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Friday 10/10/14

10 messages
ελληνικά - DoO - - last answer from Spykeiartist, Friday 10/10, 16:52.
My Spyke 0 exp + 2k for your Dr Copernica 0 exp

My GraksmxxT 0 exp + 2k for your 2 Dr Copernica 0 exp

My 2 Vermaire 0 exp + 5k for your Dr Copernica 0 exp

By ps, Thank you!
3 messages
English General Bose - last answer from General Bose, Friday 10/10, 15:47.
Happy trading.
I value my card= Market price.
1 message
I buy every Lost Hog Cr 0xp for 21k in private
6 messages
English ZhugeLiang Cr - last answer from General Bose, Friday 10/10, 15:01.
I would like to trade any of these cards with General Cr Full Xp :
- Guru Cr Full Xp
- Lyse Teria Cr Full Xp + 1 M

I'm looking for Full Xp General Cr, if you want to give another offer just let me know.
12 messages
English 0 Emilio - last answer from 0 Emilio, Friday 10/10, 13:45.
Today i offer you..
3100 Graven 0 xp
Pdd 7,5k/t
You can buy less copies then 3100 ofcourse
I accept:

All Riots
All cr
Graks 56k/t
Write me question.
Super lot
3 messages
English 0 Perku_CO - subject is closed
My Lamar Cr 0xp for full +10k

or Spalta Cr 0xp + 70k
Thursday 09/10/14

1 message
Hello, I am looking to trade or sell a few lots. Im mainly looking for Dounia Cr 0 xp (300k), Liona 0 xp (11k), Marjory 0 xp (6.5k), Bridge 0 xp (5k), Big Five, Collectors and clintz. However feel free to PROPOSE ANYTHING. Both the price of my lots and the value of the cards im looking for are NEGOTIABLE. Thank you for your time.

500 Magnar 0 xp 4000 each

327 Akendram 0 xp 17000 each

71 Zornado 0 xp 19000 each

216 Wee Lee 0 xp 40000 each
1 message
I stimade lamar full=2 miss Twice 0xp+20k
I stimade splata=2 Miss Twice 0xp
3 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
As the title sayd i have many 0xp cards , I cant write every card name cause they are many, Pm me and i will tell that i have its 0xp or not,
3 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from addiction08, Thursday 09/10, 14:18.
Hello all i sell 8 Dounia Cr 0xp for 313k/each PV, only cash or 60 % cash and 40% CR
13 messages
English AssoDiCuori - last answer from AssoDiCuori, Thursday 09/10, 11:36.
Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

Marlysa Cr 0exp 1.35m
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp 7m
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp 7m
♥ 7 Kalindra Cr 0exp 180k/t
♥ 3 Vickie Cr 0exp 630k/t
♥ 3 Jackie Cr 0exp 240k/t

i can accept:

cr playables like Tanaereva Cr 310k,Kerozinn Cr 650k, Caelus Cr 170k etc etc
Dr Copernica 0exp 30k

if you are interested contact me

1 message
Dalhia Cr is currently 130k and Dounia Cr 0xp is currently 311k thats a difference of 181k so no silly offers please, thanks, ( i would also accept kalindra full xp instead of clintz, she is currently 179k.
3 messages
English lord of war 15 - last answer from Six Nations, Thursday 09/10, 09:09.
I am looking for those 7 cards full, I have Clintz just inbox me
Wednesday 08/10/14

2 messages
Español CO_Moctezuma - subject is closed
2 miss Twice 0xp for lamar full or 0xp wherever.
3 messages
English G.C.K. - last answer from CO_Moctezuma, Wednesday 08/10, 23:41.
I trade solata cr 840k

write me in mp
2 messages
English PRETTY FLVCKO - last answer from AssoDiCuori, Wednesday 08/10, 22:47.
I'm looking for Lyse Teria Cr
I'll give 4M worth of non cr cards and 2.5M worth of cr including Kerozinn Cr, Vickie Cr and Lamar Cr
1 message
I am looking for one Seldnor Cr for clintz just inbox me!
4 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
I have 1 lyse teria 0xp
I value her at 6.7m
I m looking for lama,kerozine,+entire non cr collection which is equal to =5.7m+1m cash=6.7m.
Pm me or post here

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