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Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode

ELO is a refined and rewarding game mode. Discuss ELO subtleties with your rivals.
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Wednesday 30/04/14

33 messages
English teeheemancer - last answer from - Gino -, Wednesday 30/04, 02:10.
Hello, so yeah I decided to go ELO and was just wondering what is the current meta or what clans are good to go atm. I'm considering GHEIST or Piranas but I would like to hear some opinions from you guys.
11 messages
English NavyShad - last answer from - Gino -, Wednesday 30/04, 01:58.
I was running with junta but they been losing... A lot I need help trying to figure out what cards/clans are the best at this moment in time... took a 6 month vacation so my knowledge isn't what it use to be
Sunday 20/04/14

1 message
My First Top=1368 [1388]
got to 1388 fell a lot and now im gonna stay at 1368 for the top
Friday 18/04/14

8 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from Soiuku, Friday 18/04, 18:20.

I went for a cheap cost and efficient deck here.
The Heals and Raw Damage let you easily keep pace while SOA and SOB help cover the nasty's.
You have a Pseudo Dr with Willow and solid stats for the most part.

As for Crunchy, I'm surprised at his effectiveness; he's good.
Up to 4 Pills against 7 Power Cards he will usually Tie (And win thanks to 2* status )
7 x 4 = 28. 28 - 12 = 16. 4 x 4 = 16
Great surprise to find this out !
Thursday 17/04/14

2 messages
English 0_Less - last answer from RemusRolu, Thursday 17/04, 08:15.
Monday 14/04/14

3 messages
English C9 Hai - last answer from EAClintFighter, Monday 14/04, 09:03.
Hi guys, it's Hai.

First time to play ELO, I received around 50,000 clintz from the 40 credit Elite pack and made a cool ELO deck.

Sunday 13/04/14

Saturday 12/04/14

1 message

Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome
Friday 11/04/14

1 message
Hi, i've been using Skeelz and GHEIST and im getting alot of defeats even in tournaments(mainly because im not paying attention)
Should i sell the cards and play with another clan because i really like this deck but im not getting results.
Thursday 10/04/14

12 messages
English Silver Echo - last answer from troll4663, Thursday 10/04, 05:33.
Is there a list of Cards I should buy.. like Meta cards or something of each clan?
Wednesday 09/04/14

2 messages
English Soiuku - last answer from wats_happenin, Wednesday 09/04, 09:02.
Hey there everyone, I recently went into ELO and was finding a rough time with the Skeelz and SOB Matchups with this. I don't sweat the SOA Matchups nearly as much.
The deck actually is doing good; 1107 in 1hr 20/30.
But I could use your input to help boost me over those Skeelz and SOB Matchups.
Thanks in Advance!
Tuesday 08/04/14

13 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from wghheghfuehui, Tuesday 08/04, 04:04.
I am tempted to never selling him but that is a lot of Clintz.
Monday 07/04/14

3 messages
English Crimson Dream - last answer from Blue_Muffin, Monday 07/04, 19:26.
I'm new to the game & was wonder that, are these cards perma banned from this mode & such i shouldn't plan to put them in my deck or do the bans change frequently enough to go ahead & put them in my deck & just have a plan B incase they get banned again?
Friday 04/04/14

4 messages
English express54321 - last answer from troll4663, Friday 04/04, 01:19.
Lately, I haven't been seeing Uppers being used in ELO. What happened to them?

Last year, they seemed to be everywhere, and that -10 attack is a pretty formidable bonus.
Wednesday 02/04/14

15 messages
English EA-abcdfuku - last answer from Chozo-Kid, Wednesday 02/04, 15:04.
Here is my Skeelz elo deck and im looking for feedback and advice.
Also any tips on how to play Skeelz in general would be helpful too.

Dr Falkenstein
Tuesday 01/04/14

6 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Tuesday 01/04, 17:37.


That is uncalled for...
5 messages
English Lucks7ven LoA - last answer from Lucks7ven LoA, Tuesday 01/04, 02:53.
Hello I recently returned to urban rivals after a break and I founf that Vortex is quite a good clan to with especially with the Zoid plus C Wing combo. Thoughts please? Also what would a good Vortex or half deck with Vortex be?
Monday 31/03/14

3 messages
English Milo Supreme - last answer from Milo Supreme, Monday 31/03, 11:46.
First of all, i'd like to apologize for this double post, i just don't know how to unlock my recent post. lol

Well, currently here's my deck:

El Galscaro
El Matador
Derby Queen


Your comments would be so much aprreciated. Thank you and good day.
3 messages
English EAClintFighter - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Monday 31/03, 07:09.
There can't be many others.
Sunday 30/03/14

1 message
English Milo Supreme - subject is closed
I can't really decide what to choose for elo, im also having second thoughts on making a half deck for Freaks or Sentinel. I would love if someone could help me sort things out.


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