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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Wednesday 24/10/07

11 messages
English 0bby - last answer from i amPOWERFUL, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 06:13.
My current ELO deck is: (all maxed)

Pino =(

La Junta:
Jane Ramba

also, Zero d34d

suggestions? I also had a question. say I am using Don. his ability is -4 opponent attack min 2, and in my deck he gets his bonus, -12 opponent attack, min 8. So, what does that mean? Is he -16 opponent attack min 8? or does one get cancelled out?
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English worldpad - last answer from 0- JP, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 02:29.
Allan (C), Berserkgirl (R), Dash (R), Gibson (C), Malmouth (U), Otakool (U), Vennyle (U), and Morphun (R) all Junkz except for Morphun. What do you think?
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English i amPOWERFUL - last answer from 0- JP, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 02:26.
Kinjo * 3
Otome * 2
Ironfield * 3
Brutox * 3
Lilith * 3
Aurelia * 2
Frankie Hi * 3
Mo DiFalco * 3
improvements please!
2 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from 0- JP, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 01:41.
7 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from 0- JP, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 01:37.
Well..I'm thinking of using All Stars & Uppers combination deck..

How about this?

Frankie Hi

For ELO and daily tournament use..
Tuesday 23/10/07

8 messages
English Force Majeure - last answer from ASDDFDH, Tuesday 23/10/2007, 17:56.
Courage abilities are triggered only when you play a card first in a round.There are 4 rounds during a fight wherein each player take alternate turns in choosing which card they want to use. In all cases, whoever is the player who gets to draw the highest (star count / total stars) for their opening hand goes first for round 1, then goes to play first again for the 3rd round. For the other player, he gets to play his cards first in the second round and on the last round..These are the only times wherein a Courage ability is activated. Which means courage can be used only twice per game.

Courage abilities give you different added effects..some would give additional damage, others give you power, and so on..these will be automatically applied once you play the card first during a round. It will never be activated when you play it after your opponent has chosen his.

As a quick guide so you will not get lost..look out for this message during the VERY START of a fight:

"Round 1: your turn to play" this means you get to activate courage when you play your card, then your opponent can activate courage on the second round, you again on the 3rd, and you opponent again on the last round.

However if this appears "Round 1: waiting for opponent" this means your opponent gets to activate courage on that round, then you get to activate yours on the second round, his turn again in the 3rd round, and you again on the last.

Both you and your opponent can never activate it at the same time
6 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from ASDDFDH, Tuesday 23/10/2007, 17:44.
Just wondering, wat is really considered strong? 6 power and up? 7 power and up? also, wat damage is consider good? 5? 6? and Power is more important than damage right?
Monday 22/10/07

13 messages
English 0bby - last answer from ASDDFDH, Monday 22/10/2007, 21:09.
The Freak bonus is poison, and when you poison someone it affects them the following turn, right? And when you
inflict poison it negates previous poisons, no matter what, so doesn't that mean every round you win just delays
poison? Saying you win half the rounds, that's at most 2 rounds of poison, right?
14 messages
English -NA-MumuBB_93 - last answer from Darko EVO, Monday 22/10/2007, 19:21.
This is my deck(Pussycats+Fang Pi Clang):
Charlie 2*
Noon Stevens 3*
Gwen 3*
Svelthlana 3*

Fang Pi Clang:
Lost Hog 5*
Mini Mosu 2*
Windy Mor 3*
Xia Leming 3*

That makes me 24*.

But i got a probleme:
When my Charlie will level up at 5* i will have 27*, and i dont know what to change and i dont want to lose Lost Hog and Charlie or change my 2 clans(Pussycats+Fang Pi Clang)
Any ideas?
Plz I need help!!!!!!!!!
3 messages
English Feel The KO - last answer from Feel The KO, Monday 22/10/2007, 11:59.
I have 16k clintz and all the leaders at my disposal. i would like a player with very good experience in elo to help me build an excellent deck, can anybody help? thanks.
Sunday 21/10/07

3 messages
English LUCKY KILLER - last answer from juggalo95, Sunday 21/10/2007, 19:41.
Hey guys i am new i need help with some strong cards tht would help me win

any cards tht would help ;depressed:
5 messages
English 0MystiQ QJON - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Sunday 21/10/2007, 09:34.
I have more question about my deck, so i want write in this forum my type 1 and type 2 deck My type 1 deck is:

Dorian 3*
Rubie 3*
Jackie 4*
Gina Glitt 2*
Uranus 3*
Corrina 3*
Lunatik 2*
GraksmxxT 4*

I use 24 stars card

My Type 2 deck is almost the same like type 1, but I use 9 cards in deck :

Dorian 3*
Rubie 3*
Jackie 4*
Gina Glitt 2*
Uranus 3*
Corrina 3*
Lunatik 2*
GraksmxxT 4*
Frankie Hi 3*

It`s 27 stars

PS: Moderator if you reading this, please stick my subject, of course if it`s possible
4 messages
English 2h oyyihix - last answer from 2h oyyihix, Sunday 21/10/2007, 06:28.
Hi,guys,as you know the new ones:



What 's full level status?

Anyone any experience is always appreciated
Saturday 20/10/07

3 messages
English Alxh - last answer from Darko EVO, Saturday 20/10/2007, 20:53.
This is a deck that I'm aiming for (non ELO).

Bangers (Bonus, Power +2):

Bodenpower: 7+2 power, 7 damage, -5 opp attack.

Fifty: 5+2 power, 7 damage, stop opp ability.

VermynN: 5+2 power, 7 damage, -4 opp damage min 1.

Willy: 5+2 power, 7 damage, +4 power (courage)

Laetitia: Power=power opp +2, 6 damage.

Platoona: 7+2 power, 5 damage.

Add the Leader Ambre for +3 damage (courage) for everyone.

So...waht do you think? And what do you suggest for the 8th card? It doesn't need to be a Banger, there are already 6 so there'll always be at least two in the team, no matter what.
4 messages
English ASDDFDH - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 20/10/2007, 20:51.
Fang pi clan
Xia Leming


Yookie ?
15 messages
English 0bby - last answer from Darko EVO, Saturday 20/10/2007, 20:48.
Ok so I got:

Ashigaru (R)


The rest of my deck is kind of Fang pi right now:
Windy Mor

I also Have Kinjo but I'm training him at the moment?
I am looking for a good 3 cards to fill the gap where I don't have 3 from the same clan. I could just train Kinjo and use him instead of Emma, or i was thinking of using 2 more Pussycats with Emma. Suggestions please?
2 messages
Português Zhupons - last answer from Darko EVO, Saturday 20/10/2007, 20:32.
Well we have this battle both bonus activated!

Selsya Cr bonus cancels Striker ability and than what happens?

Selsya Cr 1 power stays 1 power and Striker bonus does no effect and both get 6 power or does selsya power goes from 1 to 6 and than Striker bonus makes it 4??

please answer me if you are sure of it, no if you think that the second option is what happens because it makes more sence!
5 messages
English 0ET_ulyssess9 - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 20/10/2007, 19:04.
Hi, I am wondering what does EVO, CR, OLD, etc... in Player names mean?

5 messages
English Play-Fast_Pls - last answer from ASDDFDH, Saturday 20/10/2007, 18:57.
I am somewhat new to the game and not the richest guy around, but I can manage.
My questions are what I should do to make my team a competitor in (Tournaments?! Elo?! I don't know which to choose!). Here are my cards:
BB Cool G
Noon Steevens
Ice Jim**
Mac Hen**

The starred cards are my current deck.
I was planning on going full Ulu Watu but I realised this might not be the best.
If you could please comment on whether I should go Elo or not (is it worth it?) and then please give me some tips on my deck, it would be great!

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