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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 16/11/06

2 messages
English Lode - subject is closed
There really should be a suggestion box or at the very least a bug report index, the four that are currently tehre are nothing beyond superficial as well as having no real organization, it's as if it's just one topic under a single forum category.

Eh, to my original point, Something has to be done about this lag, I can't score worth a damn during tournaments because of slow responses, I have a fast connection so I KNOW it's not me.
Wednesday 15/11/06

10 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Any good elo deck suggestions? any one that has a deck they've done well with? i would like to try new strategies
3 messages
English BlindKitty - subject is closed
Where can I found an info about leader's abilities? I would like to know which one to buy, and I don't know where to check which one will suit me best.
Friday 10/11/06

2 messages
English Croyalporter - subject is closed
Really new here, and still a ways off from playing ELO. What should I know about it? What's the ideal deck size? What's important to be successful at ELO?
Thursday 02/11/06

1 message
English Warr kid - subject is closed
Hey there can some1 please help me setup a elo deck i dont have alot of clintz and i cant buy credits...so im at my wits end
Tuesday 31/10/06

2 messages
English U-G-O EVO - subject is closed
Play 8 * 5 star cards un-evo'd to lose every time!
Sunday 29/10/06

4 messages
Русский Ezhov - subject is closed
Greetings people! Help to make a deck on tournament at me there are such cards:
Lilith (C),Methane (R),Meyen (C),Sigmund (U).
La Junta:
Amiral Py (U),Bruce (C),Diego (C),Leo (C),Mitch (C),No Nam (C),Python (R),Winifred (C).
Flesh Pimp (U),Ottavia (C),Zodiack (C).
Caciope (C).
Aurelia (C),Josh (U).
Mo DiFalco (C).
All cards have full level.
What else to get, what to leave in deck. Thanks big!
Sorry for my English
Thursday 19/10/06

10 messages
English CitizenHK - subject is closed
It seems to me these two are relatively weak.
especially Fang Pi Clang seems to be impossible to play ELO
am i wrong or i just dont know the best combination?
i got nearly all Fang Pi Clang except Lao
any suggestions on this two clans?
Wednesday 18/10/06

2 messages
English Draconium - subject is closed
What are the best Montana members not including the Vickie and Lyse teria
Saturday 14/10/06

1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I've got all the availables..still missing some of the collectors..i was hoping someone could give me a good suggestion for tournament deck, and some good suggestions for ELO decks. it would be big help!
9 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
My Elo deck is pretty good but it doesnt do well in battles can someone please help me out.
Thursday 12/10/06

5 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
My current deck is pretty good.

I have
Vermyn N

It's a balanced deck and I'm still leveling them.
Monday 09/10/06

4 messages
English Morder4Life - subject is closed



What do you think?
By the way I have 32000 clintz so I can buy something(if I need).
7 messages
English AoD Nithos - subject is closed
So, I'm going to try Elo once I hit 20, since the restriction it gives seems to bring somewhat more a fairness
in the deck matchups. I already got full Sentinel, and some cards in here and there.

Got a total of 70 cards now, most of them due some heavy lvling, and due to some luck with new cards, I've got
some Clintz to use.

So, my questions would be;
-What strategies, clans, type of cards, etc do you recommend for Elo play?
I know some clans seems to have generally more powerfull cards than others, and some bonuses and abilities seem more worthwhile than others.
-Is there any point of getting a Leader for Elo, or would his lvl take up too much of the total?
If so, wich leaders would you recommend?

I don't necesarely want you to tell me the complete recommended matchup, just some general pointers would be welcome.
So far I've seen that many favour the Uppers, and the clan bonus seems good.

Looking forward to your responses. In the meantime, I'll lvl my cards
Sunday 08/10/06

4 messages
English heatblade - subject is closed
The best thing to do with the pills ad to make all of your monsters strong is by puting 3 pills on a monster each round so there is a equl share of pills.
1 message
English Morder4Life - subject is closed
Finally, I got some money.

Frankie Hi


3 messages
English Oldrepublican - subject is closed
I got
max Wardog
lev 4 No Nam
max Mitch
max Leo
max Acid DC
max Akiko
max Brandon
max Bunny
max Flyer
max nobrocybrix
max Bruce max Diego
max winnifred
lev 2 Candy Jack
lev 2 Cell
max Dieter
lev 2 elixer
max Endora
lev 1 K Cube
lev 1 Melluzine
max Yookie
what are some combinations i can use to make this collection effective
1 message
English LawietNear - subject is closed
My cards are:
Aureli(max)-lvl 2
rebbeca(not max)-lvl 1
Kinjo(max)-lvl 5
Brandon(max)-lvl 3
Ottavia(max)-lvl 3
Yookie(max)-lvl 3
Aldo(max)-lvl 3
Wardog(max)-lvl 2
Flyer(max)-lvl 3
Zdrone(max)-lvl 4
tell me which cards to put in y deck and not to put in my deck.i only have 74clintz and 3 credits.I'm earning clintz to buy Wanda.If any of you ppl out there could privately sell me Wanda at a darn low price,I'll appreciate it alot.(can't private exchage coz never buy credits before.Won in tournaments.)
Saturday 07/10/06

3 messages
English Skilla - subject is closed
Hey, I started today playing this game. I really like it so I want to make the best of it I can.

This is my deck:

Natrang lvl 1
Tatane lvl 1
Brandon lvl 1
No Nam lvl 3
Candy Jack lvl 1
Caciope lvl 1
Robin lvl 1
Zlatar lvl 1

So... anyone knows what I should do now? I'm alraedy fighting a lot but I don't know what (kind) of char. would fit best in my deck and which of these cards are my strongest / lest strongest.

Perhaps someone could list them from good to bad or something

And for the better cards also the reason of why they are good

Thank you
Thursday 05/10/06

2 messages
English Skilla - subject is closed
No Nam
Candy Jack
Caciope (lvl 2)

So.. can someone make a list (from good to bad cards) and perhaps give me a tip about which cart(s) would fit well in this deck.

Thank you

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