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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 26/11/06

11 messages
English LazyHorse - subject is closed
I am smelling snake poop.

My snake, who lives in an enclosure inside my bedroom where my computer also is located, took a gigantic poop today because I fed him extra mice last week. Due to my laziness I have not yet cleaned out the poop, and am now forced to smell it's horrible, rancid and slightly fishy smell over and over. I'm not sitting next to the enclosure either. I'm sitting like, 8 feet away from it, on top of that it's not even that well ventilated.

I am dreading the moment when I actually go clean it up. From past experiences I know that the moment I lift the cover to the snake enclosure the smell will assault my olfactory senses. It'll be like getting nailed in the nose by a sledge Hammer
6 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I think the Montanas need a new good 3-star or 4-star card..i have all the montanas and from what I see, they don't have that many good cards
Saturday 25/11/06

5 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
We need more members come here an will tell you everything you need to know about the game.

Join Now!
4 messages
English Pjetr - subject is closed
What does min 2 means behind for example -2 opp power?
Friday 24/11/06

4 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Is 10 attack better than -10 ?
2 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I was hoping the level bar on my profile page could show how many points i need for the next level, it would make it more exciting to play!
1 message
English vince_vall - subject is closed
This guild is only for indonesian. (privee guild). klo ada anak2 indo yg main ni game. join pls.

7 messages
English Bloodmoor - subject is closed
I've looked everywhere....but I can't find out what the faces mean on the right side of the battle-screen and why they change.
Thursday 23/11/06

3 messages
English B 0 B - subject is closed
..::TH.U.G::.. Leave your name as a message here below if you would like to join a new Canadian based guild (open to all). ..:: TH.U.G ::.. First come , first served, for the Administrator spots. ..::TH.U.G::.. Only rule is, you have to be a good player (less than 2% timed out fights) and able to trade on the market (you must have bought cards) and most important rule............ you must want to be part of ...:::TH.U.G:::...THE ULTIMATE GUILD.

(I will keep repeating this same, updated with names, message till I have at least the 4 you need to maintain a guild. I will contact you when to join.)
6 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello im looking players who plays everyday and has good levels....
Wednesday 22/11/06

4 messages
English BuCKSHoT - subject is closed
Umm. i really dont know what i'm doin./.. anyone wanna lemme join theiir crew... help me out?
Tuesday 21/11/06

5 messages
English jimbobjam - subject is closed
Im confused... what do pillz actualy do... i used to think they increase attack, but they very clearly dont, so do they just defend or something?
Monday 20/11/06

2 messages
English TheVillian - subject is closed
I have noticed some players have 14 Hit Points instead of just 12-- how do you get higher hit points?

1 message
English PharoahX16 - subject is closed
Champs United is looking for english speaking players you dont have to speak english well just good enough everyone is accepted link below
2 messages
English SniperZ - subject is closed
1. Among all the 6 packs for sale in the Shop, which pack do you guys think is the best?
-To me is the Danger pack.
2. Which is the best character card you have ever used?
-Mine is Vladimir
1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
We are Sith Knights, an international group of players committed to the game and the fairness!
click here to take a look at our squad---> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=1898
We are looking for newbies and l33ts
3 messages
English 69ShawRace81 - subject is closed
Anyone interested in joining new guild please let me know
2 messages
English Morder4Life - subject is closed
What's going on with the elo, you are not refreshing the elo ranking and not getting message.
And now? WTF? NO RARES?!?!?!??!?!?!
2 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Some of the cards' abilities (Stop Opp Ability) has not been working where the opponent had no stop opp ability in ability nor bonus...and it did not stop the damage reducing ability of the opponent...can somebody tell me why please

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