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Thursday 16/10/14

5 messages
English 0 Perku_CO - subject is closed
I sell for 290000
3 messages
English Eric WMD - last answer from Eric WMD, Thursday 16/10, 05:42.
I have:

110 Beeboy 28/each

38 Jean 4.7/each

And Clintz (not much)

I'm interested:

Sigmund Cr 670k

Berzerkgirl 840k

Alebaran CR 850k

Ndonolo Cr 950k

Lao Cr 1m

Mamon CR 1m2

Sum Sam Cr 1m25

Negotiation is welcome
2 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed

My tessa full xp + 20k for you 0xp one.
3 messages
English 01 NaNo - subject is closed
Hello! I sell 50 Qubik full for 11000/each ONLY! 550k! valor price is 625k!!
3 messages
English Vural11 - last answer from Vural11, Thursday 16/10, 01:26.
My 1 Page Cr full + 1 Weifang for Page Cr 0xp
my 4 Dounia Cr full + 4 Grace 0xp for 4 Dounia Cr 0xp
my 2 Lost Hog Cr full + 1 Weifang for 2 Lost Hog Cr 0xp
Wednesday 15/10/14

1 message
i have lots:
430 Octana 0 xp

150 Dr Copernica 0 xp

190 Grouchy 0 xp


500 Pr Hartnell


300 Grace


120 Farman 0 xp


Im looking for:
Marlysa 1m3
Manon 1m2
Caelus 180k
dj korr 9m
guru 9m
general 8m5
Kiki 8m7
lyse 6m7
kerozinn 650k
vickie 630k
tessa 800k
splata 820k

In vp.
everything is negociable.
good lucm
11 messages
English chakkal2001 - last answer from chakkal2001, Wednesday 15/10, 21:06.
I have Cassio Cr 0xp and would like to trade her for Cassio Cr full xp + 10k clintz

PM please.
2 messages
English - Pillman - subject is closed
Hello all,

I wanna sell my Kazayan 0xp 23,5k and Dagg 0xp 26,9k For

- Your Pericles 0xp (+20k from me as complement)

- Copies of: - Jordygn 5,8k/e
- Marjory 6,7k/e
- Pr Hartnell 4,5k/e

Thank You!
6 messages
ελληνικά (S) Purple - last answer from (S) Purple, Wednesday 15/10, 20:40.

I'd like to sell 300 Hindelga 0xp : 13'500

Separable by 10, 20, 30,..

Thanks !
1 message
For Yayoi full ep+3k clintz
2 messages
English 0 Emilio - subject is closed
lot 125 Naele 0 xp
pdd 8,7k/t
j accepte:
Jackie Cr 230k
caelus 175k
kerozinn 650k
marlysa 1m3
Sum sam 1m2
Manon 1m2
Mercury 6k
Raskal 7,3k
Grouchy 12,5k
Octana 20k
Dr Copernica 31k
Pr Hartnell 4,3k
Boomstock 4,2k

Fin: jeudi a 21:15
Bonne chance
3 messages
English Angelx3 - last answer from Angelx3, Wednesday 15/10, 15:56.
5 messages
Deutsch L4F-Gott_Hard - subject is closed
As the title says I have Caelus Cr 0xp and Kalindra Cr 0xp and I'm willing to exchange them against the full version + compliment. The compliment can be anything (card, clintz), but at least 1k. In two hours I will take the best offer.
Additionally I would like to trade my Edd Cr (full) + compliment against your Ramona (full)
2 messages
English Atlas TpU - subject is closed
Wishing to trade my crs for General Cr. I value General Cr at market price
3 messages
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed
Tuesday 14/10/14

3 messages
English -Azrael- - subject is closed
I'm looking for Lyse Teria Cr 0xp
I offer Lyse Teria Cr Full + 30 000 Clinz

6 messages
English 0 Angel_TNT - last answer from {Titan}, Tuesday 14/10, 20:26.
Willing to offer Jackie Cr level 4
9 messages
English Jamox360 - last answer from Jamox360, Tuesday 14/10, 18:36.
I have:

50 T Gaank 0xp 6k/e - 300k
40 Naliah 0xp - 3.7k/e - 148k
40 D4 Funk - 19 0xp 21 Full - 10k/e - 400k
29 Parmabarb 0xp - 13.5k/e - 390k
13 Curlix 0xp - 14k/e - 182k
6 Mefisto 0xp - 15k/e - 90k
11 Lear Barduh 0xp - 13k/e - 143k

= 1.65m (ish)

I am interested in:
Playable Crs
Some lots

Pm me if you are interested

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