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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Wednesday 14/02/07

1 message
English fyndre666 - subject is closed
Join me patibayin ang pinoy gamers
Tuesday 13/02/07

3 messages
English Clintydude PI - subject is closed
Hi we've got a guilsd called champions of justice 2 and i was woundering anyone want to join all we need are fair players
5 messages
English DragonSage2k7 - subject is closed
What we are about:

Essentially having fun, and playing our hearts out so that we can further ourselves in the game.


Just meet the requirements to join a guild, other than that, there's no minimum requirement

So what are you waiting for, if you love dragons and want a guild to join, go ahead and join this one
Monday 12/02/07

1 message
English Manic Ado - subject is closed
Need People To Join My Guild The DemonKillaz : Elite Guild
Limited Places Only
Any Levels (under lv.13s got to get to lv.13 within 2 weeks , sorry if harsh rules because it wouldnt be an elite guild then)
Our Guild Is Extremely Friendly they are not aggresive and wont make u cry
so click this link then click demon killaz then postulate if you want to join :
2 messages
English Kiki Ome - subject is closed
Looking for extreme duelers! to joni the Extreme Duelers guild...
How to join yoiu must be EXTREME
3 messages
English el-hae - subject is closed
Sunday 11/02/07

1 message
English Manic Ado - subject is closed
Ok ill tell you straight if you want to be an elite join my guild my guild has a lot of members and they are elites :

3 messages
English Pokeon Lover - subject is closed
Go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=6074 to join this guild.It's for peaple who like pokemon.
Friday 09/02/07

1 message
English Warr kid - subject is closed
Thursday 08/02/07

2 messages
English kav - subject is closed
Join my guild and beat Emo_Jon's guild and beat other guilds and rule!!
8 messages
English abby - subject is closed
Hi,I'm New.But I Had Just Proceed To Level 6.I am New At December,2nd 2006.So i Hope i will Have Many Friend.I am Also A female.
Wednesday 07/02/07

8 messages
English dreadlord - subject is closed
I try to understand the rules in the site but they don't tell me many things like:
how do i know how much hp each monster have?
how do i know how many attacks the monster have?
can someone tell me in short how to play this game?

people ask me if i played the game and i try to battle others, all i got up until now is loses ,because i really don't know how to play.

help me pls
Tuesday 06/02/07

1 message
Wise-TPW - subject is closed
Hi everyone. My guild try to recruit and I think that here is the right place. We are on the 2nd pageand we are fair play. We are almost all french except for 1. And I don't really want him to be the only english speaker except for me. But as you can see, I don't speak really well english. So if you are more than lvl 22 and you speak english come and see the greats things of the purple wizards
1 message
English Henry9111 - subject is closed
DA Duke GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we kick ass and we kick it good wanna join just postulate
7 messages
Deutsch sebjeune - subject is closed
Hi, I'm belgian and I'm looking for players to enter in my guild!! we are many players who like fighting, win but have fun too. The tree many things most important in our guild are: humour, fair-play and help. we come from many states over the world and we can speak french, spanish and english. If u are looking for a guild with funny relations, good scores of if you're beginner and need help of if you want meet friends from differents states you're welcome!!!!

Monday 05/02/07

22 messages
English DA-Professy - subject is closed
We will accept anyone who is willing to stay strong and trustworthy.
Saturday 03/02/07

1 message
English Henry9111 - subject is closed
Looking for poeple above level 15 if your in the guild please dont leave to a guild like the clintz crew it seems like almost all my members have any way looking for loyal players above level 15
3 messages
English Judas 67 - subject is closed
... Hi, I was inactive for a couple of months and was booted out from my previous guild

Now even if I may not be as that regular like I used to be, I'd really be grateful if I was accepted in a guild who interacts often and suggest and share ideas with each other. I've already postulated to a few guilds but have been always been refused admission. Is there anyone or any guild that'll accept me? I'll do my best.
5 messages
English K9 AlucardEVO - subject is closed
Hi all. I am a new player, and as such will likely not get the invitations from the experienced guilds that I am hoping for. I've been playing TCG's for a long time, and hope to make this my new home, I like the fact that there is ways for people who don't pay to still be able to get out there and win.

I'm looking to find a mature, strategic guild, one that I can stand to help make better, but who can also better me at the same time. Ideally I would love to be in one of the higher ranked guilds, but know this is likely impossible.

Friday 02/02/07

4 messages
English Deliverance - subject is closed
Well you read this far so you obviously do

Join South Africa guild

new players or old, all are accepted

help for new players, a good place to crack a laugh

join now

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