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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Wednesday 01/12/10

11 messages
English (UE)Daddy - last answer from Mr Intelijent, Wednesday 01/12/2010, 08:06.
Hi all. I was hoping to get everyone's opinion about something... I've been slowly working my way through the clans, testing out different ones to see which are my favorites. I have had enormous success with every one I've "tested" so far (Uppers, Rescue, Pussycats, All Stars, and Freaks), but inspired by the release of the first Leader card, I decided to take the Nightmare out for a spin.

Frankly, I have almost come to the conclusion that the Nightmare are now fundamentally worthless. Between the relatively mediocre card attack values, the highly conditional abilities that are easily blocked, and the release of clans that are MUCH more effective in terms of attack, damage, abilities, and clan bonuses, I have found it almost impossible to win with a Nighmare/Ambre deck.

This is the makeup of my deck:


I thought that this would be an effective deck, but between the other clans and the "flailers" (opponents who play very oddly - I lost one match against someone who pilled up Kenny in the first round, gained ten life points, and then sat back as I flailed against him, unable to do enough damage to win) I have dropped from an average win/loss ratio of 4/5 to a pathetic 1/10. (I just played twenty games in the last hour, and lost 19 with a single draw.) Am I wrong in thinking that the Nightmare clan are now fundamentally worthless? Or am I just playing them wrong? Opinions highly welcomed.
Tuesday 30/11/10

3 messages
English xNipple - last answer from (UE)Daddy, Tuesday 30/11/2010, 04:29.
Heres the preset, and look at my other presets too!
Vortex T1 [2.0]
rate comment and as always, read the description!
Monday 29/11/10

52 messages
English HarionVincent - last answer from T_G_ Killer, Monday 29/11/2010, 03:01.
I just finished my first event and i'm a little frustrated that the awarding of prizes was a failure. why? because i need to have 50% yes votes in order to award the jackpot. that is all well and good if the participants are good sports. but most losers are not and will do anything to block the winners from getting the prizes. of course if you are a loser in the event, you will not vote. only those who get something were voting yes in my event.

i suggest the following:

voting should be before event starts. event creator will put in the prize rules and have everyone vote. if everyone agrees, event will start. the event cannot start until everyone agrees with the prize rules. then when creator closes event, prizes would just be automatically be distributed. that way, no one can say they are being treated unfairly because they agreed with the rules from the start. and no one can frustrate the winners from getting the prizes they deserved.

my event would've been very successful if not for that prize awarding failure. what was i suppose to say to the winners that they can't get the prizes i promised? that the other particpants were being jackasses?
Friday 26/11/10

2 messages
English LB_Un67 - subject is closed

This should be decent in T2, no? No 5*s and yet some very powerful cards...
Thursday 25/11/10

3 messages
English Chi-Young - last answer from M-Bison, Thursday 25/11/2010, 10:54.
? What kind of deck should she be in?
Wednesday 24/11/10

1 message

Here's what I've got so far. Any other Ulu Watu users out there care to share their vast wisdom with me?
1 message

Sorry pal but you had to go, anyway my new DT deck (Includes the fatman) ((No not Diego)), have a look and see what you think.
10 messages
English Jimb0O - last answer from Madis Pimp1, Wednesday 24/11/2010, 03:31.
Seriously During DT there should be some kind of time reduction for each turn. Its ridiculous how you have to waste 40 seconds waiting for someone to make the their move and some are actually on purpose to waste your time. Not only that, but sometimes theres even a 1 minute wait when they actually afk and lose the battle. I missed out on the Top Ten in the DT today because of dam stallers >.>
Tuesday 23/11/10

14 messages
English KefkaPalazzo - last answer from _wise_, Tuesday 23/11/2010, 18:15.
Why don't you add a section to our public profiles that list the top 5 places we have made in tournaments in the past 6 months or something so people could see what place we finish?
3 messages
English Jack of_Blades - last answer from 123mikey123, Tuesday 23/11/2010, 06:20.
Alright, I've been doing DT's for a while, and if I keep paying attention to them I always place top 1/3 but I lose alot of batttles, I currently play sentinal/jaunta deck. Could someone tell me other good clans for beginners OR cheap deck builds that are good. Thanks
Monday 22/11/10

18 messages
English WP_Half Wtz - last answer from OmgItsSpam, Monday 22/11/2010, 08:53.
Uk flag Half Wtz from guild War Party with 364 battle points won 3 101 Clintz + 1 Credit.

War Party 6th in DT

was 1 point behind 5th and 60 behind top, i lost a few games to but somehow made it quite high
Saturday 20/11/10

10 messages
English Jack of_Blades - last answer from Soltis, Saturday 20/11/2010, 08:02.
I would like to make a good deck but I've only got:
369 clintz
and 15 credits so I can't sell yet
my cards:
Acid DC*
Timber 4*
Vansaar 3*

*= fully leveled
+= in deck currently
Thursday 18/11/10

5 messages
English videogamer9090 - last answer from videogamer9090, Thursday 18/11/2010, 05:27.

I did not make this deck, i love rescues and got help making it. When i play DT the full hour and try my hardest i usually do ok 120-180 never in the top 60. I know i have a good deck but im not sure im using it right. It seems like all my cards are really weak and always loose the battle. how should i use this deck. Thanks guys
Wednesday 17/11/10

8 messages
English IM_FlamingFox - last answer from Soltis, Wednesday 17/11/2010, 01:35.
Im a noob so i'm still not all that great at this game. Any tips involving what bonuses/abilities i should be looking for are great. Currently i have decks of Jungo, Junkz, Roots, and Bangerz, 15-17 different cards from each deck. I prefer using Jungo... mostly because of their High attack and Damage and great abilities, however decks like Montana and Uppers are easy counters. So yeah.. any tips would be nice

P.S. Anyone but me think Vortex is overpowered? i mean when i use Roots i can easily destroy them but with any other clan they (besides GHEIST) just own the hell outta, mostly all of them have great abilities and the damn bonus is.. well pretty good too. (i think reducing the bonus to 1/3 instead of 2/3's would be great )
Monday 15/11/10

3 messages
English K2Nate - last answer from BOLD LORD, Monday 15/11/2010, 17:25.
Well i just started playing yesterday and while my beginning deck did great with a bit of strategy in the beginning, I'm starting to find that my cards aren't sufficient against the more experiences players. I was wondering if anyone could help with what i should get? I only have about 700 clintz atm and wondering what i could get to improve it? Bit by bit i'll get it better =) i just need help on what cards to get. I have BB Cool G / Bennie / Kevin / Ironfield / Kharl / Zoltan / Allan and Timber.

Any suggestions on who to take out and who to replace with?
3 messages
English Anonrex - last answer from Anonrex, Monday 15/11/2010, 03:09.

hi all, give me comments =) im running a full mont deck just as the above link. comments pls =)

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