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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 15/10/07

6 messages
English Cybrax2 - last answer from Darko EVO, Monday 15/10/2007, 15:23.
Right now I Have:

and Svelthlana

Should I get Maciej or Ambre first? I have about 1300c right now.
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0UC K-Ryder - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Monday 15/10/2007, 06:56.
I need a make shift deck so i can play elo for the first time while i save up for that ulu-junta deck that's in the forums
since i have lots of FPC and Junta, i will use them so i use minimum ctz
FPC has a decent 2 star card!!!! so when it goes cheap, i will use it
it will look like this:
FPC 13
Kinjo 5 (not enough money to buy lost hog or kerozin so DONT say change it)
Windy Mor 3
Xia Leming 3
Sakazuki 2 (thats the name right)

Junta 12
jane rumba 3
Mitch 3 (dont say change this to Bruce coz i wont have the money when i buy 2 star FPC)
Leo 3 (nor this one)
amiral py 3

this way, i only need to buy 1 card which probably be only 300 ctz by next week maybe?

the thing i need to know is: should i play elo without Kinjo replaced by a 4 star other clan card (and Sakazuki replaced by Natrang) or should i just play normally in a non-random room and pwn to get ctz?

also PS me a Sakazuki for a low price (500 max) please if anyone is kind enough
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English Bottle - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 15/10/2007, 03:10.

Dacha Macha(3)


Noon Steevens(3)
Ninja Nyne(4)

I use this deck ebcause i poisen em then use pussy cats to finish them.
3 messages
English Grixxxle - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 15/10/2007, 02:46.
Sunday 14/10/07

3 messages
English actionjack - last answer from Zhupons, Sunday 14/10/2007, 20:40.
Some new abilities idea I came up with. See what other thinks.
Of course, keep in mind that they should all be balance to characters with stats that compliment and balance to those abilities. So a powerful ability (like Pills damage) would best added to someone with low Dmg, and so on.

(numbers in brackets are recommended number for the X of that ability)


<< Curse: Dmg –X >(1-3) >>
<< Curse: Pow –X (1-3) >>
<< Curse: Atk –X (4-10) >>

If CHARACTER with Curse wins the round, than for the rest of the game, the opponent’s character suffer those negative effects.


<< -X Pill Per Damage: (1-3) >>
If this CHRARACTER wins the round, than it subtract X number of pills from opponent depend on damage.

<< +X Pill Per Damage: (1-3) >>
If this CHARACTER wins the round, than player gain X number of pill depend on damage.


<< Return Strike +X Dmg (1-3) >>
If this CHARACTER loose the round, it still will do X amount of Dmg to the opponent.


<< Heal X HP (1-3) >>
When this CHARACTER is played, regardless of winning or loosing, it will add X HP back to the player.

<< Cleanse: X HP (1-3) >>
When this CHARACTER is played, regardless of winning or loosing, it will add X HP back to the player and be cleansed of any linger negative effects (poison, curse, etc)
2 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - last answer from Animanex, Sunday 14/10/2007, 19:02.
Lately, I see the strangest things in the 'no random' room..
now once again:
My opponent plays Morphun with 6 pillz making it a total of 48 attack.
I play my Charlie lvl 4 with power 7 with 7 pillz making it a total of 49 attack.

It's not much but its still a win, right ??
think again .. I lost the battle
4 messages
English Racholin - last answer from Racholin, Sunday 14/10/2007, 18:07.
What is the best card at it' 1st evolution that I should get below 1000 Clintz?
Please help
17 messages
English Gone4eva - last answer from Mikuljonac, Sunday 14/10/2007, 14:03.
Fang Pi Clang-Uppers
Windy Mor-level 3
Nartrang-level 3
Otome-level 3
Tatane-level 3
Sydney-level 3
Janine-level 3
Frankie Hi-level 3
(Extra card:Gheistiling-level 3)
5 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from Gazda, Sunday 14/10/2007, 11:43.
I have played the game for a short time and I noticed that the strategy behind it is to......

Know that your opponent knows that you know that your opponent knows that you know that your opponent knows that you know that your opponent knows that you know that your opponent knows that you know they were going to do that.

And so you have to

Do something that your opponent didn't know that you knew that they didn't know..

My problem is, is that I either overestimate my opponent or underestimate them. If I think my opponent is super inteligent and that they use the ultimate strategy to ensure victory, they use a basic strategy against my strategy that would have stopped them had they done what I thought they were going to do. If I think my opponent uses basic tactics, I discover that they guessed that I thought they were basic in their tactics and so they use the ultimate strategy to ensure victory.

Any advice or comments on this one?
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English ASDDFDH - last answer from Wolf7780, Sunday 14/10/2007, 05:01.
Is it just me or is alexies evolutions 1&2 the wrong way round , shouldn't number 1 where he has bandages on then number 2 where he's in his hocky gear , it seems like they miss a step becasue he goes from hocky player to injured player to guy with knives stuck in his armor and then hocky mask physco
14 messages
English Sacman68 - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Sunday 14/10/2007, 02:55.
Saturday 13/10/07

5 messages
English Lord Reichleiu - last answer from Zhupons, Saturday 13/10/2007, 18:31.
I want to try La Junta/ Roots

right now i am using

La Junta -12
Burger (U) 4
Wardog (C) 2
Jane Ramba (U) 3
Bruce (C) 3

As for Roots i'm at a loss

Using Shakra (U) 5 at the moment
Nahi Cr (Cr) 3
Page Cr (Cr) 2

now i'm not sure what crds i'd want to put here, i could switch them in with Page Cr, but i'm looking for a few 3-2 star cards that will do the trick.
5 messages
English Varathron - last answer from 0- JP, Saturday 13/10/2007, 17:00.
Ok then my usual strategy is to hit the poison ASAP and aim for a K.O. with this deck I can normally manage it in a couple of turns it depends.

Hugo 5*

Crassus 4*
Vassilli 4*
Ironfield 3*
Titus 3*
Geuner 2*
Miss Ming 2*
Graziella 2*

Ok thats my deck deck now tear it apart and give me suggestions
2 messages
English Gus Lee - last answer from 0-Jade, Saturday 13/10/2007, 15:48.
It is good to use unevolved cards in dayly tounament i think you make more points if you evo your cards after tourny in tounament you got no bonus or 1 or two points for evo the card im not sure
9 messages
English ) LoA Yellow - last answer from ) LoA Yellow, Saturday 13/10/2007, 02:54.
Here's my deck.

Ambre (Level 5)
Hel (Level 2)
Sheitane (Level 2)
Dorian (Level 5)
Frankie Hi (Level 3)
Janine (Level 3)
Rubie (Level 3)
Samantha (Level 2)

I have played a handful of games with it and I have lost or drawn almost all of them no matter what hand I get. I did not make this deck because I wanted to stuff it with a bunch of moderately priced cards. If I wanted that then I would have used Morphun (I actually tried him, but decided I did not like him so I sold him back). I know random has something to do with it, but I do not think it is the entire problem. I wanted to make a good Uppers deck and I would have used two other level 2 Uppers cards instead of the Nightmare cards, but I could not find any that I liked aside from Samantha. So I decided to put two level two Nightmare cards in it for the purpose of keeping my deck ELO and Type 1 legal and for defending myself against Freaks and La Junta. I also like the abilities of the Nightmare cards I have in case I decide to use them for offensive purposes in certain situations.

I think the problem has something to do with the way I am using it because I am not used to this combination. I only finished making this deck today and if my inexperience is the cause of the problem then I would like some tips on how to properly use it. If it is something in my deck that is causing the problem then I will accept advice on that as well.
1 message
Carlos No abilityAttack +8

Copper Power +5 Attack +8

Havok Ability at level 5 Attack +8

Luis Stop opp ability Attack +8

Miranda Damage +2 Attack +8

Miss Chloe -4 opp damage, min 2 Attack +8

Skiner Attack +12 Attack +8

Zdrone No ability Attack +8
4 messages
English Plague-Evo - last answer from 0-Jade, Saturday 13/10/2007, 01:50.
Pardon me for asking such a noobish question but since I'm new I figured it will be better if I ask now then upset a lot of people I play. So here goes.

When playing in the Lost warehouse people seem to be upset if I use pillz to insure I'll win a match in the game. So when I don't use pillz at all I seem to play people who use them like I normally do. I've tried playing people with Evo in their name but they are just as random using pillz combos like 8, 2, 0, 2 or 4, 4, 4 or 8, 4 with a knock out and many other combos.

I've scanned the help file for EVO and I don't see anything about pillz usage so can I use them anyway I'd like or is there an unwritten rule?
6 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from 0-Jade, Saturday 13/10/2007, 01:28.
I played in tournament type 2

and I played against 0DW_KOPacoEvo

turn 2:
he has 12 pillz and 4 life and
me has 12 pillz and 12 life.

he use lama noju (lvl max but no bonus) (8 pillz)

and I use Kawan (lvl max + bonus) (12 plillz)

so I think, yeah I win against player level 50+


I lose..

I use the new calculator (if I can say that ) from UR:

Ability: OFF
Bonus: ON (+8 attack)
Power: 6
Damage: 7
Attack: 86

Loma Noju
Ability: ON (+1 life per dmage)
Bonus: OFF
Power: 6
Damage: 4
Attack: 54

my character 32 attack more than
his character how can this happening?
Friday 12/10/07

8 messages
English -Annihilator- - last answer from 0-light, Friday 12/10/2007, 23:06.
First buy thompson or Amelia or skinner. just buy any of those. if the price is below 180... for ex. the price is 120 or 130 buy it. but if the price is 160 or 170. dont buy it... its a waste of time. after buying go to the lost warehouse and level up the characters above. if the are already lvl.3... sell them to kate and kate will give 180 clintz... its agood deal.... i do that most of the times.... by the way... is it acheat???? is it bad????
6 messages
English NachomusPrime - last answer from NachomusPrime, Friday 12/10/2007, 16:07.
2nd round in the non-random elo room

Elya Cr vs Amelia

Elya Cr
power 3
dmg 5
(ability) Courage +5 power
(bonus) +2 dmg

power 3
dmg 5
(ability) +4 power
(bonus) -2 opp power, min 1

Again this is the 2nd round so the courage should not apply.

Elya had 4 pills making her attack power a total of 4 (All Stars -2 to power on her 3 power reduces it to 1 power)
Amelia was pilled with 2 making her attack power 14

Elya ended up winning the match, in the non-random elo room.

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