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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 08/09/14

2 messages
English (ATL)ProbleM - last answer from LW-Roronoa, Monday 08/09, 10:33.
Hey, i trade my Armanda Cr 0xp (1.23kk) for:
- marylisia cr (1.25kk) ( i put 20k clints)
-Sum Sam Cr (1.25kk) (i put 20k clints)
1 message
English AssoDiCuori - subject is closed
Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

◘ 1 Scarlett Cr 0exp 1.4m
◘ 1 Sum Sam Cr 0exp 1.25m
◘ 1 Armanda Cr 0exp 1.25m
◘ 1 Splata Cr full exp 800k
◘ 50 Noodile Cr ( 28 full+2 semi-evo+20 0exp) 18k/each

i can accept:
♥ CASH ♥
cr playables like Jackie Cr 208k, Tanaereva Cr 310k, Kerozinn Cr 680k etc etc

if you are interested contact me

4 messages
English 0_Less - last answer from Duc-Tiwi, Monday 08/09, 09:21.

I sell 1200 Magnar, 100 0xp and the rest full exp for 2.7k each one for the full exp ones and 3k for those 0xp

Contact via PM if you're intrested
5 messages
English bokneehog - last answer from bokneehog, Monday 08/09, 04:21.
Hey guys I have the following lots for sale or trade:
100x Flush 0xp (1000 ctz/ea)
8x Hawk 0xp (14500 ctz/ea)

PM me for negotiations, I will consider all offers
1 message
I would like a full exp Lamar Cr and a compliment of just 8k clintz for my Lamar Cr 0exp
3 messages
English DA-Farfa- - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Monday 08/09, 01:22.

I sell 500 Aaron 0xp for 6k/u in PS

Contact me by PM if you are intersted, thanks
1 message
English (HoA)Persax - subject is closed
Dounia 0 xp for Dounia Cr full + complement

just that please, if nobody anwers ill have to evolve mine
Sunday 07/09/14

1 message
I change my Scarlett Cr 0xp per your Marlysa Cr full or 0xp. PM if you're interested.
9 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from 0 THE J0KER, Sunday 07/09, 19:59.
Hello, I am looking to sell most of my investments!

Crazy Carlo x105 (19 Full, One 4*, One 3*, Rest 0XP) 20k/t

Westwood x1200 (479 Full, Rest 0XP) 500c/t (Only separable if buying 400+)

Mulligan x1200 (381 Full or 2*, Rest 0XP) 625c/t (Only separable if buying 200+)

Liona x19 (All 0XP) 11.5k/t

Leviatonn x4 (2 0XP, 2 Full) 29k/t for 0XP, 24k/t for Full

Toro x11 (All 0XP) 23k/t

Bristone x10 (All 0XP) 3.4k/t

Methane x20 (All 0XP) 7.5k/t

I'm interested in:
Dounia Cr (330k for Full, 345k for 0XP)

PM me or post here

Happy trading
2 messages
English bokneehog - subject is closed
Salut, j'ai a vendre ou echanger:
100 Flush 0xp 1000ctz/t
8 Hawk 0xp 15kctz/t

MP pour negocier, merci
1 message
English elite cr - subject is closed
Bonsior tous! Rech Wanda 0exp en masse.

1 Vickie Cr full (600k) -> 165 Wanda 0exp (3636/t) ---[1 fois]---
1 Vickie Cr 0exp (625k) -> 170 Wanda 0exp (3676/t) ---[8 fois]---
1 Jackie Cr full (200k) -> 58 Wanda 0exp (3448/t) ---[1 fois]---
1 Jackie Cr 0exp (220k) -> 63 Wanda 0exp (3492/t) ---[30 fois]---

VP (-50/t)
8 messages
English Duc-Tiwi - last answer from Duc-Tiwi, Sunday 07/09, 18:11.
3k for each
Put them in my Ps if you want it

1 message
English LAP_Marco - subject is closed
I guys, i would like to trade you my Scarlett Cr 0xp, i estimate it to 1,3M payable in cash or 1,4M if its in cards.

i can accept :
-some cr playable
- dounia 0xp (330k/t)
5 messages
English EA-Godlike - subject is closed
I'm selling x10 0xp Noctezuma

Price is 680k Clintz for all or 70k each.

Price is not negotiable, PM me or post here if you're willing to buy.
1 message
English MonavolaUR - subject is closed
I am willing to buy your Coby [full xp] for 20k.
anyone interested PM me
2 messages
English (ATL)ProbleM - last answer from XC Levi 69, Sunday 07/09, 06:44.
Hey all i sell NDololo Cr 0xp for 830k clints( in market is 880k)
if you want contact men
2 messages
English (ATL)ProbleM - last answer from austinevans77, Sunday 07/09, 06:15.
Hey, i Trade Berserkgirl 0xp ( 870k) for Lamar Cr 0xp (840k) + 30k
2 messages
English MonavolaUR - subject is closed
I want to trade my Pilzken (full xp) for your Dorian (any xp) + 5k clintz
PM me if you are interested
1 message
Hello all, isell 100 5* 0xp 1040/each
15 Belmundo
38 Judge Scare
21 Wolf
21 Nova
5 Valter Bianco
Saturday 06/09/14

1 message
Thats it I need Gil and Im giving Michael per Gil + 3k

Thanks mods.

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