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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Thursday 01/03/07

1 message
English clintzmaster10 - subject is closed
Hi anyone want to join my really amazing guild called megastars

soo just postulate if u want to join and be a megastar

so who wants to join any players
7 messages
English musasgal - subject is closed
(I just hope I'm posting in the right place)

HI there.
I'm musasgal and I'm still confused on how to gain card and exp for the cards.

As you well aware, I'm new and I need all the help I can get to play the game propaly and be safe at the same time.

I'll be really appereciated if I can get this help.

p.s. is there any level one guilds that new members can join???
1 message
English simoman2000 - subject is closed
Hi im new also im a boy of course and how do i get an avatar thanks
5 messages
English harvstar12 - subject is closed
Hi everone say can i join if u want to join

please my guild
is called megastars1000
go on county and go on england

soo who wants to join
Tuesday 27/02/07

1 message
English elextricy - subject is closed
Looking for high quality members that are really trying their best and will continue trying ...=)...we offer supporet to other members and luaghter and...prizes...etc....join us and come take a look=)

****chee yaa
1 message
English Justicedevil - subject is closed
I am looking to join a guild.I just started but think I am doing good.Send me a messege if you need me.
Sunday 25/02/07

1 message
English 0 Sa6r3 EVO - subject is closed
Any1 can join we want start having guild wars soon so more the better
* * * any rank * * *
click to join http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6330
Saturday 24/02/07

5 messages
English fitte - subject is closed
On Vryer lvl 3 he has an ability:
Ability of Vryer:
-4 Opp Attack, Min 1The total number of Attack points of the opposing character is reduced by 4 points or to a minimum of 1. If the total number of Attack points of the opposing character is equal to or below 1, the ability has no effect.

Why does it not work? do i have to select the ability to make it work? WHYYY!?
6 messages
English shauny - subject is closed
Come join my guild its called the kills hunted blood click on this to get there http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6635
2 messages
English Im4eversmart - subject is closed
Hey people! Recruiting all lvl 8-9 to join Urban-Legendz!
Friday 23/02/07

1 message
English elextricy - subject is closed
So you wanna have some fun?...Come to our guild, I won t bore you with rules or other dule stuff, so just join our guild...we have candy ***=)chia
1 message
English Gurkburk - subject is closed
Is the god damn random mode, what the hell is the point of it?
1 message
English el-hae - subject is closed
Hi im just starting a new guild please join it i promise you that'll it's gonna be the bestest guild you ever joined so join now or elseyou'll be one of the greatest players in urban rivals if you join my guild
Thursday 22/02/07

8 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
Come join my quild... ALL WELCOME......Vets, Noobs, ect ...... (¯`·.._.·TEAM S.I.N·._..·´¯ : Strength In Numbers
Tuesday 20/02/07

1 message
English GyulaHUN - subject is closed
Yo people!

I want to create a guild,name "Battle Royale"! Search few guys to admin. LVL Req. is 18-20,so close to start ELO.
All country,age,sex are welcome! Just stay active,help to guildies(with introductions,cards,borrows,clintz etc),and play with style! Atleast feel yourself good,get friends and more! Make respect for us and respect your opponents! Not any rules currently. Only little english!

Best Regards,Gyula.
Monday 19/02/07

1 message
English TrickTheBoss - subject is closed
My own great guild who's gonna rules the world? <<----hehe i love their saying...Well you guys now the drill... If not....if me a shot n i'll might be able to give you a hand.... Where here to have fun..and by the way...it's only a game....Here's the link if you are wanting to join!!----->http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6425
6 messages
English Talos500 - subject is closed
Hi everyone... Im new, and keep losing.....
Sunday 18/02/07

1 message
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
Any an All Welcome , Vets, Noobs, credit buyers , non credit buyers, evo and all mixed culters alike !

recruiting: visit to join our quild:

Strength In Numbers
Friday 16/02/07

2 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
I know they havbe to be over lvl5 but i do not see any where to send invite or request to join my clan? anyone can help thanks.
Thursday 15/02/07

1 message
English Panda Seizure - subject is closed
We are recruiting and by the end of tommorow should have atleast 2 more people(friends). So join if you please.

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