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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 01/01/08

22 messages
English Desent - last answer from ReverseRaven, Tuesday 01/01/2008, 16:50.

Fang pi(12*)
Windy Mor(3*)
Xia Leming(3*)

K Cube(2*)

So I have 4 stars left, and a very small amount of money. Right now, Linda looks like she will replace Xia, and that would be it for fang pi, at 12*. But who should go into the Nightmare part? I'm thinking Kenny for Mojo, and Nistarok for K Cube, meaning 13* for Nightmare.

33 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from Zinthar, Tuesday 01/01/2008, 13:53.
Thanks for the Gaia Noel UR Staff!
19 messages
Deutsch Paradoxa - last answer from PanzerElement, Tuesday 01/01/2008, 01:07.
I´m new to that game and want to start now, making me a good deck.
I like the Nightmare Clan, and I´m in the opinion, the Bonus might be very powerfull.
But I realized that the good cards are very expensive in the Nightmare Clan, to win Clintz I need a good Deck and for a good Deck I need new cards, which mean I have to spent Clintz and can´t save same.
So I have the question: which cards are powerfull enogh to buy them in the very beginning and must be changed when the deck is completed or nearly completed?
Can someone help me creating a good starter deck (Nightmare) with less clintz, and then the end-deck, which cards to change... I think you know what I mean, I hope someone can help me, I´m very confused about all the cards
Monday 31/12/07

16 messages
English OUC_Kenny - last answer from 0Vman LoA, Monday 31/12/2007, 20:50.
The best deck would be la juanta and Bangers or Bangers and leaders lol
Sunday 30/12/07

4 messages
English hobo joe - last answer from hobo joe, Sunday 30/12/2007, 04:36.
Ok if you have two of the same cards the bonus doesn't activate but the ability does, will it work for a Leader such as Vansaar, Ambre or murphun ?
Saturday 29/12/07

9 messages
English Silver982 - last answer from Elite Star, Saturday 29/12/2007, 22:24.
Uppers = 11

Zatman lvl 3
Rubie lvl 3
Frankie Hi lvl 3
Samantha lvl 2

Montana = 14

Mona lvl3
Giovanni lvl3
Murphy lvl4
Rosa lvl4

or :

Uppers =12
Frankie Hi

La Junta 11
Jane Ramba

please write your oppinions than you
5 messages
English Brusque - last answer from Brusque, Saturday 29/12/2007, 16:22.
What should i do to improve this deck.
B Ball
juicey lord
6 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from Gone4eva, Saturday 29/12/2007, 13:06.
Please rate my type two deck [i'd rather call it a compilation as it is no certain clan of characters
No Nam
Please tell me how i can improve coz i have lots of money and im getting some more from an aouction so if needed i can improve by buying new cards
Please suggest
4 messages
English MagicJordan - last answer from 0-DCGOJ cute, Saturday 29/12/2007, 13:03.
Ok ive go a question. I have a type 2 deck, but for some reason is not allowing me to enter the type 2 channel. Its saying my deck is not the proper format, but My character only equal 26 stars and it hasent exceeded the limit. I dont have enough clintz to but another card and replace it or w/e. So what can I do. Heres My deck

Crystal lvl 4-Max
Flyer lvl 3- Max
Aldo lvl 3-Max
Mort Bax lvl 4-Max
Josh lvl- 3-Max
Aurelia lvl 2-Max
Pulsar lvl 3-Max
Phonos lvl 4-(5 lvls)

Flyer lvl 3
3 messages
English jeprokzki - last answer from 0-Jade, Saturday 29/12/2007, 10:15.
Please help im a newbie and i have another question...where do i get those cards that i need? thanks
1 message
I am trying to build a good deck with my two clans:

Bangers and Fang Pi Clang

These are all of the Fang Pi Clang I have

Endo (C) Kati (U) Linda (R)
Lihoi Chun (C) Kinjo (U)
Mini Mosu (C) Windy Mor (U)
Sakazuki (C)
Tatane (C)
Natrang (C)

These are all of the Bangers I have:

MC Decay (C) Bodenpower (U)
Fifty (U)
Laetitia (U)
If buying more cards are recommended please post in your reply and if you have alternates or whatever please post I am open to all ideas so that other people can use these ideas
3 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Force Majeure, Saturday 29/12/2007, 04:36.
I'm deciding what to use against All Stars and Uppers
Z3r0 D34d
Miken Moose
by the way i like Good Winning chances using power and damage
5 messages
English joeroberts - last answer from PanzerElement, Saturday 29/12/2007, 01:49.
Is this okay?
Esmeralda *2
Crassus *4
Wolfgang *4
Zoltan *3
Dieter *3
Kenny *4
Sheitane *2
Timmy *3

I know it's a lot of poison, and you can't stack it, but it had to be affordable for me.
Please comment
2 messages
English reincrystal - last answer from Tanto89, Saturday 29/12/2007, 00:16.
Is there anyway to just see the cards in your deck not the entirety of the cards in your collection
Friday 28/12/07

7 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from Lewster48, Friday 28/12/2007, 15:28.
This is a type 2 deck which is designed for either one or 2 hit KO's, not always will a bonus come into effect though
All Stars: Oyoh
Bangers: Bodenpower, Vermyn N and Willy
Fang Pi Clang: Kinjo, Lost Hog, Macumba
Ghiest: Erika, Vladimir
Junkz: Kawan
La Junta: No Nam
Montana: Murphy, Rosa
Pussycats: Charlie, Clara
Roots: Armand
Sentinel: Copper
Ulu Watu: Hikiyousan, Lulabee, Wee Lee
Uppers: Tyler, Dorian, Zatman
Leaders: Ambre or Timber ([I Only have 3 leaders at the moment]Ashiguru, Morphun, Vansaar)
And also every card is maxxed, although it may sound stupid but they are
Can you give me some extra tips on it please
6 messages
English Dx 188 - LOA - last answer from ibtd, Friday 28/12/2007, 13:20.
I cant stand theese double deck things....i always end up getting 3 from one clan and 1 fomr another clan or all my crappy cards or w/e.....I need advice on an all Ulu Watu deck, an all Bangers deck, or an all Roots deck......have at it guys....
6 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from ibtd, Friday 28/12/2007, 13:05.
What can you suggest?
5 messages
English Beliazmodan - last answer from Gone4eva, Friday 28/12/2007, 12:41.

Ulu Watu
Gaia Noel



I Have been losing alot of stupid rounds that i guess lost because of luck but can anyone tell be if there is any Major improvement in my deck i can make?

Clintz - 6000 (5960)
4 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from Lewster48, Friday 28/12/2007, 10:39.
Dear all forum go-ers, i want to know how the courage ability works because not always when i am playing does this ability come into play
thank you
Thursday 27/12/07

12 messages
English Whatlol - last answer from Whatlol, Thursday 27/12/2007, 23:34.
Ok i want a good Freaks deck or mixed with Freaks for ELO
i have all the Freaks except geuner and splata
i also have all the Pussycats except the Cr. but i have cassio
I have all the junta except the cr.
I have all the Uppers except Tyler and the cr.
I have Rosa Don ottaviia Mona Pino
I have Hugo Bridget and im going to get Ambre

can somebody help me please

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