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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Saturday 30/09/06

4 messages
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
Need some help about it
This is what I got:
Wednesday 27/09/06

3 messages
English AOD_CKANE - subject is closed
This forum should be renamed to "How's my ELO deck?"
Sunday 24/09/06

30 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
I need help for buildin my elo deck it really sucks to see my cards check my other post
7 messages
Português EVoZero-9 - subject is closed
I begin playing in ELO Mode recently, and i've been with some difficulties to make my deck. I've been using almost Fang Pi Clang cards in my deck, but i've never reached a good performance with them. In normal mode, i use them a lot because of their high Damage points with their Bonus, but in ELO mode it seems like what matthers the most are the Attack points. Am i right ?

My cards are the following :

Bangers - MC Decay , Meroo , Platoona , Tunned

Fang Pi Clang - Kinjo , Lihoi Chun , Lost Hog , Mini Mosu , Natrang , Otome , Tatane

GHEIST - Morlha

Junkz - Crystal , Perle

La Junta - Amiral Py , Diego , Leo

Montana - Aldo , Mort Bax , Pino , Ricardo

Nightmare - Candy Jack , Cell , Dieter , Elixir , Endora , Estalt , K Cube , Melluzine

Pussycats - Ninja Nyne , Noon Stevens , Svelthlana , Tania

Roots - Matthew

Sakrohm - Gastroboy , Globumm , Oryon , Venus

Sentinel - Amy , Aurelia , Carlos , Josh , Melissa , Rebecca , Robin

Ulu Watu - Ice Jim , Wee Lee

Uppers - Samantha
3 messages
English Morder4Life - subject is closed
Dolores Boss
Noon Steevens

Total Levels:

Frankie Hi

Total Levels:


Total Levels:

I am not that good and my friend helps me,
So I need more help about this deck!
2 messages
English Oldrepublican - subject is closed
Im a lev 20, with no card repeats, why cant i do elo?
Saturday 23/09/06

8 messages
English Oldrepublican - subject is closed
My deck contains

lev3 Winnifrid

what cards should i get or sell to improve
1 message
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
I want to make a Montana/Nightmare Deck
Do you think it's can work well?
this is the deck I've made-

Don (5)
Ottavia (3)
Pino (2)
Mort Bax OR Flesh Pimp (help me choose here)(4)

Nightmare -
Mojo (3)
Dieter (3)
K Cube (2)
Melluzine (3)

This Deck would be good in ELO Mode? X:
1 message
English Nate2180 - subject is closed
I just started and my only source of clintz is battling regularly and playing a tournament or two over the weekend. So all I can get is a crappy, cheap card every few days. Here's my deck so far (the numbers next to the name is their level currently):

GHEIST-Vladamir 4/5

Junkz-Acid DC 3/3

Nightmare-Candy Jack 3/4
Cell 1/3
K Cube 2/2

Pussycats-Ninja Nyne 4/4

Roots-Ataoualpet 3/3

Sakrohm-Uranus 3/3

Ulu Watu-Nympheea 3/3
Razor 4/4

Uppers-Maeva 3/3
Friday 22/09/06

2 messages
Česky cBp_Fojtik - subject is closed
This is my deck:

Ulu Watu:
Wee Lee


still have problem with top ELO players decks. Especially when they have GraksmxxT and Uranus. Any type how improve my deck to have chance against it?
Thursday 21/09/06

1 message
English Eldimari - subject is closed
I just started not to long ago and i could realy use some help with my deck

this is what i got so far

Mini Mosu
Xia Leming
Noon Steevens

plz help me wiht some advise to make a better deck

also i am planing on playing elo when i can at 20
Wednesday 20/09/06

6 messages
English Gorukha - subject is closed
Get a General or Lost Hog surround them with their troops use rage and whamo game over, brilliant "strategy" ...so if you are a new player and wanna kill losers like me do that
4 messages
English Eldimari - subject is closed
Hey i was wondering how good Sakrohm is in evo battles

i was thinking about adding in a Ambre also since some on the Sakrohm have a kinda low power
Tuesday 19/09/06

5 messages
English 1f-ZoMyGod - subject is closed
Title say it all, thanks. =]
Friday 15/09/06

9 messages
English -Xoric - subject is closed
I just can't seem to find the right ballance it's quite annoying so i might as well turn to help here

not going to post the list of cards i have since it's basically ever non collector card (and the ones i don't have i can get) and all of them maxed Aldebaran and Lao

so any kind of help would be apreciated... i've tried a lot of combinations but i just can't find the right ballance between high cards and the low ones *sigh*

so thanks in advance for any help btw i played decks with either Uppers or Pussycats combined with another gang..
Tuesday 12/09/06

1 message
English Eldimari - subject is closed
This is my deck at the moment
the current deck is for evo when i hit 20
can i get some advise and maybe some hints to make it better(plz dont go over board i am still kinda poor)

current deck:
Mini Mosu

cards not in deck:
Xia Leming
Monday 11/09/06

7 messages
English Montan4 - subject is closed
Z0mg! why doesnt anybody post a strategy , tips. for the game like: Firstspend Bla Bla Bla Pillz or, tips abouyt credits or Clintz

u only talk about ur deck, Shut ur ass about ur deck, nobody care's i thing about ur deck, talk about something good, like tips and real strategy's,
Saturday 09/09/06

31 messages
English KevinCastle15 - subject is closed
Here are the cards i have so far

lvl 3 Fifty
lvl 2 Meroo
lvl 3 Syd Noze
lvl 2 Lihoi Chun
lvl 5 Lost Hog
lvl 3 Natrang
lvl 3 Brutox
lvl 3 Flyer
lvl 3 Leo
lvl 2 Wardog
lvl 3 Ashigaru
lvl 2 Ricardo
lvl 4 Candy Jack
lvl 3 Dieter
lvl 3 Melluzine
lvl 4 Ninja Nyne
lvl 4 Yayoi
lvl 3 noodile
lvl 3 Oryon
lvl 4 Venus
lvl 2 Aurelia
lvl 3 Ice Jim
lvl 4 Razor
lvl 3 Tafa

i need advice for making my deck
8 messages
English DeftMute - subject is closed
Apparently it sucks hardcore

Vermyn N
MC Decay
Juicy Lord

give some advise
or just remind me that i suck

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