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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Wednesday 19/02/14

10 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
I am remaking the
we are a community that likes to have fun
be over 25+
don't cuss
be active enough
i might just make a few people who join of a high enough level mod
Monday 17/02/14

7 messages
English deicideultra - last answer from MKUltraKing, Monday 17/02, 15:14.
The New Nu Earth Guild is not an elite guild accepting only Members Between Level 5 to Level 35 Allowing Members to grow and learn from one another And Creating A powerful Guild from the ground up.

The Nu Earth guild is one that will be built around discussion Allowing the sharing of ideas techniques and strategies revolving around Urban Rivals.

The Requirements For Joining:

As Before Mentioned Level 5-35 ( except under great consideration )
A fair play rating of at least 90%
A willingness to teach the other guild members
Consistent activity

I want to run this guild on a small reward system giving out cards to members that preform well.

This will be done as a random draw depending on star ratings of your cards and your level.

Every 2 weeks a list of the cards up for grabs will be posted (yes there will be rare and powerful cards) all the rules regarding the reward system will be posted shortly.

All members must be aware that if they are chosen to be an administrator they must give a card of their choice to a low leveled member of the guild of coarse of their choice.

The First 5 member's to Join the NU Earth Rangers Will All receive A bonus card on joining once the card Give away list has been posted, There will also be random card give away's every month or so.

I look forward to creating a comfortable learning atmosphere for all so that we may create a powerful guild Together.


NU Earth Rangers

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Sunday 16/02/14

5 messages
English Cherno3 - subject is closed
Hi Looking for a guild to have fun in! Running Ulu Watu right now. Very Active!!
Saturday 15/02/14

2 messages
English Big_Perms - subject is closed
Hello all! Looking for active Peeps for a fun and open guild. Only requirement is that your somewhat active and participate in the forum. To be honest, community is #1. And that's what we try to build here. BP
2 messages
English -Arkham - subject is closed
With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for being a badass,it’s not the end of days for you...

This is your...


Join Now
Thursday 13/02/14

2 messages
English dolan dukc - subject is closed
We need members! All you need is 3 things : Speak English, have Tool in the beginning of your user name and have at least one themed deck. Thanks a lot!
1 message
English jasonmichael - subject is closed
Currently recruiting new members. Looking to improve your character? Want to be part of a team environment? Here's your chance!

Click on the link to join the Guild:

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64 messages
English NextLvLStr4ts - subject is closed
Return of Destiny
Manatee here
I have just left WP (Great Guild) in order for new beginings
Return of Destiny is the continuation of the guild Wrath of Destiny
we are looking for active members who regularly post on the message board

No requirements except for being active

ACTIVITY DRAW:Every Week all players with Max Activity (Min 5)
Will be entered in a loytery to in 5k

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Wednesday 12/02/14

7 messages
English ZarahK - subject is closed
Hello All. We just created a new guild and would like to welcome anyone interested to join. Please feel free to apply and join us. Looking forward to some great times.
x The Candy Bandits x
~ ZarahK ~

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Tuesday 11/02/14

2 messages
English minky67 - subject is closed
Come join a new guild the wrekin crew
easy going friendly fun.........
5 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed

for a limited time first 5 people to join over level 40 will become admin

only rules are
Must be level 25+
Must post on forums every once in a while
Must be a troll
Monday 10/02/14

5 messages
English Hawk Sauce - subject is closed
Title says it all. Hit me up on the DM
Sunday 09/02/14

1 message
English DA_Banana - subject is closed

only rules are
Must be level 25
Must post on forums every once in a while
Must be a troll

Limited time only. first 5 people to join over level 40 will become an admin
140 messages
English Cyber - subject is closed

0MystiQ QJON and -Gan0n- have a dream. They want to make a guild that attract unhappy players from other guilds and also lone rangers. In a short span of less than 3 weeks, they have succeeded and up till today we have an overwhelming number of quality resident members as well as dozens of players flocking to visit us.

Why are we so popular?

Well... We don't know. Perhaps that is because we have MANY things to offer and are EXPERTS in ALL AREAS.

Need help in ELO? Harass Unowen!
Need help with a Daily Tournament? Beat 0 Emilio and you will win it
Need help in Survivor mode? Bow down to 0 Incognito
Need help winning team/guild Events? (Step 1: You need to actually join us first so you stand a chance)

Individually, we won many collectors and we are generally richer than the average player. We have many market players as well. Let me give you an example.
0MystiQ QJON has to resort to paying me DJ Korr Cr to post this recruitment thread because his English isn't as good as mine.

To be a part of our warm and lovely family of Penumbra.....
You need to have/be...

- Level 50
- ELO 1400
- Active in-game and forums
- DM/DT players (You don't have to be 1400 ELO if you can prove to us you are EXCELLENT in that area)

If you are a guild founder and are threatened to see us, fret not! We allow you to merge with us provided your members meet our requirements and have no issues with any members.

Oh my god! Word limit reached!
Friday 07/02/14

1 message
Español bachi eka - subject is closed
We would appreciate if you join our guildn "gates to insanity" ! we don't ask for anything just to play like every day. and you might meet new friend all around the world.
apreciaríamos su unión al gremio "gates to insanity"! no preguntamos por nada mas que el que juegues justo como lo ases todos los días. y hasta podrías conocer nuevos amigos alrededor del mundo

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Thursday 06/02/14

1 message
English RecklesSquirre - subject is closed
Well i am reckless most people call me squirrel i am 24 about to be 25 my only weeknees is women because there are smarter and better then us well i gess that its to tired to think of any thing else
Wednesday 05/02/14

2 messages
English playallday_0 - subject is closed
This awsome guild is for crazy people who like basketball and think they can take over the world

Only requirements are
Lvl 10+
Active on forums and game
You must be crazy
You must think basketball is epic
You must think you can take over the world
You must know English , gnommish or orkish

edited by Artemis-BZ Wednesday 05/02, 12:02
Tuesday 04/02/14

34 messages
English (JD) - subject is closed
We are recruiting, we have a message board game that will let players collect cards. LOD is looking for all types of players that are creative, friendly, and looking to have fun. We are English speaking guild but all nations are welcome.

Requirements must be

level 30
Legends of the Dark

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 26/11/2013, 08:21
Monday 03/02/14

2 messages
English kanggren - subject is closed
What is the "cr" mean ????

i can't get "cr" in 'get more character' ??

tell me plz ~
Sunday 02/02/14

7 messages
English UW LARS - subject is closed
$ ★ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Welcome to URBAN WARRIORS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ★ $

This great guild was founded with the aim to attract and unite so many great players and make them a real family,

✖ Recruitment open to all players ( Italian ) who want to grow spam but mostly to have fun

➜ Requirements:
1 ) Be active in the game
2 ) Be active on the forum of the guild
3 ) minimum level 35 with few exceptions
4) Most importantly FUN ******* { ****** }

Our trademark ( UW) and what sets us apart from the crowd

► Our Features:
1 ) A forum where rich and ample fun with games and spam to throttle
2 ) Guides comprehensive and thorough in all modes , plus suggestions for how to do market
3 ) special events or games of ' cunning to stimulate the forums and players

All this and much more awaits you in the URBAN WARRIORS

URBAN WARRIORS a guild a family




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