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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 14/10/06

2 messages
English imanuel - subject is closed
How do i get better ranks. i am a senior but i want to be a master. can anyone give me tips on this problem
4 messages
English LazyHorse - subject is closed
NOT in that perverted way!

But we are recruiting for new members, and we extend our warmest invitation to you. We are a small, laid back guild of casual gamers. We offer guides and tips for both players who have and have not purchased credits, as well as on ELO play. The link to our guild is as follows:


We look forward to seeing you.
1 message
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
The great deppresion is coming, so many people are playing, and so much money is being circulated, that prices are dropping! the outcome is inevitable... the value of a clint is dropping!
6 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
How do u get cards back that u sold to kate?
1 message
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
You're a good player that is looking for a strong guild? Than join KO Fighters Club and we can help you to become a very good player
1 message
English Le_Renegat - subject is closed
Hello has all veiled has what summarizes the guild for any information thank you to Mark them here.

Hello has all and welcome in the guild of the "Cavalry royal"! This guild is rather EvO, it organizes tournaments, biddings, sales, purchase, donnations, and the activity of the forum of guild
Friday 13/10/06

1 message
English imanuel - subject is closed
Sorry about not putting the link for the guild i forgot. but here it is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=2541

And i welcome anybody to join it.
1 message
English imanuel - subject is closed
Does anybody want to join my new guild. its called the priory of sion and i welcome anybody to join
4 messages
English 1 Viktor 1 - subject is closed
Cos i ahve 20 credits now after a hard struggle!!!
i dont want to waste it....
i want good fighters but i dont want fancies cos i cant trade!!!!
pls guide me
11 messages
English The Unkown - subject is closed
He scams.
2 messages
English 1 Viktor 1 - subject is closed
This is so unfair..........
i cant do trading until i buy packs atleast for once.........
its bummin me out.......
i am playin rivals for no use then....
the people buyin packs n all r already darn powerful.....
if we r atleast allowed to trade we could equal them........
atleast u could change the rule that the persons who reached the level of 20 can start trading without buying credits!!!!!!!
its also so tough to earn 20 credits from tournaments tooo!!!!
pls do this.....
then Urban-rivals will be the best game.........
5 messages
Česky rnd - subject is closed
I buy 1000Clintz for 10 credits, but I styll can not sell my cards. WHY?
5 messages
Español Chaosmighty - subject is closed
Hello peoples, Join my guild, so we can make a new competitive Team, I will give random Gift Cards to the members in my guild. So don't let a minute pass by. I will also try to help any of the members out, for whatever needs.
3 messages
English ark0n - subject is closed
WHY? well because ill pay you 2000 clintz i dont event know what you use them for .?!
And ill give you 10 credits What are they for
1 message
English 0-kinchie-evo - subject is closed
We are looking for anyone wishing to come join with us.. all welcome.. I hope to see you soon.
Wednesday 11/10/06

2 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
I could have sworn it was different than the last time I saw it...
Monday 09/10/06

17 messages
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
For that ones that have Kinjo lvl 5 : What ability have him? I wanna buy Kinjo but I wanna know his ability. It can be damage X ? If "yes" ,what number represents X ?
12 messages
English jimbobjam - subject is closed
How do i go into ELO mode... as everytime i try to chalenge an ELO player, it says ELO players are only avilable in ELO mode
3 messages
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
What's the Ability of A Award?
Sunday 08/10/06

2 messages
Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
K650-Looping only has got three cards in his collection.....I thought this was impossible (you must have 8 cards to have a valid deck)

Can someone explane that?

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