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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 21/01/14

1 message
English Freddyt58_HoA - subject is closed
So basically,
I have to write a short story for my Uni course. The idea is to take an existing story and for me to write my own story with ties in with everything happening in the original story. So instead of doing the boring regular ones I'm hoping to earn more marks by doing something unique, a story in the wonderful world of Clint City.
I'm toying with the idea of doing a story based on Freaks and Skeelz. Post ideas for storylines, and the best one (the one i use) will get a Baby Q and a Clara
please pm me ideas, do not post here
8 messages
English kraksy - last answer from Zincomega, Tuesday 21/01, 22:20.
Maybe It could be possible to add new window with face camera view.

I know that girl (or pretty dog) in front of camera eye can be distracting and real opponent can sit out of the range, but it could bring new dimension to this game.
Monday 20/01/14

4 messages
English Richliu - last answer from Richliu, Monday 20/01, 20:54.
How should we get rid of them?
Sunday 19/01/14

3 messages
English 0 Taso - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Sunday 19/01, 22:28.
George has shot up in price, long term how much do you think he will be worth/top off at?
21 messages
English TheFirstZack - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Sunday 19/01, 02:25.
I have been on and off this game, but lately only check msgs once in blue moon.
I have 1.4m clintz and a card value that i shall not disclose. Any one have any fun ideas for my current 1.4m clintz.
All ive been doing is logging on and buying any new cards with a value of 250k or under but i never seem to run out lol.
My buddy cow.(different user name keeping it private) but ive given him over 1m cards for events(xmas b-days etc) lol
but im bored and looking for fun ways i can dispose some of this cash. ^.^
so basicly find something ill enjoy to do with my cash. and ill give you 100k if i am satisfied. and one of my Cr's (a supprize.. )

Also i play Cod Ghost if any one is interested in that.
Friday 17/01/14

7 messages
English 0 Flashh - last answer from Jamox360, Friday 17/01, 22:41.
I don't understand why there hasn't been a superhero clan created yet. All the hype that has been surrounding that topic as of late would make it a huge attention grabber, attract more of an audience, and make collecting more exciting.
Thursday 16/01/14

3 messages
English uliks - last answer from Jamox360, Thursday 16/01, 23:08.
Sory for bad english

it comes to my mind this evening, when i readed my guild chats, there was a guy asking to borrow some cards. So i was thinking...."oh what a sad guy, i think i wuld give him some, but i am not so sure he wuld return card back to me, since i had scaming exspirances"

so i was thinking why not make sistemut whit a price offcourse. that culd share card whit everybody, and they cant get selled like Ld cards and they can return back to his owner, i had fealing it is awesome idea that wuld help eveyone.
thank you for bader rading this. Oh....then a again....meybee it stupid idea becouse then everyone culd have eny card becouse some people have a thousands cards.

Well i had incredible inspiration so i wanted to share whit others
Wednesday 15/01/14

8 messages
English Sephiroth_DvF - last answer from Sephiroth_DvF, Wednesday 15/01, 23:53.
How do i get a 4* 0exp card to 499x exp?

Please be specific as possible. Like win certain number of rounds and matches. thank you.
3 messages
English TDGZac - last answer from JO3SHMO, Wednesday 15/01, 13:02.
Hello everyone, Zac here from TripleDotGames

In the past the English Urban rivals Youtube community has had many great personalities and shows, such as Meep102 or the Urban rivals Talkshow.

Although i am well aware there is still alot of active members for the english community, i and others share my interest that we would like to bring UR back to YT.

I think this can be achieved by cooperation and community interest.

I would like the bring the Urban rivals talkshow back to my Youtube Channel (if admins are permitting i will post a link)

So what can you do to help?

Simply just leave a comment below to pledge your interest in either showing that you would Subscribe or Like, or to be a actual guest on the talkshow!

The talkshow would cover topics including:

ELO: decks and banned characters
New character releases
Gamemode stratergies
New Cr's
Other challenges such as cheap decks
Any other new subjects (such as the new shop)

You might call me ambitious but this has been achieved before and could easily happen again except now starring you!

Any questions, please drop us a comment below but im more likely to see it if you send me a PM.

Eventually i feel would should easily be able to make a guild and possibly expand onto Fantasy Rivals.

Thanks for reading and i hope to see you pledge your supoort below, it's free! (but in the future could score you some sweet prizes)
Tuesday 14/01/14

29 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - last answer from Tranquil_Suit, Tuesday 14/01, 11:58.
I'll do a bit of preliminary anlysis on the cost-effectiveness of the different .

First, let's split the New Blood & Mega New Blood from the other packs. They have different appoaches anyhow.

NB = 3 (new) cards inc. 0 rare min. , for 20 creds
2xNB = 6 (new) cards inc. 0 rare min. , for 40 creds
MNB = 7 (new) cards inc. 1 rare min. , for 40 creds

So, MNB > NB. (">" means "better than"

Now let's compare Elite vs Ultimate vs Titanium.

EL = 7 cards inc. 1 rare min. , for 40 creds
UL = 12 cards inc. 3 rare min. , for 90 creds
TI = 30 cards inc. 6 rare min. , for 180 creds

Based on what I've seen so far, I'm making the following ASSUMPTION on how the cards in a pack are distributed: Every card that's not guaranteed to be rare, has a big chance Z to be Common, a small chance Y to be Uncommon and a very small chance X to be Rare, with X+Y+Z = 1

My GUESS is this: Z = 0.60 Y = 0.35 X = 0.05

I'm also assuming that EL/UL/TI all have the same chance distributions!!
10 messages
English LimChonKah- - subject is closed
Hi guys, not sure if i'm the only one having this problem here so i just started a thread to ask around.

basically, there's an option to do surveys via trialpay's crowflower and that will net you 5 credits per survey completed. so far i've been able to do 10 surveys i.e. earn 50 credits each time before they have an error telling me i can't connect to the page.

however, a few days back i wasn't able to do so anymore. i can only do a max of 2 surveys i.e. 10 credits and the trialpay site will block me from connecting to the website.

does anyone else here have the same problem?
257 messages
English Wakayama3 - last answer from Space Churros, Tuesday 14/01, 01:39.
This is just some annoying but yet funnt thing I saw on another forum, so I thought, "Hey why not here"?
Maybe this is irrelevant on Strategy and Tactics: General, but let it be so.

Ok, it works like this. I mention a word or phrase (UR-related) and the person who posts next must write down the next UR-related (character, clan, event in clint city (let it be anything, by the forum rules ofc :smirk). And the person after that relates to the latest post.

On the other forum, this has went on since 04´. Ok, I can start:

Power = Power opp.
Monday 13/01/14

6 messages
English -DanZo - last answer from -DanZo, Monday 13/01, 17:31.
Looking for someone to make me a new avatar. Willing to pay high price if satisfied with the avatar.

Of good quality and fits my specifications, if you think you make good avi's drop me a PM
4 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - last answer from Wakayama3, Monday 13/01, 06:50.
Seriously, it seems like nowadays every new card MUST have an ability. Whatever happened to basics?

Just a thought: a Common card with No Ability and elevated base Pow/Dam.
Sunday 12/01/14

61 messages
English -NN_Sarphyrox - last answer from AsianRepublic, Sunday 12/01, 20:55.
What happened to the old shop packs? it is now basic, silver, gold, and ultimate. i tried to browse on the message board for update and found nothing. furthermore, when i try to access it on iphone the shop packs are still the same(extended, standard, elite, and full deck)
1 message
Long story short, I created the guild that I'm in right now (Veteranos), only dedicated to Portuguese players. But then I had to take a time out from Urban Rivals so I nominated someone else as the founder so they could still keep everything running while I was away. Well now that I'm back (It's been a year or two) The guy that I nominated as the founder forgot his account password and the e-mail attached to it, so there's pretty much nothing I can do to get my ownership back.
So now I decided to maybe create a new one, this time for any English speaking member around here, and I would like to know who would be interested into joining me. Any levels will be accepted, I'm not picky with that, and I always help out members is it's under my possibilities, I don't mind wasting 30+ min or so helping out a member training/clearing missions, and I would like the guild to be as social as possible, so members that like to chat around while playing would be most-welcome too.
If anyone has any questions or if you want to let me know if you'll join then please either pm me or leave a post here, when at least 2 members decide to join in I'll abandon the guild that I'm in and create the new one later, and I'll invite said members.
Sorry for the long post
Saturday 11/01/14

4 messages
English _EDGY - last answer from -Wicer-, Saturday 11/01, 16:57.
Ok i guess this has been asked before a million times or if not its something so obvious i should already know..!?
Is there any way to obtain LD cards at all or is it purely if you were lucky enough to hold them prior to LD status??
Thursday 09/01/14

48 messages
English Richliu - last answer from Infiniti, Thursday 09/01, 22:51.
AMA= Ask Me Anything

Looking forward to answering questions.
4 messages
English MySetaHardrive - last answer from CN Mafioso, Thursday 09/01, 03:53.
Does anybody know what the objective is for the mission called "Digital Animal"
11 messages
English Squirtroll - last answer from Squirtroll, Thursday 09/01, 01:50.
Honestly, I wasn't even sure where to put this

Now when I first started playing there were dozens of friendly, helpful, en players on the feed, constantly talking
Many of these players have retired and overall en participation has dropped

Many iPhone players, me included, only have the app for the activity feed

If any easily non offended, entertaining people are willing to try and revive the friends feed please comment the star emoji
If it is ok to add you and expect an add in return

Friendly neighborhood squirtroll

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