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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Tuesday 10/06/14

1 message
Charlie's Wrestlers
Here is my deck, can you guys suggest what to change or how my deck fares? Thank you
Wednesday 04/06/14

43 messages
English - Gino - - last answer from Kefalo, Wednesday 04/06, 16:58.
Card hasn't even been out more then a day and the LD has pages of responses and opinions. Its the first base 9 power card. Whats everyones opinion and will it eventually see the permanent ban, weekly ban or just over hyped?

From my perspective i see it as a spashable card that can be used in any mono deck because of that amazing base power and a very good ability. It suffers to Pussycats and Rescue.
Tuesday 03/06/14

3 messages
English cofferide - last answer from Coca_PT, Tuesday 03/06, 14:22.
Virginia 5*
Petra 4*
Jautya 4*
Oxo 2*
Aleister 2*
Wakai 2*
Spiaghi 2*
Mantiz 4*

Need suggestions and comments.. Spiaghi as filler..
Sunday 01/06/14

Tuesday 27/05/14

1 message
Plz -30 rate it
Monday 26/05/14

4 messages
English NIUGs - last answer from DUC-San, Monday 26/05, 23:34.

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
Tuesday 20/05/14

11 messages
English vVv Boharding - last answer from neo_08ms, Tuesday 20/05, 01:41.
I have pretty much every Jungo card so any build is fine.

I'm also open to strategies people use with their Jungo decks.
Monday 19/05/14

Sunday 18/05/14

1 message

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
Saturday 17/05/14

2 messages
English bOCneehog - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 17/05, 21:48.
I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on some different combinations that people find effective in ELO. It can be a pair, a trio, a half deck or a pair of clans, etc. I'll start: I'm a Piranas player and I find Ector/Calliope very effective. Overpill on Ector in round 1, then scare the enemy into overpilling on round 2 in case I use fury on Calliope, but the enemy's damage gets reduced and I can then win easily.
7 messages
English 412rayray - last answer from 412rayray, Saturday 17/05, 21:42.
Hey guys, I put the game down for a few months (probably 6 or 7). R there any cards that have become staples since I've been gone? Weird question I know but I like to combine odd clans, so I use prettying everything. Any/all help is welcome
Friday 16/05/14

18 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from bOCneehog, Friday 16/05, 05:11.
So I made this really silly deck which somehow got me into the 1200. Then I got into the 1300. But every time I try to get anywhere past that point I drop like a stone... and proced droping. 4 times I've gone all the way down to 1200 and back over 1300. So my question is - how high do I have to get in the 1300 to remain there untill the end of the week? Because, apparently, if I play a single game in the 1300's I drop down like a stone and lose the next 5 matches somehow...
Saturday 10/05/14

9 messages
English DK_NaNo - last answer from Pilluminati, Saturday 10/05, 03:26.
YE GOOD JOB, again, rescues are getting killllleeeedddd by the staff ....
Thursday 08/05/14

1 message
English 0 Crow - subject is closed
Wednesday 07/05/14

26 messages
English Drizzt1414 - last answer from TheOPG, Wednesday 07/05, 21:55.
I see mostly GHEIST and Sentinel, why are some clans so unpopular?

Still learning the game and the meta...but i find no reason for not taking some clans (specially as low tier as 1000-1100 )

So...why no Skeelz in elo? Seems a good clan
Sunday 04/05/14

24 messages
English cofferide - subject is closed
Hi, I'm building Half deck Freaks+ powr manip/ attk manip/ pillz manip. I've tried using Freaks with Vortex. But in order for Vortex's bonus to work, I need to be defeated which, is a hole to me. So i've been thinking to use Freaks witn clans like Montana/ Uppers/ Sakhrom (Attk manip) or All Stars (Power manip) and Piranhas (pillz manip). Can someone offer me a good deck to build? My Freaks ELO are: Shazam, Madelone which will be replaced with Bogdan, Wonald, Quasichoco 11*
Saturday 03/05/14

5 messages
English 0 Crow - last answer from XC Tree Frog, Saturday 03/05, 20:32.
I've been playing Freaks but just doesn't work, im stuck on 1100, I would like sugestions about which clan should I use, i stopped playing for 1 year and just came now and other thing whats the current meta?
6 messages
English Six Nations - last answer from Houhox, Saturday 03/05, 20:19.
If I stop playing today on 1213 ELO, will by the end of the week my scores till stay above 1200? And what is the reward for a score in excess of 1200 but less than 1300? Thanks
Thursday 01/05/14

1 message
Came back after a few years of not playing. Made this deck with whatever I had in my collection. Aside from Parmabarb (thank god they effectively gave us Bonnie Ld back) most of these cards are pretty old. Ok, maybe realllllllly old.

Please let me know what you think. I'm not very sure what the current ELO meta is like since I've been away for so long but I'm trying to see what works again.


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