield.
27 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
In order to improve the fair play-ness (if that's a word) in the daily tournaments, from now on:
during daily tournaments and only in "ranked" rooms, the players list will completly hide the player details (nickname, country, guild, stars, rank, level) so it would be near impossible for cheaters to setup free wins with guild members, and also to challenge only low levels players.
Saturday 04/08/07

43 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We are going ZERO-tolerance on using organized play in tournaments.
From now on, any player suspected of using his guild to rank, or "free win", moderators will reset his tournament score to 0.
If doing it again, blacklist, then again, forever block.

Thursday 02/08/07

24 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

We've added more rooms to spread the load on more servers.
We also added more play options accessible more early based on your comments (for example: a non-random room at level 10).
We had to change the User Interface to be able to list all thoses rooms and the rooms to come

Wednesday 01/08/07

34 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Junkz have two recruits with an intergalactic reputation: Tessa the schoolgirl with two lives and her silent but frightening mate Swidz. After an intense period, Freaks seem to be calming a little but nevertheless you should keep watching for Diyo the spectacular acrobat who came to join them. Cassio, the former best friend of Tessa, has found refuge with the Pussycats. Find all these characters in the New Blood, Action and Cool Attitude packs at the shop.
Sunday 29/07/07

9 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed

Starting with today's 12h (paris) tournament, the online player list will be randomized in all "tournaments rooms" and only during tournaments time. This would even the chances to get challenged for everyone and also reduce cheating.

Good games everyone!
Thursday 26/07/07

5 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Hello everyone,

You now have the ability to choose wether you want your purchases on the market and on the shop to be automatically added to your Deck or not.
The 2 options are availables in your player's profile preferences.

Wednesday 25/07/07

41 messages
English mariaminette - subject is closed
Clint City alert!!!! Faced with the rise of criminality in Clint City and the appearance of dangerous new species like
Leviationn the powerful recycled bodyguard of the GHEIST, Sentinels set the bar very high with incorruptible
Miranda from the northern districts and Skiner the famous criminal hunter. While Z3r0 D34d the unscrupulous
hacker joins up with the GHEIST, it's music time at Bangers who welcome Willy, the living legend of funk and BB
Kool G, the cursed rapper.
All these characters are available in the New Blood, Danger and Action packs at the Shop.
Saturday 21/07/07

28 messages
English Dr.Ido - subject is closed
The Freaks aren't finished yet! Once again they've grown massively with the arrivals of Kharl the sad giant looking for revenge, Eve the best friend of the snakes, Crassus the violent clown and Titus the uncontrollable genetically modified tiger. Find all these cards in the New Blood and Cool Attitude packs in the shop.
Friday 20/07/07

5 messages
English Fraggle - subject is closed
Sorry about that
It was just about the display. Battles were counted OK.

Good fights!
Wednesday 18/07/07

52 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
Far from softening the war of the clans, the arrival of six new fighters is going to make everything more intense. While Mickey T, the richest and most influential financier in Clint City and Beetenka, the enemy of the poor join Uppers, All Stars get two heavy new recruits: Amelia a fiery tennis player and especially Loma Noju, a 500 pound rugby player. At the other end of the city, we haven't heard the last of Sakhrom with the arrivals of two new followers: Lunatik and Thomson.

Find these characters in the NewBlood, Action and Danger packs in the Shop
Sunday 15/07/07

3 messages
English wmd angelo - subject is closed
Well you probably noticed that the ELO results appeared one day earlier, this is due to the action of the technical stuff to prevent a major bug , and this manipulation created this one , next week will be ending on Sunday night, as usual,
we apologise for the inconvenience,
Thursday 05/07/07

49 messages
English pumpkin - subject is closed
The holidays are coming.
Wonder what you're going to do this summer? Look no further! Clint City is opening its doors and inviting you to the 'Summer of Clint City'. Two months of activities and surprises for a very, very hot summer!

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