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Strategy and Tactics : Deathmatch Mode

This brand new mode is exciting but which ultimate deck will rule all Deathmatches? Share your best combo and tactics here.
592 subjects - 3281 messages

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Thursday 14/02/13

Saturday 26/01/13

Wednesday 23/01/13

3 messages
English LA -CuZza - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Wednesday 23/01/2013, 10:45.
2HKO Rules

Hi i'm new to DM, any advice?
Monday 21/01/13

3 messages
English AsianRepublic - subject is closed
Expressing an idea since I have no more cards.

Miss Stella

1 SOA, 1 SOB, 1 DR, 2 Ultra Attack Manipulations, 1 Power Reduction, 1 Power Reducing Leader. Definition of a well rounded and overpowered Deathmatch Standard deck where all you have to do is old to win every single game no matter what the situation.
5 messages
English 0_Jess - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Monday 21/01/2013, 22:32.
Monday 14/01/13

6 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from AsianRepublic, Monday 14/01/2013, 08:22.
Sekutor's Gold

My modified dream Vortex deck

Perfect deck for standard DM.
Kicks ass !
Friday 11/01/13

7 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Friday 11/01/2013, 03:52.
Future Rulers !

My dream Vortex deck. Beast in standard mode if Ambre is switched to Morphun.
But this was my dream deck. So made it

Rate and comment guys !
Friday 04/01/13

3 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Friday 04/01/2013, 13:23.
Wednesday 02/01/13

1 message

Rate, comment? c:
Thursday 27/12/12

12 messages
English mr7eveN - last answer from AsianRepublic, Thursday 27/12/2012, 19:09.
☆ Forgotten Nightmare Uchtul ™ ☆

Thanks UR for "Forgotten Nightmare" Event - R&C
Thursday 20/12/12

7 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 20/12/2012, 15:49.
Pls R&C
have come back after a long time in the game
Wednesday 19/12/12

5 messages
English Stukeley - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Wednesday 19/12/2012, 03:33.
Any changes?
Wednesday 12/12/12

7 messages
English Regonox - last answer from chenkz, Wednesday 12/12/2012, 15:04.
Hi everyone,

I often do not receive my spoils of war after a DM because I get thrown into the classic room.
Whenever a DM ends I have to wait until the rewards are given, but every time I finish my last game just after the extra time starts I can stay in the room a while but eventually get thrown out.
I've tried simply waiting and also tried clicking Fight every say 10 seconds, but either way I get thrown.
Missed lots of DM wins this way and pretty fed up with it by now.

Anyone else have this or even better anyone know how to prevent this from happening?
Wednesday 05/12/12

7 messages
English chenkz - last answer from chenkz, Wednesday 05/12/2012, 01:58.
Hi, i have some kind of problem here.

i won a deathmatch with 725 points but did not get recorded, as well as my average deathmatch points. in fact, that my highest deathmatch points.

i stayed until the end and did not get the results, i wait until about 1 minute left and then the score ranking below went blank (as it redirected to fight club)

i got this same problem before but with less points.

anyone know how to fix it?

i think the staff should change the deathmatch system so it wont redirected until the deathmatch get a results or redirected it after 5 minutes because the the deathmatch has 5 minutes extra time.
Saturday 01/12/12

8 messages
English jeber89 - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Saturday 01/12/2012, 19:07.

Been having great success with this lately. Managed to hit 6/0/0 2 or 3 times, unfortunately I still need to work on playing fast to get that elusive 7/0/0.
3 messages
Português CN Mafioso - last answer from Shanks Miagi, Saturday 01/12/2012, 19:03.

Rate,comment? c:
Thursday 29/11/12

4 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Thursday 29/11/2012, 12:02.
Level => Beast

Use it and you wont regret it.
Wednesday 28/11/12

3 messages
English AsianRepublic - subject is closed
I am Asian Republic, and I have reached level 100!

1 000 155 battle points
11105 fights including 9516 wins.

New Goal: First Ranking in the U.S.A.

I have made many friends along the time I've been here.
I have also made many enemies too.
I suffered emotional hardships and stress along this 90 day journey.
Yet, nothing stopped me from getting this far.
In the end, anything is possible with a touch of dedication and the ability to control pains from hardships.

Thank you everyone for coming to share this moment with me

Tuesday 27/11/12

6 messages
English Memphis16 - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Tuesday 27/11/2012, 11:39.
I know this question sucks. But I dont know how haha. Anyone?

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