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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Tuesday 05/12/06

2 messages
English 0- JP PI - subject is closed
Need a deck help sven,

Tuned - 3/4 - Bangers
Sai San (U) - 2/4 - Fang Pi Clang
Robin (C) - 1/7 Sentinel
Narendra (C) - 6/4 - Roots
Phonos (U) - 5/1 - Sakrhom
Wee Lee (U) - 6/4 - Ulu Watu
Zodiack (C) - 2/6 - Montana
Aldo (C) - 4/4 - Montana

i still have 300 ctz

what would you prefer?
Go straight saving for my Don...
But 2 Pinos... just to have a early STR edge...
Get 2 Yookie?
Get 2 Platoonaa?
Get a Lost Hog?

hope for a reply,
Monday 04/12/06

4 messages
English 0- JP - subject is closed
I see them around players names, just want to finally understand it...
sorry for the noobish questions...
2 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
I've examined the opponent's deck i fought him 2 times he won look at this deck
I dont know his 8th card but its sure it got beaten....all of the lvl 5 appeared...wtf
i think sentinels need a balancing
Sunday 03/12/06

8 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
I need help please.
Friday 01/12/06

5 messages
English Faelin - subject is closed
What is a good number of cards to have in a deck. I don't have many card and I sure as heck don't have the 'perfect 8' for that awe inspiring deck that can make the mightiest of titans tremble in fear.

Should I go with my 8 best playable cards?
Or 10-12 for a little more variety.
Maybe even more?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thursday 30/11/06

6 messages
English Jester C - subject is closed
I need to fight sum1 even though ur stronger than me.....
roses r red, willows weep
plz leave msge after the beep.... beep lol
4 messages
English PA-Zero Cool - subject is closed
I always participate in tournaments but i always get either 13pts-17pts, my biggest was a one time 20pts. i thought if you have more pillz left higher the battle points, but that was in correct, i got my 20 pts with zero pillz.

please help. thanks
Tuesday 28/11/06

5 messages
English LawietNear - subject is closed
All max level :
Frankie Hi
Monday 27/11/06

2 messages
English Obsidian - subject is closed
Hi all I am new to Rivals and am currenty a lvl 11 Senior, I just have the basic 8 cards I started with, My question is how do I go about designing a deck? number of cards , types of cards, rares vs commons and the best way going about getting the higher lvl cards
Saturday 25/11/06

4 messages
English Roscoe - subject is closed
Just curious.....

Given a card has the ability or bonus "power #"

and it is played with pills

given the opposing card has no negate ability or bonus

how is the attack calculated? (Power bonusPower)*pills? or (Power*pills) bonusPower?

Just message the answer directly to me coz i rarely come here. I appreciate the help thanks!
Friday 24/11/06

5 messages
Español LexusLantis - subject is closed
I'm looking 4 evo player lvl 9-15, can some1 help¡?
5 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
What would be the best cards of each clan? does any one have any ideas, please give me some suggestions
3 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
I'll buy an unevolved Dj Korr for 1000000 clintz..any takers?
8 messages
English dabandicot - subject is closed
I don't understand why my opponenet always starts first in a a battle,just in some case the first beat it's 2 me,anyway i don't see any rule explaining this fact!!! Can you clear my doubts please???
Thursday 23/11/06

2 messages
English 0-RACSO-BZ - subject is closed
I dont know why but as i observed the Uppers dominates this game
Wednesday 22/11/06

2 messages
English Dark_Lord605 - subject is closed
Does anyone have a cheap deck that i could buy with some ok cards?
Tuesday 21/11/06

2 messages
English 0-Ianzro - subject is closed
Ulu Watu:11
Wee Lee-4
All Stars:14
Anyone has good suggestion?i dont have a tanaereva yet
3 messages
Português Sad Ice - subject is closed
There is any La Junta card with damage 8?? or with habilide damage 2 and damage
2 messages
aquaball - subject is closed
I need help. I have a week deck with almost all of my cards at their final level. what should I do?
3 messages
English Powam - subject is closed
I made a bad choice at first to collect leaders i have done it but it was to expensive but i played ALOT of tournements and i got them all but they are taking to long to level up most of them are about 3 stars but any idears what to do?

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