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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 17/09/07

4 messages
English ultrafried - last answer from 0S CtL, Monday 17/09/2007, 20:27.
My Team:
Dr Saw

Opponets Team:
Xia Leming
Winy Mor

My opponet played first and played out Windy with 5 pilz. I coutered with Dr Saw with 3 pilz. The Attacks were Windy Mor - 36 Dr Saw - 24. My opponet won. I was now at 6 life and it wasn't looking good. I looked really hard, but could only see 1 way to win. I sent out Dan with 8 pilz hoping my opponet would send out Kati with the rest of his pilz. The reason I thought my opponet would do this is because Dan has a -4 opp damage min 4 ability so it would seem i was sending him out to reduce damage so i don't die, and drag out pillz, then win the next 2 fights with Oyoh and Mayen. The reason my opponet would counter with Kati with all of their pilz was because they thought that I would have over looked Kati's stop ability, which would stop the damage reduction and i would be k.o'd. It worked perfectly he sent out Kati with all of his pillz the attack values were Dan - 45 Kati - 40. Dan won. Now I just had to win the next 2 fights. I figured Oyoh should fight Xia Leming since the attacks would be Oyoh - 7 Xia Leming - 4. Then Meyen would fight Crassus with 1 pill the attacks would be Meyen - 14 Crassus - 7. This gave me the most likely chance of winning. Unfortunatly for me my opponet won the next fight Oyoh vs Xia Leming and I lost the match.

This was a type 1 tournament. Sorry if this is spaming, but I think i has to do with strategy and there is no off topic forum.
Sunday 16/09/07

11 messages
English Memento Mori - last answer from Zhupons, Sunday 16/09/2007, 23:52.
At last I finished (quite) an ELO deck database.
Now you can upload your elo decks and have people vote them. The system needs some improvement yet but
it took too much time to get to thist point and I wan't to test how it works before going on.

You can see the product of 12 stopless hours of programming here. Well I spent half of the time repairing some
previous mistakes Oh, and you can use the new url. Have fun.


Click on the golden cup for ELO or in the red head to register.
15 messages
English lol 78 - last answer from Memento Mori, Sunday 16/09/2007, 16:13.
I know this topic has been discussed , how come cards like sum sam and sigmund were turned CR as far as ican see they wern't overpowered or 4/4ish
6 messages
Português Fox_Klix - last answer from Mikuljonac, Sunday 16/09/2007, 12:35.
I´m having a guild tournament, and the conditions are:
-Max 25 *;
-no doubles;

And i have 2 decks:


Saddy - 3*
Vermyn N - 4*
Graff - 2*
Juicy Lord - 3*


XU52 - 5*
Methane - 4*
Z3r0 D34d-2*
Selsya Cr -2*




Ulu Watu-10*

Chad Bread-1*

so now, i need your help, i have all Montana´s , and all All Stars... there is no banned cards... so can you help me ???
24 messages
English lol 78 - last answer from Gone4eva, Sunday 16/09/2007, 01:11.
Just about to play ELO and i already have a idea of the clans i want to use :
Ulu Watu and La Junta
now i need to know if i should have a good damage reducer in there , i already have Vermyn N maxed but should i swap him for a Uranus , i have just over 2k to spend upgrading and changing my deck heres the cards i have currently

Ulu Watu:

La Junta
jane ramba

damage reducer:
Vermyn N

all are maxed , any ideas would help me out alot thank you in advance
Saturday 15/09/07

6 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from B0B_BROTHER, Saturday 15/09/2007, 21:36.
Hey can u make me a deck of Uppers + Sakrohm

and Pussycats + allstars
Friday 14/09/07

6 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from buayasg, Friday 14/09/2007, 13:18.
Pls help me and teach me hoe to play in ELO mode... tnx!!
Thursday 13/09/07

14 messages
English Horus WMD - last answer from DerMagus, Thursday 13/09/2007, 19:55.
...why "Stop Opp Ability" doesn't work on Leaders?
5 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Gryazzie, Thursday 13/09/2007, 07:17.
Ok........heres my deck..I'm going pure Bangers and trying to get 1 Leader

heres my deck
BB Cool G
Vermyn N

trying to change chikko with some Leader( except with Ashigaru cause i have no idea whats his ability does and trying to change Jenny and BB Cool G with Juicy Lord and Graff
Wednesday 12/09/07

18 messages
English lol 78 - last answer from Memento Mori, Wednesday 12/09/2007, 10:42.
Who do you guys think will be the next non soliel collcetors?
Tuesday 11/09/07

7 messages
English lol 78 - last answer from lol 78, Tuesday 11/09/2007, 13:42.
Sorry for this but i see it alot , how come some of the cards don't have any signatures of who made them
Monday 10/09/07

8 messages
English freakout - last answer from Wise-TPW, Monday 10/09/2007, 21:12.
Hi I need helpful advice on how to make a good elo pure Freaks deck my current deck is
Ironfield, Crassus, Macieji, Vassili, Soushee, boris, Zoltan, and Miss Ming
I also have all Freaks but diyo
7 messages
English Siili - last answer from -Falchion-, Monday 10/09/2007, 17:12.
I am losing interest to the game only because this game favors lower level in even situation, make it random.
5 messages
English NachomusPrime - last answer from NachomusPrime, Monday 10/09/2007, 03:38.
Just like the title. How does one take screen shots of battles and such, and where does the picture file show up on your computer?

This is assuming you are even able to take screen shots
Sunday 09/09/07

3 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Horus WMD, Sunday 09/09/2007, 19:13.
I was fighting until theres a some pop up saying theres an error in the network thingy..after i click ok..its timeout...than I LOSES STATS!!!! WHY!!!
9 messages
Português 0S CtL - last answer from UR-JMB, Sunday 09/09/2007, 12:01.
Can someone give advice on how to build a good deck with All Stars and Roots?

I have:

All Stars



Miken Moose

Cheep deck...
6 messages
English Warewolf - last answer from Memento Mori, Sunday 09/09/2007, 00:27.
I've seen this happen many times in fights. On the last round of the fight my opponent leaves 3 pillz unused. There isn't any reason I can figure out or find for it. It's always 3, too.

Any thoughts?
Saturday 08/09/07

4 messages
English Seetan Fox - last answer from lol 78, Saturday 08/09/2007, 16:45.
I have this:


BB Cool G
Juicy Lord

can someone says me changes?
14 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from lol 78, Saturday 08/09/2007, 11:39.
For me its 13 damage.
Friday 07/09/07

12 messages
English Symbolic - last answer from AoEM_Martan, Friday 07/09/2007, 18:32.
Well I'm just looking to make a new ELO deck , I have about 100k in which I can spend to build a deck, so any suggestions would be great...Any clan really...or perhaps one using Ghiest or Nightmare or somthing, but anything really.

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