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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Tuesday 27/03/07

1 message
English 0ET_ANGEL - subject is closed
We accept anyone who loves animals regardless of lvl.and here is a link.
Monday 26/03/07

1 message
English Sakic237 - subject is closed
Come Join Us(if u can handle it). We will rok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
CCU is still accepting applications for students and Teachers
3 messages
Português jedi-dude - subject is closed
The fight club is a rapidly climbing group of experienced fighters ready to take on anyone, but not just yet. We are looking for new, not even experienced players to join us and take on the world!
12 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I would like to join one of the top guilds. i play this game frequently and I like it very much!
Sunday 25/03/07

4 messages
English cody rules - subject is closed
Guild full of tuff players mostly of america if you want to join battle me cody rules in either dark corners or safe neiborhood and challenge me. then ill make my decision.
Saturday 24/03/07

3 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
We present to you Clintz City University, the first ever guild/college that opens its doors to faculty and students. We are currently looking for a few players not only to teach but also those whom are willing to learn and become better in the process. Not only will we teach the fundamentals of the game but we shall also teach you how to ELO to the best of your ability. We will have a host of players that range in a wide field of studies from conservation of pills to strike and defense, to even the study of deep tacticswe wish to not only enrich the students that enter our doors will leave enriched and emerged in culture and knowledge. We are currently accepting applications for students and teachers. Those that wish to be teachers please send me a message and I'll decide. Those that want to be students, enroll and prepare for classes to begin promptly
2 messages
English bluewine - subject is closed
A bar where we are waiting for ... ... ... where the best wine will be served.

We are young, dynamic and notorous we shall discuss and work together on illuminising this home of ours, discussing how we should "Pwn" many with superbattling Guts and Mights

ELO participations are highly encourage around here, all are welcome as friends thou. We look forward to our vision accomplishment someday... ...!!!

Entry requirements:
~~ Active players with level 20 and above ~~ you are always welcomed ~~
Sunday 18/03/07

1 message
English sam_rock - subject is closed
Join the sephius and then fight me in the sephius room.
Saturday 17/03/07

12 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
What's happening with the previous poll? are you not going to enforce it? dividing the bigger share of the clintz jackpot among the top 100? at the moment, after 25th, the rest is getting the same amount of clintz..
4 messages
Português Toya Hunt - subject is closed
Hello UR players.

I'm Ethan Hunt, one of the admin of Long Garden's guild and im inviting all of you (brazilians or not) to join our guild. We have the purpose to become one of the most strong guilds in the UR world and we are counting on you.

To join, PM Ethan_Hunt, ShadowHIB or Rburgos.

Good game to all

Ethan Hunt
Thursday 15/03/07

1 message
Deutsch K-Chaos - subject is closed
Drop your bloody knives ,let the smokin guns rest for a second and just enjoy the whispers in your head for the moment.
Until this day Mr Bunny took just the psychos from germany TO JOIN HIS ARMY OF WALKIN ZOMBIES but now he is ready to spread out the total chaos all over the
whole world. So stop your senseless killing spree and give your murder a chance and join the guild who completely understands you
and the voices whispering in your head.
The guilds members should be crazy enough to spend hours of their life with trading cards,wich just exist in a databank
and playin' a card game which just exists on some servers ina place they'll never see.
Inactive members get kicked Mr Bunny just takes the best of you scum.So use your abilities!
JOIN Here:


do not keep MR Bunny waitin' for too long
10 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
We are one of the top UK guilds, we seek to advice each other on ELO, EVO, and OLD...new suggestions for game modes are always welcome to be discussed even though we are not the moderators of UR hehe! Hope everyone is enjoying this game!

Click this link, to postulate


1 message
English JohnNitro - subject is closed
Guess I most say more lol..anyways we are looking for active players that want to enjoy and good atmosphere and cool people. It dont mattter if your old or new in town come on an join we will have great fun....

so says the Leader.....

Wednesday 14/03/07

2 messages
English Sinful - subject is closed
Erm what to say....

im lvl 12 and im looking for a guild with a few other brits. Over the last 6 tournaments i have played since registering i have an average of rank 107.
I m looking for a guild which KNOWS abilities so i dont EVO for no reason like i have been doing. other than that erm ..yeh


message me or fight me . normally in dark corner
Tuesday 13/03/07

3 messages
English Kunduz - subject is closed
Here is the link
some requirements :
lvl 15 min
a big appetite... for winnin' clintz, credits and all that stuff..!
1 message
Español xTyler Durdenx - subject is closed

No importa tu nivel, mientras sea el requerido para entrar a un guild. Aunque seamos nuevos, algun dia con esfuerzo seremos de los mejores!!
Unete al club de la pelea http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=7662
Sunday 11/03/07

2 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
Any an All Welcome , Vets, Noobs, ect !

recruiting: visit to join our quild:

Strength In Numbers

6 messages
English John Arcane - subject is closed
I'm looking for a few good Pirates, I don't care if you're a noob or the best... We'll rule the land and sea before we're done.
So Join the "Black Dawn Pirates" today.

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