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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 28/04/07

5 messages
English Margyanni - subject is closed
Let me introduce myself. I am Margyanni. Our guild is called Dynasty of Lost Souls.
Our founders name is EVO Varkolak.
We have guild tournaments every other week with cards as prizes.
We are looking for English speaking people who play fair, never refuse games, and never give up on games.
Our primary objective is to share ideas, tactics, stratagies and become known as one of the best Guilds on the game.
If you are an active, fair player, willing to learn fair tactics, give us a try.

a link to our guild is: Dynasty of Lost Souls
1 message
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
If you are from Belgium and you speak dutch you are always free to join our guild 'Vlaamse Top' !


1 message
English Nyul - subject is closed
Hey eveyrone!
A new guild, Sly Vagabonds is formed. All of the guild's info is in its description at its page ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=18201 ). Our guildroom is made for train and it works perfectly. I'm planning to use MSN communication. There was an additional tip at the suggestions, our goal. What should that be? Ah yes! World domination! So if interested just give us a try.
Friday 27/04/07

4 messages
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
With the birth of a new clan (The Freaks), comes a new guild. The Everlasting Soldiers! Protecting you from Blacklisters and unfair players. But don't think that we don't have expierience in the guild buisness, because we do. There are just a few minor rules:
1. If you haven't bought any credits, you need to promise that you will try your best in the game, not just play for two weks and leave.
2. Post messages frequently, not just "hello", but please be involved. Tell some deck ideas, or maybe cards you need and we can help you out.

We are going to start doing tournaments which means prizes. Card Prizes! With the new clan coming tommorrow, you might want to get in on the action!
Thursday 26/04/07

2 messages
English Eliodamn - subject is closed
Hello. Eliodamn here, recruiting members for our guild (Damnation). Thre is only one requirement for member-hopefuls; which is all recruits must speak English.
Wednesday 25/04/07

3 messages
English Draemori - subject is closed
I'm a relatively new player with a very high win/loss ratio, and rapidly moving up the ranks. I'm consistently placing in the top 10% in the tournaments, and as soon as I finish leveling my cards, I hope to be making it into the top 100's. I'd like to join an English speaking guild who doesn't mind my evil tendencies.
1 message
English 0Vman LoA - subject is closed
Can be any level
Has to have bought at least 50 credits from the shop to prove that they are worthy to the game
Has to speak English FLUENTLY!
Tuesday 24/04/07

2 messages
English Shayoni - subject is closed
1 message
English D-SouL - subject is closed
The Guild pay no mind is a happy an enjoyable guild that will grow in a swift manor and search for happy and nice players...
so do apply and u will most likely get accepted
4 messages
English 0 Daoshi EVO - subject is closed
Tribute to Martin's ''Song of Ice and Fire''

There are no requirements to join, only that you speak some english, so we can communicate

language: English
playstyle: preferably EVO
2 messages
Deutsch K-Chaos - subject is closed
I am looking for an international guild
a guild which is playing elo so that you can talk with the members about hte new elo developments and present ya decks for productive criticizes....

I think you can find a lot of interesting and less interesting people in the guilds of today everywhere but the most impotant fact is that hte are active members....

I am a funny guy and have a lotta' time to play now pn me

thx 4 readin'

2 messages
English 2_Shots - subject is closed
We are a newly formed guild with only a few members, but are very active and intend to stay that way!

Our only preference right now is that you speak english, since i am english meaning i am very ignorant and didn't bother learning another language!

We are hoping to build a guild that can compete, we have already began collecting cards and so have quite a few to trade and train with, so the more loyal members the more cards for all!

-2 Shots-
Monday 23/04/07

1 message
English 2_Shots - subject is closed
Clint Street Elite!

We are a new, active guild with only a few members but are hoping to find alot more!
Anyone is welcome though a few more brits would be nice!
Sunday 22/04/07

1 message
English AFI1221 AoDe - subject is closed
Anybody interested in joining a new guild, click on this link

this guild is for everybody who wants to join

we will hold guild tournaments weekly with card prizes
1 message
English LooneyToon - subject is closed
This guild is for all levels,if you care about making it to the top
then this is where you should be
1 message
English Crazy1ed - subject is closed
English, looking for one of a kind people to win as much as possible
3 messages
English missdarkness - subject is closed
Hi pls can someone of 3 join my guild i will make u welcome just go to this
1 message
English Nemo Utopia - subject is closed
Red Knight's Chosen is a guild devoted to developing strategy and tactics...including use of the unexpected. For those of you with interests in Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms in particular), as well as being friendly and helpful members of Urban Rivals, apply!

Saturday 21/04/07

5 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Join my guild ....rock..... you have to be at least a level 9 and you have to speak english
14 messages
English Darkefreet - subject is closed
I want to join a giuld that speaks english! but I have some questiions what is a guild good for and how do you join a guild?


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