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Tournaments and events

If you are organizing a tournament, planning on joining one, come here.
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Thursday 22/05/14

3 messages
English HoA-Predator - last answer from HoA-Predator, Thursday 22/05, 21:19.
Welcome to the first ever Red Or Black!

This is an event where luck can decided your fate.

There is also something for battling event players too!

So make sure you join Red Or Black #1!

Thanks, Pred

edited by HoA-Predator Monday 19/05, 18:42
Tuesday 20/05/14

Friday 16/05/14

1 message
English Exkeckle - subject is closed
Need someone to organize an event to give all my cards away as prizes. Some form of tournament. Or I can just donate prizes to events. Totalling approximately 250,000 clintz, Bangers and Pussycats clans. Banger Cr and Chikko Cr
Thursday 15/05/14

1 message
Valide by SM-MrZero
Tuesday 13/05/14

2 messages
Deutsch 0 Ren - last answer from 0 Ren, Tuesday 13/05, 15:55.
The Real Avatar God

Avatar contest made to give the avatar comunity an opportunity to get even closer,
there will be 5 stages .
big prizes for the winner of each stage
Title of TRAG + really big prize for the winner of the general clasification.
Monday 12/05/14

1 message
Guess who will win the Fifa World Cup 2014 and Earn the Jackpot! Read the Rules!

Good Luck!

Bolão da Copa - 2014

Sunday 11/05/14

Saturday 10/05/14

2 messages
English HoA-Predator - last answer from HoA-Predator, Saturday 10/05, 10:53.

Here i bring you my first event as a member of the event team:

Predators Vs Zombies

This event requires 32 active people so please do not join unless you are certain that you will be active. Also read the rules before joining to make sure you are fine with this event.

Thanks, Pred
Wednesday 07/05/14

1 message
Bye bye le old I

The golden rules: As long as you're not a 0 pillz you must play at least 1 pillz each round, the old fury is allowed because of pillz used.


this is my first sponsored event so if it works well lots will be much larger for the " bye bye old II"
Monday 05/05/14

Sunday 04/05/14

2 messages
English CB DarkBlood - last answer from CB DarkBlood, Sunday 04/05, 13:17.

Looking for 500 players to join.
This is my last event so do make the most of it.

Looking for new players and you will be rewarded big for each round.

edited by Quickdevil Saturday 03/05, 19:28
Saturday 03/05/14

5 messages
English DUC-San - last answer from DUC-San, Saturday 03/05, 22:08.
The Deckchanger

Always wanted to change your Mulligan with Karen if you see your opponent playing GHEIST or use Roots when you see your opponents deck is very bad against SoA? Now it's your chanche to change your deck whenever you want
Friday 02/05/14

233 messages
English Infiniti - last answer from Infiniti, Friday 02/05, 17:04.
Step back into the Shadows

One lucky (non-friend/guildmate) that comments on this thread will be allowed into this lottery.

I'll use random.org to find that person. It couldn't be any simpler.

Small rules:
~ No consecutive double posts (you can post more than once, just not twice in a row)
~ Must contain at least 3 words in that post to be considered a post
~ No only number/gibberish words posts
~ No only smileys posts
~ No copy and paste the same stuff posts
~ No insults

Begin or not, your choice, the prizes are nice though and can only get better.

RESULTS ( read comment 218 )
Comment 131 sn0ekenbijter!

edited by Infiniti Monday 14/04, 21:07
2 messages
English 0_caronte75 - subject is closed
Best event caronte style more prizes
1 message
The Best Avatar according to Mr Rocks!!

From Avatar creator for Avatar creators
20k for the best Design

Rules in event info
Thursday 01/05/14

Friday 25/04/14

1 message
English CN Mafioso - subject is closed

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