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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Wednesday 07/03/07

14 messages
English Tief Blau - subject is closed
I just began playing this game today and I believe that I%u2019ve started off fairly well participating in two tournaments ranking in the top 40 my first time (where I started in the middle of the tournament) and within the top 25 in the second. My starting cards consist of Natrang, Brutox, Meyen, Vryer, Flyer, Diego, Wanda, Globumm. I've levelled all my characters to their maximum potential.

Since I entered the Safe Neighbourhood players seem to have become harder and continuously fighting other players doesn%u2019t seem to be beneficial anymore. I can win around 40% of the time with gains of around 20xp per win and 7 or less Clintz. Oh and I Don%u2019t have a means of paying for credits and I Don%u2019t especially plan to either. At this rate I doubt that participating in tournaments will earn me a decent amount of Clintz, though I guess if I stay in the top half of the rankings I%u2019ll still be able to get a single credit. So I%u2019m wondering what step I should take next.
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Português Lopesmcc - subject is closed
I'm almost lvl 20, and i've been colecting the cards for this deck.
So I wanted to know what do u think about it:

GraksmxxT (R) ****
Uranus (U) ***
Caciope (C) *

Ulu Watu:
Tanaereva (U) *****
Wee Lee (U) ****
Gaia (R) ***
Nanook (U) ***
Gabrielle (U) **

5 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
As u can see there are a series of cards coming out..and sometimes you dont have to use em all...

Firstly, You think what clan to use...so whatever you use should have a combination of defence and offence or a combination of more
All Stars,sentinels,Uppers,Montana,Roots - offensive
La Junta,Fang Pi Clang,Pussycats-damaging and reducing damages

Unique clans:
Sakrohm-plays a very good defense as well as defence such as cards like Uranus, GraksmxxT,SkrumxxT
Ulu Watu-also has huge damage and gives little reducing damage(Nanook,tanaereva,Gabrielle,Wee Lee)

Now u know what each clans do...as for some newbies they always try getting Fang Pi Clang/Pussycats which is bad for beginners...as u know for some players kv_ravendark uses good decks All Stars-Pussycats...as for 6sims-haji uses a Pussycats-Sakrohm(i dont know if he still use it)

So if u want to make ur good elo deck first u analyze which is which...so u make ur own combos and styles
Tuesday 06/03/07

6 messages
English Danary - subject is closed
I have a card named Elya. She have Courage 5. When I started the game it was my turn first. I played her first in the round so she is supposed to get a plus 5 damage bonus making her damage 10. I have another person in her same clan in play to so she got a plus 2 damage bonus too making it 12. I attacked and she only did 7 damage. Am i missing something or reading the card wrong?
Monday 05/03/07

7 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
I love my GHEIST deck, even though they are overwhelmingly weak. , they have a streaky streak about tem, I lost so many points in ELO it's a shame, but I'm at 1217 it's amazing, don't think their strong play with a Leader will be enough to get me a rare card but it will be enough to scare the pants of the leaders that watch for young upstarts like me Lol I was lvl 18 for a few months, now I'm 23 and I strike fear in the hearts of lvl 40's for sure! You know who you are, i don't have top name names but you know who you are. GHEIST is on the rise and I will be there to witness it! Fear us for we are gods Weak gods, but gods nonetheless gods. You know what would be intresting. If they make a new card for GHEIST, if so I'd like to name it I have dibs on it That would be nice to allow us to do that, allow us to name a character. But I now have a GHEIST deck with a few nightmares and a Leader Comment please
Sunday 04/03/07

6 messages
English crowley098 - subject is closed
Hugo 7:5 6 team attack
Otakool 6:4
Keanew 6:4
Flyer 6:3
Bruce 8:3
Jane Ramba 7:4
Admiral Py 5:5
Wardog 8:2

If bonuses are activated, spend less pillz on Junkz because of the attack bonus, and spend more on the Juntas for the damage bonus. No noticeable abilities, so this deck relies on mainly on strength/luck.

Need opinions on it's weakness.

Too bad I can't have it right now, I'm already finished with my crappy Nightmare/Montana/Junkz ELO deck. Maybe when I buy credits, the deck costs 12 dollars.
Saturday 03/03/07

6 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Miss twice is verry powerful if GHEIST have this card they will be more powerfull because at level 5 have power 8 damage 5 but i Don`t know the ability this is a card powerfull.Im waiting to evo miss twice to see his misterious abylity.
4 messages
English Density23 - subject is closed
I came up with this deck while browsing thet caracters.
it's just a pile of cards i think look cool

Sum Sam



Wadda you think?
Bad, Middle, or Allright?
Friday 02/03/07

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English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
I was wondering if it's a possible answer. I've been using this deck for a while and it's well won me a lot of games but not enough to be officaily my deck . But it's an Elo deck that can stop both Pussycats and Sakrm if used right. that way the minus damage does little to nothing. With the help of Leader, I suggest Timber or Ambre, now that she's stronger. but try these.

Perle - 3 stars 7-1
Lelena- 5 stars 8-3
Kenny- 4 stars6-3
Ambrose- 3 stars 5-3
Sheitane- 2 stars 6-1
Gheistling 1 star 3-1
Nikki 2 stars 2-2 as the baiter card if used with Ambre she is an 8-2
(Timber- 5 stars 6-6 or Ambre- 5 stars 6-4)

But that's one of my decks, see how it works out for you.
3 messages
Русский Ivetta_JH - subject is closed
I'm curiouse how does "stop" work on another "stop"
It's simple when chars stop each other ability or bonus, but what happens if:
I'm stopping opponent ability with my ability, but his ability is to stop my bonus, will I get my bonus this way?
Or else I want to stop his ability with my ability, however he has bonus to stop my ability?
The same with bonus. I s'pose there must be a priority...
Thursday 01/03/07

17 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Blast it all to Clintz Can the most powerful crime syndacate be any weaker? So many star levels with so little power that's B.S you, I love GHEIST because they were the first group I ever collected fully but come one give me a break they are the weakest group in the game even the All Stars are stronger and they just became a group are you kiding me? Can someone comment on this or am I alone in my GHEIST struggles?
3 messages
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
Even though I think this is the worst Idea in the world to do but I ques I can share with you my Deck that has me dominating most of my opponents. It doesn't work on wild card players like me, but on those strategy geared gamers it's a sincch for a win. Good luck on building my deck, I'd love to see more of it, just not in ELO

Comment please

Methane- 4 stars- 7-5 ability 2 damage
Selsya- 2 stars- 1-4 ability power=power (That's my baby, but Perle will always have my heart , so guess she's my mistress)
Sigmund Cr- 4 stars-
5 messages
Русский Ivetta_JH - subject is closed
There is another question:
How do modifires apply? I mean do they stack first then resolve, or resolve without stacking via specific order.
Example: If my opponent plays Tania (2/6, stop bonus, -2 dam) boosted by Ambre (3 courage), and I play Striker (6/6, stop ability, -2power), I suggest 3 situations:
1. Tania stops my bonus and has power 5
2. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 3 power, because 2 own 3 Ambre and -2 Striker.
3. Tania doesn't stop my bonus and has 4 power, because 2 own -1 Striker (-2 power, min 1), 3 Ambre.

Does Courage stack? (If I Have Ami and Ambre shall Ami has 9 power or 6 for her first round)
Wednesday 28/02/07

15 messages
English DanTheTimid - subject is closed
Let me just confirm, the way the ware house works is that you combine the experience both characters would get from a fight, increase it by 25% and then split it evenlly between the characters. Thus if you have a low level you'd want to take out a high level, and if you had a high level you'd actually want it to LOSE to a low level because the low level would get a huge experience boost... which is then distributed evenly between both characters.

Is this correct? Assuming it is correct no one I seem to play seems to understand this fact. Half the people play EVO style, just choosing 2 characters they want to level and boosting them with 6 pillz and usually tring to send them after something higher. The other half play it like a normal room, just trying to beat me. Either way when I try to over power there level 4 with my 1 they boosted him even more and win and we both get crap experience and they get angry at me for not sending out my high level...
Tuesday 27/02/07

8 messages
English SuBjEcT-28 - subject is closed
#2 La Junta - Sentinel
La Junta
Bryan (r) 7/5 5*
Niki (c) 2/2 2*
Wardog (c) 8/2 2*
Aurelia (c) 7/2 2*
Dragan (r) 4/7 4*
Josh (u) 3/6 3*
Mojo (u) 6/1 3*
Morphun (r) 5/5 5*
8 messages
English SuBjEcT-28 - subject is closed
Deck 1 : Fang Pi - Pussy

Pussycats :
Katy (u) 7/4 4*
Marlysa (r) 7/2 2*
Natrang (c) 4/4 3*

Fang Pi Clang :
Gwen (c) 7/3 3*
Sakura (u) 2/6 3*
Dolores Boss (c) 5/3 2/3*

Meyen (c) 7/3 3*

Leader :
Morphun (r) 5/5 5*
Sunday 25/02/07

10 messages
English MiauRock - subject is closed
Kenny damaged me by 6 points because of fury, normally his damage = 3. He doesnt have any special abilities increasing his damage. What,s going on?
5 messages
English Dirq - subject is closed
If I want to buy credits deck, it is better to buy 2 decks or 1 full deck? still I was take normal deck for twenty credits what's cards existing in full deck? Answer me fast plz
3 messages
English Elkyr EVO - subject is closed
Sorry, didnt know where to ask this, but are the bonuses such as attack 8 and courage added on before the pills are calculated or after the pills are added on>
Friday 23/02/07

3 messages
English el-hae - subject is closed
I NEED HELP how do you make a guild i keep searching but i can't create my own guild please help me

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