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Strategy and Tactics: General

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Sunday 28/10/07

36 messages
English i amPOWERFUL - last answer from ASDDFDH, Sunday 28/10/2007, 14:37.
Mine is top 5.but it didnt happen i lost connection so i ended up top 169
3 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from ZEPPELlN, Sunday 28/10/2007, 13:54.
What's up? why did they change?

I don't like this pretty much.
2 messages
English GEC_Xmagnus - last answer from ZEPPELlN, Sunday 28/10/2007, 13:40.
Bob Joby
Mo DiFalco
Mickey T

The cards that I have'nt changed yet are:

Any suggestions???
just cheap
8 messages
English 0bby - last answer from 0 Mr Holmes, Sunday 28/10/2007, 11:17.
My deck is:


Jane Ramba

I was at 1200 ELO, but i went on a ridiculous losing streak and now I'm at like 1100. Any Ideas to make it better? I know Ashley kind of sucks, but I don't want to do the other option which would be to use Bruce for Bryan and then Lewis for Ashley.. Ideas?
9 messages
English joeroberts - last answer from joeroberts, Sunday 28/10/2007, 10:32.
I do not know what sort of deck to use for ELO
I have:
BB Cool G **
Fifty ***
Platoona ***
Vermyn N **** Maxed
Fang Pi Clang
Kinjo ****
Natrang ***Maxed
Otome ***Maxed
Sai San **** Maxed
Windy Mor *** Maxed
Brutox *** Maxed
Dr Saw **
Gheistling *** Maxed
Meyen *** Maxed
Vladimir ***** Maxed
Angelina ** Maxed
Giovanni *** maxed
Mona *** Maxed
Mort Bax **
Pino ** Maxed
Dacha Macha *** Maxed
Eve ***** Maxed
Soushee ** Maxed
Wolfgang ***
Crystal *
Flyer *** Maxed
Gibson **** Maxed
Nobrocybix ** Maxed
Candy Jack **** Maxed
Elixir *** Maxed
Hel ** Maxed
K Cube ** Maxed
Emma ***** Maxed
Svelthlana *** Maxed
Ingsthra *** Maxed
TrinmkkT **
Venus **** Maxed
All Stars
Ashley ** Maxed
Dan *** Maxed
La Junta
Burger **
Leo *** Maxed
Ulu Watu
Coraille **
Warren ** Maxed
Mo DiFalco *
Tyler ***** Maxed
Bridget ***
Ataoualpet *** Maxed
Skiner *** Maxed
Please help Thanks!
10 messages
English elfayra - last answer from Anger_HM, Sunday 28/10/2007, 05:38.
Maybe this is an update or maybe a glitch. I don't know but when i was playing against a player, i put more pillz against his cards but his cards attacked first???? It was messed up because there's the little random letters in the speech appeared on my side but his cards attacked first? His name was im a sheep so yeh.
8 messages
English LoA Geeoe - last answer from Force Majeure, Sunday 28/10/2007, 01:34.
Saturday 27/10/07

12 messages
English Jacie - last answer from ExtraLim10, Saturday 27/10/2007, 17:40.
What is a good Fang Pi Clang deck to make?
4 messages
English Grixxxle - subject is closed
I played a guy with lamar Flo Frankie Hi and Mickey T but that only appeared when i clicked the card. The next thing i see is that his deck is 2 Emma 1 Lulabee and a DJ Korr Cr wierd
4 messages
English LoA Geeoe - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 27/10/2007, 12:56.
Syd Noze or MC Decay,just taking anyones opinion
1 message
Here's my latest deck after experimenting with a handful of other clans.

Jane Ramba

I chose La Junta for several reasons and there is a reason why I decided against using a level 5. La Junta has several good cards with a lot of damage and good abilities, which makes it excellent for a single clan deck. My reason for forgoing a level 5 is the fact that it is just one card and in ELO mode, I have learned that it does more harm to me than good. Most of the time I never get it in my hand and during the games I do play it, it turns out to be useless half the time against certain cards my opponent has that seem specifically designed to take out my level 5 card. It also consumes a lot of stars that force me to use more level 2s/3s than I feel comfortable with. In any card game, it's also foolish to rely on a single card in order to win. So I decided to stop playing against the odds and play with them by using 3 level 4s, 3 level 3s, and 2 level 2s. With this deck, there is no possible way I can get hands as bad as I did with my Allstars deck, Pussy Cats deck, Nightmare deck, Ulu Watu deck, Uppers deck, Uppers/Morphun deck, Ulu Watu/GHEIST deck, and Ulu Watu/Junkz deck. All of which I sold one at a time for the funds needed for a new and improved deck. This deck has plenty of power, a lot of of damage, and several abilities that compensate for having only one clan instead of two.
4 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from 0 Mr Holmes, Saturday 27/10/2007, 02:30.
Here is my deck:
Allstars: Striker (U) *4
Alexei (U) *4
Flo (U) *2
Ashley (C) *2
Uppers: Dorian (U) *5
Zatman (U) *3
Rubie (R) *3
Samantha (C) *2
i am planing to buy Lamar (R) in exchange to Alexei (U), but the problem is that one star slot will be left... help me pls..
here is my collection thanks:
Leader: Ashigaru (R) *5
Uppers: Frankis Hi *3
allstar: Amelia (C) *3
Lewis (C) *3
Frank (C) *2
Sakhorm: Uranus (U) *3
Phonos (U) *5
Oryon (C) *3
Nightmare: Cell (C) *3
thanks ALOT!!
Friday 26/10/07

5 messages
English i am g4y - last answer from Manecofigo, Friday 26/10/2007, 15:06.
lost hog sick one hit kos
and vickie
1 message
The support attack plus 3 bonus of the Rescue clan can only be triggered when you have two or more of them in hand..the bonus increases for each card of the same clan you have in your hand..

2 Rescue cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 6
3 Rescue cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 9
4 Rescue cards in hand would mean each of them get attack plus 12

as for the support ability..the ability is multiplied by two if two members of the clan are present..
multiplied by 3 if three cards of the same clan are present..
and multiplied by four if all your cards are of the same clan..

please correct me if I am wrong..Ggs
7 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Friday 26/10/2007, 08:00.
When i play first in elo or torni, how should i start eg bluff with damage reducer, 6 pillz high damage, all pillz on Kinjo, bluff with Kinjo
i really have trouble playing the first move. if they get it, then i can counter well but if i'm first i feel unsafe
6 messages
English NewType_0 - last answer from NewType_0, Friday 26/10/2007, 06:10.
What deck should i form in which i could use Hugo
currently have 12k and growing
please for elo and type 1 use
please reply

long live T_O_F_U
2 messages
English Dawgsrule - last answer from 0- JP, Friday 26/10/2007, 02:00.
The Leader card does it do x hp added for x hits for all characters in hand or only her?
Thursday 25/10/07

7 messages
English floren - last answer from Force Majeure, Thursday 25/10/2007, 16:00.
Guys here here my list card and witch is best card for ELO




Dorian 2X
Frankie Hi
Gina Glitt
Mickey T

what card i should sell!!!
10 messages
English ASDDFDH - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 25/10/2007, 07:52.
I think the clan is very good but is it better to have a pure deck or bring in some support from another clan?

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