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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Monday 19/02/07

13 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Deck Building: Who can make the best deck with Timber
Sunday 18/02/07

3 messages
English K9Carljohnson - subject is closed
Can we all discuss the ability of each character it can be really us and the new comers
start in the order of the clan ie All Stars
11 messages
English Cheunger - subject is closed
Has anyone tried to come up with a Nightmare GHEIST deck for elo?
I'm personally not smart enough (and too lazy) to think up a deck.. but what if there was an elo deck designed to shut down bonusses and abilities? just a thought.
Happy trails,
11 messages
English 0 Raz0rBlade - subject is closed
Im wondering if there is a good ELO deck build for nightmares/Pussycats. Nightmares for life gain Ielena or New Guy?, Mojo and Ambrose. Pussycats (DEF)?? Any help would be most appreciated.
5 messages
English finalstory - subject is closed

All Star's Clan ability says it lowers power... what exactly is it?..
14 messages
English Rain K9 - subject is closed
Have you noticed that not all characters in The La Junta deck are very good. Well try using them with stratagies. I would suggest getting 2 characters with hi attacks and low power, and 2 players with low attack and high power. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
3 messages
English Termis - subject is closed
IS there combination of cards or something? i dont mean clans. Maybe individual combinations. Because often lower cards kill lot stronger cards ( 50atk). so what about it?
Saturday 17/02/07

10 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
Can u tell me which cards u recived when u strted playing

1 more question

whos better Hugo or Chloe i am using an alstar and Sentinel deck with lamar and Chloe
18 messages
English Nico Robin - subject is closed
I would like to propose a new clan themed at musicians

piano, violin, flute, bass, drums etc..

i havent thought of an appropriate bonus though
what are your opinions?
14 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
Can some help me and say if these cards are good enough to play in elo mode

Bob Joby
Mo DiFalco
Thursday 15/02/07

5 messages
English Nitz52 LoA - subject is closed
Hey guys, I just started playing today, and was wondering if you could give me some advice on my deck focus. Should I build a Sentinal or Fang Pi Clang bassed deck, and what are some of the advantages/disadvantages of both. Thanks ahead of time.
6 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
I hate this new change with this winning i used to be 2nd or third of the month in my country now since this new haas started i get such a little battle points and now im 5th why dont you just put it back like it was???????
8 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
HAHA, a curiosity question... Anyways

Is there a deck that would have a high chance of topping a daily tournament?? Aside from evolving in the midst of the tourney?
5 messages
English Jericho78 - subject is closed
I'm just curious. Is there anyway possible that we get to see the full artwork of the images used for the cards? I'm asking because I saw some of the full images used in the advertisements, eg. Alice. And it would be great to see the whole image before they got cropped off for the cards?

Wednesday 14/02/07

7 messages
English DawgPound - subject is closed
Good Day to all of you..

i have constructed a deck with the help of O-JP( thank you BRO ), the problem is, im having troubles on how to play the deck..

any comments and suggetions for my DECk and would soon to be an ELO player..

my deck consist of
Jane Ramba
Amiral Py
War Dog
Vermyn N
No Nam

am now currently lvl 15 and leveling my way to join in an ELO tournament..

any comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated..

Tuesday 13/02/07

6 messages
English Rooster666 - subject is closed
I have a pure Sentinel deck with: Any(c), William(c), Josh(u), Copper(u), Zdrone(u), Chloe(r), Havok(r) and Dragan(r) and i'm thinking about putting a Leader into my deck, who do you advise it to be and instead of which character?
Monday 12/02/07

2 messages
English Rooster666 - subject is closed
I have a pure Sentinel deck with: Amy(c), William(c), Josh(u), Zdrone(u), copper(u), Chloe(r), havoc(r) and dragan(r), i'm thinking about putting a Leader into it but i dont know which will be the best and who should i remove. plz help
Sunday 11/02/07

8 messages
English Rain K9 - subject is closed
Have you Ever noticed how easily Leaders level? unlike some other cards they can gain levels fast.
Saturday 10/02/07

27 messages
English Emotional_ - subject is closed
I'm starting to save up for an expensive person but I can't decide. I was thinking of either Erika, Nina, Vladimir, Perle, Estalt, Ielena, Chloe or any of the leaders. What do you guys think? I haven't been here long so I don't really know which people are the best . So please let me know.
Friday 09/02/07

6 messages
English Gonzo43 - subject is closed
If I have two Timbers in the same hand do I get 2 DMG or do I get cancel Leader bonus?

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