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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 15/12/07

5 messages
English Get_That_Money - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 15/12/2007, 16:05.
It's designed for type 2...

Don 6/8
Giovanni 5/6
Mona 6/4
Ottavia 7/3
Gaia 7/4
Hikiyousan 8/5
Lulabee 7/6
Nanook 8/4

Have mercy please, I started yesterday...
5 messages
English wL_StarZ - last answer from Gone4eva, Saturday 15/12/2007, 13:30.
Got All The Cardz
6 messages
English ZibaZ - last answer from Gone4eva, Saturday 15/12/2007, 10:44.
What good elo deck can i make with this cards?? :
Freaks :
Geuner Cr

Leader :

Montana :
Flesh Pimp
Mort Bax

And + i have about 13-14k Clintz...
What are your suggestions?
I would like Montana only deck , but any other strong combination would be good too
2 messages
English xX-storm-Xx - last answer from 0-Jade, Saturday 15/12/2007, 10:03.
My deck so far is:
Mort blax

I plan to replace:
Mort blax with Rosa
Angelina with Ottavia

Sorry if i didnt post the cards right, but any advise on how to improve would be nice, thz in advance
5 messages
English GDan - last answer from Gone4eva, Saturday 15/12/2007, 04:31.
Im using a Junkz/sentenial build....]



what should i do to fix this deck, i lose alot....
Friday 14/12/07

16 messages
Deutsch scaltz - last answer from Anger_HM, Friday 14/12/2007, 23:30.
Because when i try to remove High level cards in my deck (mainly 'cuz of level completed) I lose......I can't leave out low-level cards cuz well.....they need to evolve!
8 messages
English Opec - last answer from elfayra, Friday 14/12/2007, 23:00.
Okay, I'm 3 credits away from 20 credits and I could get those from tournaments today. So I want to ask this question: New Blood or Danger? Doesn't really matter what my deck is at all here. But I could pick Danger and get lucky and pull SkrumxxT (which I need for my deck) or get New Blood and sell them/or just show off with them.
Ideas? I'm thinking of risking the chance and getting Danger.
4 messages
English NoTerroriZe - last answer from elfayra, Friday 14/12/2007, 22:45.
why the card so expensive, when I first joined this game, the cheap like kenny, lamar, etc. below 10k clintz now its more. how to stabilize the price of the market
10 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from Anorchia, Friday 14/12/2007, 21:17.
I want to build Ultimate Rescue Deck... I want to have 8 cards type 1 , Rescue Deck .. please one could post here the best Rescue deck thank you
3 messages
English Shedinja1 - subject is closed
In Nintendo's Wario Ware series, there is a character called Ashley. (seen on my picture with her pet, Red.) I think she should be a character in the Nightmare clan, as she is easily the best Wario Ware character. Please post your opinions of this below.
38 messages
English rooster6050 - last answer from DragonT, Friday 14/12/2007, 16:57.
Id say Roots Freaks ang GHEIST
i wud say sakrohym but newbs use that a lot
7 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from ReverseRaven, Friday 14/12/2007, 15:01.
A request came for this so I thought I would try and come up with something.

I will explain my choices after each clan.


Dieter - 3*
Nistarok - 5*
Kenny - 4*
Sheitane - 2*

Dieter is because this deck will lack SoA (Stop opponents Ability). As a 6/3 he is not completely awful and he can prevent someone like Alec from getting too much damage through.
Nistarok is for 8 power for one and his damage isn't too bad either. If he loses or you need to use him defensively taking only 3 damage instead of 8 or less is nice.
Kenny, staple in NM deck can mean the difference between a win or a loss. Know when to use him defensively. I prefer to use him when they play a char that does not have SoA so I know the damage will get through. Fury is nice but NOT a necessity, don't kill all your pills on the first turn. I tend to save him for 3rd or 4th turn.
Sheitane, Poison damage hurts. IF you can get her through the first turn you are pretty much golden unless you get KOed.

Ulu Watu:

Gabrielle - 2*
Nanook - 3*
Gaia - 3*
Ice Jim - 3*

Gabrielle: Defensive mostly but don't underestimate her. Can use 1 pill if you think they are Defensive.
Nanook: Possible 10/4 power can be good
Gaia: 9/4 with - to attack. Very nice.
Ice Jim: SoA is short here. You may end up needing him. More defensive then anything but can win.

I really wanted Lulabee in here but Nistarok is much better. Ulu Watu's strength is power. Just remember that and you should be fine.
1 message
Got All The Cardz... Except For The 3 Crs And Erpeto And Esmeralda
5 messages
English wL_StarZ - last answer from 23_cent, Friday 14/12/2007, 12:32.
Help Me Make A Elo Rescue Deck...


W/out The Cardz Kerry And Steve!!!
2 messages
English chaz1 - last answer from 0-Jade, Friday 14/12/2007, 09:09.
So far been using in type 1

Bobby C 6/2 A: +3 damage 3 stars
Larry C 3/3 A: support +1 power 2 stars
Lea U 6/2 A: stop opp bonus 2 stars
Slyde C 5/4 A: -3 opp damage min 1 3 stars

Junkz-dont reli no y i started usin them but seems to be going ok
Gibson C 8/4 A: stop opp bonus 4 stars
Malmoth U 7/5 A: -4 opp attack min4 4 stars
Crystal U 4/7 A: stop opp bonus 4 stars
Dash R 6/1 A: damage =dammage opp 2 stars

thank you any pointers on where to inprove havent got much money atm though oh and im lv 14
7 messages
English losthawk91 - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Friday 14/12/2007, 05:13.
I have Junkz and sackroms in my deck and I need to get a decent 2 star card, but both Lunatik and Dash have the same power/damage. the only deciding factor would be their abilities, if you know the abilities of either one, I would appreciate you posting them here
Thursday 13/12/07

12 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Thursday 13/12/2007, 23:23.
I need a cheap elo 1/2 deck (4 cards) to match with either ulu or FPC
i need a couple of soa's in this deck coz i have none in the others
the budget is 1500 ctz (no more than 2000 ctz)

possible clans i might like are:
Sentinel (i've already got Miranda)

clans i'm not concidering
junta, FPC, ulu (already have 4 cards)
Uppers, All Stars, Pussycats (WHAT! i dont want the "super strong" clans??? only because they're expensive)
Rescue because it needs a pure deck to be really strong
4 messages
English ReverseRaven - last answer from RG LoA, Thursday 13/12/2007, 16:05.
What makes the card THAT good? I remember a few months ago when he cost only 300 or so clintz, at max level, mind you. So, why is he around 2k now?
10 messages
English Damgark - last answer from RG LoA, Thursday 13/12/2007, 15:58.
Montana and Uppers have cards on minus attack on both ability and clan bonus. Do they stack up?
For example,
Zatman (-4 opp attack min 1 and -10 opp attack min 3) will be -14 opp attack min 3???
Don (-4 opp attack min 2 and -12 opp attack min will be -16 opp attack min 8???
6 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from diedsoul, Thursday 13/12/2007, 03:28.
I'm thinking of making a deck with All Stars in it, quite a good clan so just wondering..what would go good with them..other than Uppers.lol. Anyways..here's an idea (Lamar is simply out of the picture unless i get him in a pack, too expensive for someone who haven't got credits yet)

All Stars 12*
Striker 4*
Ashley 2*
Marina/Alexei (?) 4*
Flo 2*

Sakhrom 13*
Uranus 3*
SkrumxxT 5*
Corrina 3*
Lunatik 2*

How does that look? If i have Lamar, i would switch that in for Marina/Alexei and switch in TrinmkkT for SkrumxxT.

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